How Do
Penis Pumps Work?

are they effective
for straightening a bent penis?

how do penis pumps work? can they fix a bent penis?

How do penis pumps work?

This is actually a fascinating subject.

It’s Probably Different Than You Imagine

Without getting all kinds of technical, let’s review a small science lesson that will make this easy to understand:

We live on Earth. There is something here called “atmospheric pressure” constantly squeezing our bodies on all sides.

This pressure is caused by the gravity which holds our atmosphere in place. And, keeps everything from just flying off the Earth’s surface.

At the same time, inside our bodies we have our own pressure pushing back outwards.

That internal pressure pushes back against this atmospheric pressure and balances it to form our normal living state. So we never feel the atmospheric pressure at all.

The fact is, if a person were suddenly thrown deep into space, where there is no atmospheric pressure, and he was not wearing a pressurized space suit, he would literally explode from all the internal pressure naturally occurring in his body.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

It’s Easy To Understand

Knowing that, when it comes to the question: "How do penis pumps work?", the answer becomes very easy to understand.

These pumping devices do not pump your shaft up.

What they do is form a vacuum around your shaft. This reduces some of the atmospheric pressure on your cock.

how do penis pumps work?penis pump

You’ve probably seen photos of these devices. Like the one to the right.

This reduction of atmospheric pressure around your cock causes your normal blood pressure to fill your shaft like a balloon and create a simulated erection.

How do penis pumps work? It’s that simple!

Some men enjoy the sensation and use these devices as “sex toys.”

Your Tongue In A Soda Bottle?

I think we’ve all done this!

Do you remember being a kid and sucking as much air out of a soda bottle as you could and then putting your tongue in?

Remember how it really pulled on your tongue and you could feel it swell?

It was really fun. Right?

How do penis pumps work? Exactly the same way. That’s what the penis pump does to your cock.

How Do Penis Pumps Work
Erectile Dysfunction?

The “erection” these can produce will not be as hard as a normal healthy one.

However:  For men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction), this can be useful.

A weaker, but, often usable erection can be formed.

how do penis pumps work with a cock ring?

That erection can be maintained for a while by using a cock ring.

This can enable a man with erectile dysfunction to have intercourse without the use of drugs or implanted mechanical devices.

"For men with advanced diabetes, and other medical conditions,
this may be very useful."

It doesn’t work satisfactorily for everyone.

PLEASE:  Consult your doctor before you try using one.

How Do Penis Pumps Work
Straightening A Bent Penis?

How do penis pumps work for straightening a bending erection? They don’t.

Pure and simple, they do nothing at all for penile straightening.


Because, to straighten a curved erection you need to either lengthen the shorter tissue or cut out some of the longer tissue.

How do penis pumps work in this situation? They don’t.

how do penis pumps work for straightening a bent penis?

As you can see, the pumping creates a vacuum all around your entire shaft. So, when the blood comes into your shaft, it comes in evenly all the way around.

There is no way the pumping device can give any special attention to either the longer or shorter tissues.

So, it is useless for straightening the shorter tissues.

What About:
The Enormous Peyronies Disease
Straightening Kits?

Please don’t get suckered into one of these.

Why do these devices get included in Peyronies Disease straightening kits?

Sadly, because the sellers want you to think you are getting a lot of good stuff.

The more stuff you have, the better and quicker the results. Right?


Very wrong.

A total waste of your money if penile straightening is your goal.

The #1
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

If you stick with a high quality traction device, 99.99% of the time you will be able to straighten a bent penis Safely and Effectively.

Correct traction
is the #1 straightening method in the world
Safety and Effectiveness.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended  in 29 countries worldwide.

With correct traction you can also avoid an expensive and very risky penile surgery 99.99% of the time.

If you want to add some high quality vitamin E to your traction straightening program, it may be helpful.

But, how do penis pumps work for straightening a bending erection? Again: They are useless for straightening.

A Very Important Warning

An Important Warning for those who decide to use a penis pump for an erection or as a sex toy:

"If you pump too hard and create a vacuum
that is too strong,
you risk popping the blood vessels in your cock."

Yes, this is serious.

Here’s why:

What Are The Risks
pumping too hard?

How do penis pumps work when it comes to safety?

If you have normally strong blood vessels, and, you use one moderately, you should not have any real problem.

However, if you have weak blood vessels, or, you go crazy with one and pump too strongly you can damage your shaft. Sometimes very seriously.

What does that mean?

 -  The least bad thing that can happen is your cock becomes discolored. Possibly for the rest of your life.

 -  The worst bad thing that can happen is you damage so many blood vessels that your cock must be amputated. Charming. Right?

So, please be careful!

how do penis pumps work with a safety valvepenis pump with safety valve

There are some pumping devices out there that come with safety valves.

They are supposed to limit the amount of vacuum you can create. This is supposed to help keep those disasters from happening.

But, if you are a guy who has weak blood vessels (usually older men) you can cause yourself some serious damage with one of these things.

So be super careful, and don’t pump too hard, if you decide you want to use one.

Using Them safely

How do penis pumps work?

  • They are a sex toy for some.

  • A possible erection creator for those with erectile dysfunction.

  • Useless for straightening a bent penis.

Now that you know what they do, and, what the risks of using one are,

Please:  Be safe and use them with caution.

For men with erectile dysfunction, I recommend using them only under the guidance of an experienced medical doctor.

Be Well.....

~ William

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