How To
Increase Penis Size

Safely, Easily, Inexpensively

how to increase penis size safely, easily, naturally

Learning how to increase penis size.

It sounds like it would be very complicated, or, expensive. Or, something that is done only with Surgery. Or, “penis pills”. No, it is none of these things. If you do it right.

However, learning how to increase penis size can be very dangerous and you can injure yourself seriously and permanently if you try the wrong things.

Even if you try some of the so called “right” things, you may wind up with some very unpleasant after effects.


If you do it right, you can increase penis size:

  • Easily

  • Safely

  • Inexpensively

  • With the #1 Medically Endorsed Method

So, in this article you are going to learn:

  1. The Only 2 Methods that really work

  2. Why Surgery is the wrong choice

  3. Why Pills don’t work

  4. The #1 Natural & Medically Endorsed Method (That is Guaranteed to Work)

Sound good?

Here we go.

Increasing Penis Size
Can Be Very Easy

Learning how to increase penis size is not something new. Men have wanted to know how to increase penis size and have actually been doing it for over 2,000 years.

how to increase penis size

The very first method was hanging stones. Some say it started in Africa. Some say the Mid East.

The most modern medically endorsed and doctor recommended method is actually a version of the hanging stones.

Hanging stones were the first recorded method of what would become modern Penile Traction Therapy 2,000 years later.

Wow! Right.

Whether you use stones, weights, straps and bands, or a modern traction device, ALL of these methods do the exact same thing. They stretch your shaft. Only a high quality traction device does this safely.

How to Increase Penis Size?
There Are Only Two Methods

That Give Real Size Increase

1)  Penis Stretching

2)  Surgery

That’s it.

AND: Surgery will NEVER increase penile length noticeably. Never. Surgery can only make the shaft wider.

Traction can give both significant added length AND added width.

Everything else is just a sexual (erection) stimulant that claims to make you cock bigger. They don’t.

Yes, many of these will give you a harder more frequent erection. But, your dick will not grow even 1/4 of an inch from any of these other things. Not even 1/4 of an inch.

What About
Penile Surgery?

We’re going to talk about penis surgery first.


Because it is so inferior to traction that we want to get it out of the way. Seriously.

Surgical Lengthening?

No. Never. Impossible. Ask any penile surgeon. There is no such thing, as far as an erect shaft goes.

A surgery can ONLY make your erection wider. Not longer.

A flaccid (soft) shaft?

Yes, a surgery can give you a longer looking flaccid (soft) cock. If the suspensory ligament is cut. It looks bigger in your shorts.

how to increase penis size with surgery

BUT, your erection will still remain the same length.


Because cutting the ligament does not make your shaft longer. It just lets more of it show when soft.

Unfortunately, with the suspensory ligament cut, your erections will face downward. Quite weird and embarrassing in the bedroom.

And, that is what the suspensory ligament is for. So your erection points upward and slips naturally and easily into a vagina.

Also, “...a cut that is too deep will damage the nerve and make the man impotent.” reference:

Willing to risk that??

What About
More Width from a Surgery?

Yes, there are a number of different penile widening surgeries available from about $7,000 - $20,000. They use a variety of different fillers to increase the width. These include silicone, your own body fat, plastic sleeves, etc...

Possible Side Effect?

Oh yes. There are a bunch:

  • Impotence

  • Lumping

  • Penile deformation

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

Worth the risk?


You can find more information about the possible risks in this article published by the International Society for Sexual Medicine:

"Penis Enlargement Surgery: Men Should Know About Complications"

How to Increase Penis Size?
The #1 Method
Controlled Regular Stretching

When men ask how to increase penis size, they usually want a longer and wider shaft.

Controlled regular stretching is the ONLY thing that will accomplish both of these goals. Unfortunately, not all stretching methods are equal. And, some are just downright dangerous. Let's take a look at what there is:

Stones - You’ve already read about hanging stones. They work. You’ve seen the picture. No modern man would ever consider them.

Weights - For the modern stone product we have weights. Yes, there actually is a tiny weight set that looks like small barbell plates that you use exactly like stones.

penis weights

Still, who’s going to sit behind their desk for 6 hours a day with their pants dropped and hang these things from the tip of their cock.

And, what a great story this will make for the entire office and the company if you ever get caught.

Want to be famous in the office? Try these out.

There are also:

Penis Exercises - Not really true “exercises” because the penile shaft has absolutely no muscles in it.

These are manual stretches, done by hand, for about 45 minutes each day for a year or more.

jelqing to increase penis size

Who really wants to spend that much time doing those every night for a year?

