Male Enhancement Review

I have been asked to write a male enhancement review. Why? Because a lot of men want to know what penile enlarging products work and which ones don’t. And, they trust me.

best male enhancement review

A lot of men are confused and disappointed from so called penile enlarging products that cost them a lot of money and did absolutely nothing for them. Or, that actually injured them.

So, a lot of men want a realistic review from someone they already trust.

In this male enhancement review we'll take a look together at what’s out there!

You Simply Want

Yes, you can make your cock larger. Will it be one of these 14” ones?

No. Nice dream. But, no.

And, if you start with a 2” cock, are you going to get an 8” cock.


But, can a normal guy add an inch or so?


before male enhancementbefore
after male enhancementafter

Our Male Enhancement Review:

Do It Because You Want It
Not Because You Feel You Need It

Unfortunately, we men in modern society have a great deal of sexual pressure put on us.

Not so much from our girlfriends and wives, as from the false advertising that is designed to make us feel sexually deficient so that we buy the advertiser’s products.

It’s nonsense. Don’t buy into it.

As young men, we feel we must have great big huge dicks to be sexually impressive. Or, we might lose our girl. False.

As older men, we are told we should still be having sex every day. Maybe twice each day. Or, we will lose our wife. False.

It’s just not true. And, I feel that is important to mention in this male enhancement review.

Unfortunately, women also hear and see these advertisements and then too many women start to believe what those idiots say and we get all kinds of unrealistic sexual pressure.

So we suffer!

It’s not necessary.

You CAN Get Bigger If You Want To
Just Do It Safely

Here’s something else I wanted you to know in this male enhancement review:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your sex life or sexual ability or the size of your cock.

If it makes you happy, do it!

It can be a lot of fun!

But, you must know:

There are simple sane things we can do that will give us a considerably bigger cock. I will be explaining those things in this male enhancement review.

And, there are things that can hurt us seriously and permanently.

So, let’s talk about doing it right. That's the entire point of this male enhancement review.

If You Want a Bigger Cock
You Don’t Have To Justify It

It’s your cock. You can do it because you want to. It's nobody else's business. Right?

This male enhancement review is for men who want a bigger dick for whatever reason.

And, don’t let anyone judge you for it.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger harder more impressive cock.

It’s fun. It’s sexy. And, if it makes you happy, I say: go for it! In this male enhancement review, I just want you to learn how to do it safely and responsibly. And, in a way that you won’t get hurt.

If you, however, are of normal size, and feel you need a bigger dick to be sexually adequate, then you should probably get a bit of psychological help first.


Because:  How you perform and treat your partner is far more important than the size of your cock.

However, if you just want more size because it would make you happy. Because it would be more fun. Then, by all means go for it! It’s easy to do.

Just do it correctly and safely. And, in this male enhancement review I am going to tell you about the number one, most effective method that is clinically proven to work. And, work safely.

“What Are My Choices?

A male enhancement review doesn’t have to cover every single product out there in detail.


Because I believe all you really want to know from this male enhancement review is :

  • What will do the job
  • What is Safest
  • What won’t cost a fortune

And, there are so many advertisements out there! I mean dozens and dozens and more dozens. And, there seems to be a new one every other month!

It can be very hard to know what is legitimate. That's what this male enhancement review is written for. To help you get the biggest size you can, Safely and Easily.

So many of these items are the same, or, work the exact same way. And, most of them give the same disappointing results.

So I’ve put them all into the various groups:

 -  Pills

 -  Potions

 -  Creams

 -  Herbs

 -  Drugs

 -  Foods

 -  “Exercises”

 -  Surgeries

 -  Devices

All Those Products Sell A LOT!
BUT: Most Of Them Don’t Work

The first thing I will tell you in this male enhancement review is that: Most of those things will do little or nothing for you.

Some can hurt you seriously.

And, they almost all cost a lot more money.

Why? Because they are good? Because they work?


Because the person that sells them to you makes a lot of money if they can convince you to buy them. Pure and simple.

A lot of manufacturers prey on our sexual insecurities. It’s very very profitable. Even though I think it is highly immoral.

They often sell cheaply made products with very high profit margins.

Why do they sell so many?

Because:  A lot of men are desperate to have a bigger dick. Or, it just seems like a fun thing to try for a few hundred dollars. It’s that simple.

And, there is always someone somewhere who will try to convince you his/her product is just what you need. And everything you will ever need to attain sexual glory!


Again, because you will give them your hard earned money. And, that is all they really want.

I know. This is a male enhancement review and that’s a cold hard statement. But, 99% of the time it is true.

AND:  Most all advertised methods of male enhancement are useless when it comes to actually
increasing the size of a healthy penis.

Yes, useless.

Can Any Of Those Products
Hurt You?

Yes. Unfortunate, but true.

And, others will take your money and give you no real results.

After you spend hundreds, and, sometimes thousands of dollars on most of these methods: all you get for your money and time is frustration and disappointment.

Again: Unfortunate, and, true.

With some, you risk ruining your penis and possibly becoming impotent.

Impotent? Yes, impotent.

Still:  There is a safe effective, inexpensive way to get the results your are looking for.

So, stay with me in this male enhancement review, I will tell you about that method soon.

Don’t Get Fooled
by the
Clever Advertising

Most every type of product I mentioned in this male enhancement review can do nothing to actually make your shaft grow longer.


Most of the are just herbal or synthetic aphrodisiacs (edibles that increase sexual excitement).

So, if you have a weak soft erection, an aphrodisiac may help you get harder and appear bigger. If that’s all you want, then maybe one of those will be all you are looking for.

However, if you have a normally hard erection already, those products may make you hornier, but, your cock will never grow bigger from them.

