Curvature of the Penis

is Usually Simple
to Correct

straightening curvature of the penis

It's A
Very Common Problem

Curvature of the penis is much more common than most people realize.

In fact about 50% of men have some kind of bending in their erection.

Curvature of the penis is only a problem when it is severe and interferes with natural sexual intercourse. This happens in the more extreme cases. About 4% of the male population.

What About
Peyronies Disease?

The most common type of bent or curved penis is caused by Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies is not actually a true disease. It is a simple condition caused by  internal scar on the corpus cavernosum  (the tubes that fill with blood and cause your erection) which prevents that section of the erection from extending fully. So the erection bends in the direction of the scar.

Before you say “I never cut my dick”.... The internal scar causing your curving or bending  comes from an injury. Usually this is a hard painful bend during rough sexual intercourse. The bend  tears some of the internal tissue.

HOWEVER: Unlike a  fractured penis,  you will never see this bleed or even bruise, so you think nothing has really happened.

A scar forms during the healing. This is Mother Nature’s way of strengthening the area so it won’t tear again.

Why it's happening

But, that scar may  thicken  10, 20 or more years later as the body changes and tissues dry and begin to harden. That is why Peyronies happens so often to men between 40 and 60.

The injury (or injuries) occurred earlier in their life and now their erections bend terribly. And sometime painfully. Still, their soft flaccid cock always appears normal.

Because these men haven’t had rough sex in many years, that is also why they think they now have a truly horrible disease.

If this is you, you can take a sigh of relief. You can (99.99% of the time) fix yourself up in a relatively short time.

Peyronies is NOT a disease. It is a simple condition. Just like a scar on your hand or foot.

Curvature of the Penis
Usually Very Easy to Fix

Curvature of the penis  caused by Peyronies disease is very easy to correct 99.99% of the time all by yourself.  In fact almost any bent or curved erection is usually easy to correct. It just takes some time, diligence, and patience.

Drugs and surgery seem to be the least effective and most risky solutions for this situation.

Learn How Easy
Straightening Can Be

There are always a number of ways to approach any problem. This situation is no different.

But: there are effective safe ways. And there are far less effective ways, some of which have many possible horrible adverse side affects attached to them.

I suggest reading all the articles in the NAV bar on the left side of this page.

They will familiarize you with the causes and the current treatments being used both successfully and unsuccessfully. There you will learn what methods work best and what methods do little or nothing at all to correct your bent erections.

If you developed your bend or severe curve later in life, don’t worry, don’t panic, don’t despair.

99.99% of the time:
Curvature of the Penis is ver
y easy to fix.

And, Remember:

  • This curvature is almost never from a disease

  • It is NOT contagious

  • It does not mean your sex life is over

  • Curvature of the penis is usually very easy to correct without surgery

Be Well....

~ William

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