Worse, when men see little or no results after the first 3 or 4 months, they usually start pulling harder and harder. This is when serious damage occurs.

Jelqing Devices - With these devices you are doing the same thing as with the “exercises”.

The only real difference between the "exercises" and jelqing devices is you get a nice toy to play with. The same dangers of over pulling apply.

jelqing devices

Penis Pumps - These pumps have two real purposes: 1, a sex toy;  2, create a usable erection for men who no longer have the ability to get erect. Such as men with advanced diabetes, circulatory problems, etc...

The problem with pumps is if you pump too hard, blood vessels are going to start to rupture in the tip of your shaft. Fortunately, there are a number a pumps now mad with safety gauges.

penis pumps to increase size
penis pump with a safety gaugepenis pump with a safety gauge

You can actually use these to help straighten a bent penis. But, from the clinical trials, they take about twice as long as traction for straightening.

“Both the PTT (penis traction therapy) and VED (vacuum erectile device/penis pump) groups had reduced penile curvature at 8 weeks compared with measurements at week 4 and control group at week 8. Penile curvature was reduced by 65% in the PTT (penis traction) group and by 33% in the VED (penis pump) group.”

reference:  “Nonsurgical Peyronie’s Treatments Compared”, Renal and Urological News

Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) - When you want to know how to increase penis size in the Safest and Most Effective way, traction is the #1 method.

how to increase penis size with traction therapy, PTT

PTT is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. And, it is used in 60 hospitals in Spain alone.

#1, Safest and Most Effective
Penis Traction Therapy

Here on The Bent Penis Website, we talk mostly about penile straightening. That’s what the site is primarily about.

BUT: When a man wants to know how to increase his size in the:

  • Safest

  • Most Effective

  • Medically Endorsed Way

he will be learning about correct Traction Therapy (PTT).

I know, that “therapy” word makes it sound so clinical and coldly detached from any kind of pleasure or fun. Also expensive. “Therapy” always sounds expensive. And, usually is. PTT is not.

The PTT process is actually:

  • Very Easy
  • Fun (yes fun)
  • Effective
  • Inexpensive

Are Traction Devices
Medically Recommended?


"Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders (stretching devices), not surgery, should be the first-line treatment for men seeking a penile lengthening procedure."
reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero
, Medical News Today

Hey. A man wants a bigger dick. He wants to know how to increase penis size in the best and fastest way. It’s cool and fun. And, there's nothing wrong with doing it. So, where does medical come in here?

Medically recommend contributes to the Trust Factor here. If someone tells you an item is something the guys down the street like, ok, that’s nice. But is it safe? Does it really work?

If an item comes doctor recommended and medically endorsed, it has a bigger credibility factor. Right? So, let's talk about this for a moment.

Correct Penis Traction Therapy (PTT), with a high quality traction device, is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. This includes:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Germany • France • Italy• Japan • Belgium • Portugal • Argentina • Philippines • Canada • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg Holland • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland  • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

PTT is currently being used in 60 hospitals in Spain alone. For straightening a bent penis or adding length and width to a short shaft.

That’s the reason I mention all the medical references here. Penile Traction is
proven to work. It is medically endorsed and doctor recommended for penile lengthening and well as straightening.

The Results You Want

Now, you want to know how to increase penis size. Hopefully quickly and safely. Right? And, with real permanent growth.

Regular systemized stretching is the only thing that will do this.

Now, hopefully, you realize all the dangers associated with many of the stretching methods different people try to use. And, you don’t need to take those risks.

As you learned, controlled stretching is the ONLY method that can increase both the length AND the width of your shaft.

As you also learned, stretching/traction is most Safely and Effectively done with a high quality traction device.

THE BIG RISK with traction devices is getting a poorly made one. One that malfunctions, or breaks, and can injure your shaft seriously and permanently.

A High Quality Device

a high quality penis traction device

This is something I can never stress enough when I am asked how to increase penis size.

So, as not to make this one article too long, I want to direct you to an article that will explain what to look for:

“Which Penis Traction Device is Best?”

This is an article well worth reading if you are seriously considering how to increase penis size. It will tell you about the only two devices that met all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness. It can save you from huge future misery.

Please Remember:  A poorly made device can seriously injure your shaft. And, the damage may be permanent.

penis traction device dangersPermanent damage
from a poorly made traction device

Please: Don’t try to save an extra dollar here. Treat yourself right. You’re worth it. You have only one penis. If you ruin it you can’t get a new one.

You will never regret using a high quality device. And, the cost difference is only $100 - $200.

Now you know how to increase penis size in the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommended way.

Best wishes with your new gains.

how to increase penis size safely without surgery

Be Well.....

~ William

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