Our Male Enhancement Review For:
Pills, Potions, Creams, Herbs, Foods and Drugs

This section of our male enhancement review is so plain and simple to write.

This one should be the absolute most obvious.

There is no pill on the market that will make a healthy cock bigger.

And:  There never will be.

Never. It’s a fact.

They may make you a lot hornier! They may give you a heart attack (seriously!, no joke here). But, they will never grow your shaft even 1/4 of an inch.

This also applies to drugs of any kind. Or, herbs, potions, or creams that were ever made.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for one that actually increases your penis size. Don’t believe the fantastic, amazing, stupid false advertising either.

None of these will actually make your cock grow.

You Can’t
Make Any of Your Body Parts Grow
With a Pill

We live in a society where we believe everything can, or at least, should be (at least in our dreams) fixable with a pill.

This is just so stupid. But, we are taught to hope for it because there is huge profit in this industry.

This male enhancement review is common sense (that we were often never taught).

I mean if there was a pill that could make your dick grow, why is there not one that will make your girlfriend’s breasts grow? Or make you taller? Or, cause your hair to grow? Or, your nose to grow? Or your fingers to grow????

Am I making sense?

And, if the pill made your cock grow, would it also make your ears grow??

But, we see all these huge full page ads with claims that a pill (of course ONLY available from a specific seller) will make your dick grow 3 inches in 5 weeks. We want to believe it. Right?

Cool! Right?? Yeah! I want that!!

If that was possible, we’d all have 11 inch cocks. But, how many of us actually do?

And, what if you took too many of the pills? Would you have a 24 inch cock? Or a 3 foot long one? What if it never stopped growing???

So Stupid!!

Can you see how stupid that kind of thinking is?

We Want To Believe The Advertising
BUT:  That’s Too Often A BIG Mistake!

But, we want to believe that. Right? A quick easy way to a BIG cock. Yeah! I would want that method too!

The ads for these pills, potions, surgeries, etc... keep getting published.


We want to believe them! Come on! We’re all human. We all want to be fantastic and exceptional in everything. Especially sex!

We want to believe it’s true. So, we keep buying these product.

What about their money back guarantee?

This is an interesting statistic and an important bit of information in our male enhancement review: More than half the men that buy these products will be too lazy or embarrassed to send the empty and unused bottles back to get a refund.

And, the manufacturers know this.

So, if they sell $10,000 worth of this garbage every month, and only have to refund $4,000. How much did they make? $6,000! Right?

The $50 bottle of pills only cost them about $4 - $6 to have manufactured. YOU paid all the postage! So, even with all the returned products, they wind up making about $20 in profit for every bottle sold. Even though the stuff doesn’t make your cock grow at all.

Why are they not shut down by the government?

Because there are sexual stimulants (that are in their products) that can make some men with weak erections get strong erections.

These strong erections can be a lot longer than the weak ones they were getting. So the sellers can legally claim “you can get a bigger stronger erection or your money back”.

And, if you read carefully, you will see the disclaimer that says something like: “results may vary”.

Genius! Right.

Dishonest. I hate that.

Our Male Enhancement Review
Getting Real Results

The ONLY way to get a bigger cock
a bigger longer wider erection:

 is to increase
 the number of cells in you shaft.

And, the only clinically proven way to do that is with correct penis traction.

That’s it.

There is no other safe effective method anywhere in the world.

And, this one really works.
It has been working for thousands of years.

Yes, men have devised ways of pulling on their cocks that have made them bigger, for thousands of years. Correct traction is the safest and most effective.

What About Surgery?

male enhancement review of penis surgery

In this male enhancement review I have to mention surgery.

Take a good look at that picture.

Is that something you really want to go through?

Penile surgery, in my opinion, is the WORST possible choice you could make for male enhancement.

HUGE mistake!


Because penile surgery cuts your flesh. That can cut too many nerves and make you impotent. Or, unable to orgasm. Or, unable to even get a decently hard erection.

There is no surgery that can make you appreciably longer.

This type of surgery can only make you wider.

AND: If may leave you impotent!

Penile surgery could leave you impotent because of all the nerve damage it does.

AND: Penile surgery will relieve you of about $9,000 to $20,000 of you hard earned money.

AND: After about 6-12 months your cock may become very ugly and lumpy from the stuff they put in there.

“So, William: What Works?
Safely AND Effectively?”

That’s the real question for this male enhancement review..

And, it’s very easy one to answer.

If you have been reading these pages you now already know: Correct penis traction is the only method that really works.

male enhancement review of correct penis traction

And, correct traction gives permanent results.

Correct traction is also medically endorsed and recommended.

Now, since I have already written about this subject in detail on other pages on this site, in this male enhancement review, let me just highlight WHY correct traction is the ONLY clinically proven method that really works.

“Correct traction will pull on your shaft systematically. Painlessly, when done correctly.

This constant measured pulling will cause tiny microscopic tears in your tissues. You will not even feel this happening. It is the same way ballet dancers lengthen their muscles.

These tiny tears heal by adding new cells.

If you do this often enough, you will see a noticeable lengthening. And, because you have added new cells, your results are permanent.”

Correct Traction
The Only Method That Works Safely

It doesn’t happen overnight. You’re not going to see any difference in a few weeks.

It takes 6 - 12 months to see real noticeable results. That’s because the process has to be done slowly and gradually.

But, it is the only method that will do the job Safely, Effectively,  and Permanently.

Yes, you can pull on your shaft in a number of ways. And, you can really injure it with most methods.

I know you came to this male enhancement review looking for a Safe Effective Proven method to lengthen or straighten your cock, where you get real visible and permanent results. Correct traction has proven to be the only method available.

successful male enhancement
successful male enhancement #2
successful male enhancement #3

Be Well.....

~ William

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