Male Enhancement
Side Effects

dangerous possible male enhancement side effects that can ruin your sex life

Male enhancement side effects are something most men don’t even consider or think about when they start their penis enlargement program.

If you’re doing it right, there are very few risks. If any.

“If you’re doing penis enlargement incorrectly,
 you can destroy or cripple your sex life seriously. And: Permanently.”

There is Nothing Wrong with Wanting
Penis Enlargement

“Male enhancement” is the politically correct term for penis enlargement.

And, there is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger cock if that’s what makes you happy.

People color their hair, wear make up, get cosmetic surgery, liposuction, etc... And, penis enlargement is no different.

If it makes you happy, go for it! And, enjoy it!


Pills, Patches, Creams, Etc.
Just Do Not Work

In Actual Fact:  All those enlargement pills, patches, creams, lotions, etc... Do nothing to enlarge your erection.

Well, that’s not exactly true. They can give you harder more frequent erections, if you are having weak ones. That means more sex.

But, as far as making your cock actually grow, giving you actual penile enlargement: No. Never. They never have.

Those things are all just sexual stimulants and that is all they are.

Unfortunately, they also carry the same possible male enhancement side effects of the sexual stimulant drugs.

These possible male enhancement side effects include:

 -  Heart attack

 -  Blindness

 -  Death

Are they worth the risk??

There Are Only Two Proven Methods
That Will Give You A Bigger Cock

There are only two proven methods that will make your cock bigger: Surgery and some type of traction or repetitive pulling.

Let’s look at surgery first, and get that out of the way, because it is a really a very stupid thing to do if you are trying to make your cock bigger.

Yes, stupid.


Because it comes with some of the worst possible male enhancement side effects of all.

And, it could be one of the biggest and worst mistakes you ever make in your life.

Let’s Take A Look At
Penile Enlargement Surgery

The first thing you need to know is:

"Penile surgery will
NEVER make your erection longer."


So why bother? Right?

OK 1/4 inch, yes one quarter inch, has been documented. These surgeries can only make your cock wider.

Who told me so? A well known Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgeon who performs these operations.

He also was very proud of the fact that his procedure costs only $8,000.

Wow. How lucky can we get......

The Possible
Male Enhancement
Side Effects

And, the possible male enhancement side effects with this type of penile widening are:

  •  Loss of sensation

  •  Inability to orgasm

  •  Impotence

  •  A lumpy deformed looking cock

That last one of these possible male enhancement side effects is as common as sin. Yes, wait six months to a year and your cock can start looking pretty darn weird.

A few years down the road you will probably wish you had never done it.

The reason is: The materials used to make your cock wider are often randomly absorbed (when your body fat is used), or they shift (if silicone is used).

Then you have a deformed freakish looking penis.

But, you NEVER get a longer erection.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And, what if you are one of the unlucky men who lose the ability to attain or maintain a decent erection because of nerve damage (from cutting the flesh on your cock)?

I truly believe we should save risky surgeries for when they are necessary and life saving. They are no joke.

Do You Want To Learn
An Effective Penis Enlargement Method
That is Over 2,000 Years Old?

Various traction and cock pulling methods have been documented that go back over 2,000 years.

And, some of these work!

Yes. They really work effectively.

Even the original method of traction: hanging stones from the tip of your cock for hours every day for many months.

Yes, it works. It really does. But, in the real world, who would want do that these days?

If you do stone hanging correctly, your cock will grow longer. Yes, for hundreds of years, men have added an inch or more to their length and increased their width with this method.

Just An Inch?

“Just an inch of new length?”

What about all those ads that say you can get 3 inches bigger in just 6 weeks?

Total misleading deceptive advertising!

But, the ads sound super good. Right? And, there does have to be some truth in advertising. Right?

OK. Can you guess who gets three inches bigger in 6 weeks? The guys with large cocks who could not get an erection at all. Now they get an erection and it’s 3” longer than their limp cock. Hooray... Sooooo misleading....

Now let’s look at reality:

No body part, on a human being, grows that fast.

And, if it did, why wouldn’t you get 12 inches longer in 24 weeks? Or, 24 inches longer in a year?? Wow! a 30 inch cock. What about a 60” cock in 2 years???

