Do HPV Warts
Cause a Bent Penis?

Do HPV warts cause a bent penis?

No. HPV warts (Human papillomavirus) are not going to make your penis bend.

A penis bend, that is not genetic, is usually caused either by Peyronies Disease or a fractured penis.

But, not by these little warts.

The Problem Is Inside

In the drawing you can see how warts are on the skin surface. Not inside the body.

hpv warts diagram

Since HPV warts are on the surface, they have no effect on the internal erectile chambers.

It is the internal erectile chambers (the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum) not expanding evenly when they fill with blood during erection that cause most every penis bending.

corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum

What Actually Causes This Problem?

Here’s what is almost always causing the bending:

You will find that one or more of the erectile chambers has developed a hardening scar or a patch of plaque (tough fibrous tissue).

hpv warts do not cause a bent penis

This hard tissue prevents the covering of the chamber from expanding adequately in the spot where it occurs. This hard tissue makes your shaft bend in that direction during erection.

It’s just that simple.

Your erections may also be bending in one or more directions now. It depends how many patches of hard tissue you have developed and where they are.

You probably have also noticed that your limp or flaccid cock remains normal looking.

They Do Not Affect Your Erections

As you learned, these are on the external skin. They do not penetrate inside. So, they do not affect the internal erectile chambers. Or, your erections.

HPV warts are ugly and something you will
have to treat or live with, but,
they will not and do not affect your erection,
it’s straightness, or, your ability to get an erection.

Penis Bending Is Easy To Fix

The new penis bend that you are experiencing (if it is new) is coming from an internal problem. Not from the skin surface.

99.99% of the time, your penis bend is not a serious problem at all. Although, it can make your erections bend so much, and be so disfiguring, that it is truly shocking.

Relax,... You’re Going To Be OK

If you your erections seem to have suddenly started bending, even terribly, over that past year or so, you’re probably just another one of us who developed Peyronies Disease.

I know. It looks and sounds terrible! And, that name scared everyone of us who got the diagnosis as much as it is scaring you now.

But, relax. It’s no big deal.

Remember: I said “developed” here. You didn’t catch a disease. There is no disease.

In fact: Peyronies is NOT a disease at all. That name is a misnomer.

It’s a condition. A simple internal scarring and/or plaque formation that doesn’t let your erections form normally. So they bend.

Don’t let the clinical name scare you here. Again, the bending is not a disease 99.99% of the time.

And almost always: A penis bend (no matter how severe) can be fixed easily.

Your Human papillomavirus Is Forever,

Your Bent Penis Does Not Have To Be

If you have the Human papillomavirus, it is something you will have for the rest of your life.

HPV warts, on the other hand,  can be treated, removed, and controlled to a large extent. However, they may recur at any time. It’s one of the STD curses of modern life.

And, though the warts can be removed, there is no cure for the disease at this time.

A Peyronies Disease penis bend, on the other hand, is embarrassing and humiliating and just not fun. But: You can fix yourself up Safely and Easily 99% of the time.

Have A Medical Doctor Remove Your
HPV Warts

Now, you may have both HPV warts AND a bent penis at the same time.

This would make you naturally think the HPV warts are causing the bend.

They are not.

You simply have the unfortunate situation of having both problems at the same time. Like a cold and a broken nose.

You must treat each one individually.

Removing the warts can help keep you from transmitting the disease to your partner.

This is very important.


HPV, Human papillomavirus, can be very dangerous for women because it increases their chance of getting cervical cancer. One of the most deadly cancers there is.

I don’t get into the treatment of HPV warts on this site. But, a medical doctor can take care of that for you quite easily.

On this website, I will only be educating you on the best medically endorsed and recommended methods known for straightening a bent or curved penis.

Don’t Panic! Your Sex Life Is Not Over

If you are unlucky enough to be suffering from both of these problems, don’t despair.

You can usually straighten a penis bend easily, and, have nice erections again.

You can get rid of your HPV warts and help contain the disease.

And, you can go on to live a very nice life with a happy and fulfilling sex life!

Be Well.....

~ William

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