Nonsense!! And, who would want that?

Can you see the deception? These ads prey on young men’s sexual insecurities and impatience. Don’t fall for it.

Getting Real Measurable Growth
That Is Permanent

"If you want real growth,
Real, True, Permanent Measurable Growth,
you can get it."

The human body takes a while to grow. And, if you keep at it for a few years, you may just add 2 or 3 inches to your cock.

But, wouldn’t another inch next year be really awesome? Especially if you could get it and avoid all the horrible possible male enhancement side effects?

Most men think so. It's fun! An inch looks and feels A LOT longer! Wait until you see that for yourself. You’ll be Amazed! And, without a doubt, super happy.

To achieve that safely, in reality, it will take you at least 9 months to a year with correct high quality traction.

I don’t mean to burst your fantasy here. If you are a normal guy, you can have added growth. But, you won’t get anything sizable, or even really noticeable, in six weeks.

If you really want a noticeably bigger cock, you are simply going to have to take the proper amount of time, with a proven method, to get it.

The Methods

What works?

There are all kinds of traction/pulling methods available. Traction, jelqing, weights, “exercises”, etc...

Whoever is selling a product will tell you why their method is best.


They want your money. It’s that simple.

In this article, to avoid writing a small book, I’m not going to get into all the various methods in detail in this one article.

So, let me just say:

As you learned, most of the traction and pulling devices and methods will work.

However, I have found only one that is really safe and reliable. And, only one method that minimizes the possibility of any adverse male enhancement side effects.

What They Don’t Tell You
Possible Male Enhancement Side Effects

Unfortunately, most of the enlargement methods are very risky. The possible horrible male enhancement side effects with some of these methods can be devastating.

Besides the above risks listed above from sexual stimulants, most of the pulling methods (that can cause actual growth) can easily cause you permanent penile damage. That’s the part they don’t tell you about.

Why are they risky? Why do they cause penile damage so easily?

Because, most of them do not control the amount of pull you put on your shaft. This is so very important.

And, a number of those methods squeeze the blood vessels in the crown of your shaft so hard that they pop. This will make the tip of your shaft turn purple. Too often, permanently purple.

Don’t Make
The Mistake Of Rushing

We all want results as soon as possible. Right? Of course we do. That’s a very natural desire. So, most of us try too hard. Then, we eventually pull too hard.

That is where the damage happens. That's what causes most of the unfortunate possible male enhancement side effects the advertisements don't talk about.


"Using a high quality traction device correctly,
prevents you from pulling too hard."

You Can Get:

The one method that never pulls too hard (when used correctly) and that has been clinically proven to give the Safest and Most Effective results is called correct penis traction.

The Best Results
The Safest Possible Way

With correct traction, using a high quality traction device, you can get the best possible results in the safest possible way, in the shortest possible time.

And, you eliminate the possible negative male enhancement side effects.

eliminating male enhancement side effectsbefore
penis enlargement without the possible male enhancement side effectsafter

Eliminating The Possible Disastrous
Male Enhancement Side Effects

  • Ruptured blood vessels

  • Purple discoloration

  • Numbness and lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Erectile Dysfunction

These are all possible male enhancement side effects that you can eliminate just by using safe, effective, correct traction.

My only caution on traction is this:  Buy only one of the highest quality traction devices. They cost only about $100 more than the cheaply made ones. They are far superior and much safer, as well as being more effective.

Don’t risk your sexual health to save $100.

The very best units in the world cost you under $400. And, those come with a money back guarantee.

So, PLEASE: Don’t make a foolish mistake buying a poorly made device. The possible male enhancement side effects from these units can be sexually disastrous. Then, you'll wish you had never tried them. But, then, it is too late. Be safe!!

Get The Results You Want

successful penis enlargement without male enhancement side effects
removing the possible male enhancement side effects

Yes, substantial permanent penis enlargement is possible for most men. It's super fun! And, by using correct traction, with a high quality device,  you can do it without risking the disastrous possible male enhancement side effects that most methods come with.

Be Well.....

~ William

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