Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


BPH - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Why am I talking about BPH on this website?

"Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common prostate problem for men older than age 50. In 2010, as many as 14 million men in the United States had lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of BPH. Although it rarely causes symptoms before age 40, the occurrence and symptoms increase with age. Benign prostatic hyperplasia affects about 50 percent of men between the ages of 51 and 60 and up to 90 percent of men older than 80."


I want to talk with you about this condition  now, because just when you notice your penis is bending and Peyronies Disease becomes an issue and a problem, BPH may also be knocking on your door.

Yep! BPH can affect men in their 40s and it does affect most men past the age of 50 to a greater or lesser degree.

So, let's see what we can do to avoid it. Or, reverse it, if it already bothers you.

BPH Can Be Reversed
in many men

Most men are totally unaware that they can probably reverse this condition themselves, to a comfortable and acceptable degree, without drugs or surgeries.

Why am I writing about this condition on the Bent Penis Website?

Simply because at about the same age that most men get Peyronies Disease (a bent penis), we also start suffering from a number of other prostate problems. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia being the most common.

What most men don’t know is: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is generally reversible. At least to the point where you can live your life much more freely and comfortably.

This also means, peeing easily and not having to wake up 6 times each night to do so.

Even the mainstream is embracing the fact that there are many natural remedies helping countless men.

Why Do We Get
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

Nutritional insufficiency is the prime cause of BPH.

There are certain necessary nutrients necessary to keep the prostate gland healthy that are in unfortunately short supply in the common civilized diet.

BPH  is one of the results of this problem.

Our foods these days are short in a lot of nutrients that even 100 years ago were much richer in our food supply.


Overworked undernourished soils.

Yes, soil needs to be replenished in order to continue to grow nutrient rich foods. And this is not a common practice in commercial agriculture.

After growing the same crops year after year on the soil without replenishing vital minerals, the soil gets weaker and weaker.

What I mean by “weak soil” simply is: They contain less and less mineral nutrients.

The plants (foods) we grow on these soils, therefore, have less and less mineral/nutrient content.

Weak food is easy prey for bugs also. It has little natural defense. So we use pesticides to kill the bugs that attack them so the plants can grow.

But, these poisonous pesticides now get into our food and we wind up eating those also.

So with all the weak poison laden foods we are offered these days is it any wonder why our population gets sicker and sicker? And is it any wonder why we have more diseases now that at any other time in the entire history of mankind?

BPH is just one of the diseases causes by our current modern  malnutrition.

What Is
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

BPH is simply the long term result of a deficiency of certain food elements. The mineral zinc, certain fatty acids (fats) and sterols, etc...

Unless you get enough of these necessary nutrients, you will suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia for the rest of your life. And, it will probably continue to develop and grow worse as you age.

It all has to do with a lack of essential nutrients in the current civilized diet.

It is
Caused by “Aging”

This condition is so common, in fact, the almost everyone just expects it to develop and cause problems in men as they age.

But age does not cause BPH. Lack of essential nutritional elements, over time, does.

At age 33 I had terrible prostate problems that included both severe pain and a lot of swelling. A man of 33 should be in magnificent and powerful sexual condition. I was falling apart!

Today, at 66, I have none of these problems. Nor do I suffer from BPH or any of it’s symptoms.

Why, because I learned way back in my 30s what was causing my prostate problems then. And I learned what the natural solutions to those problems were. I also learned how to avoid future prostate problems that most men face by age 60.

I also decided at that time to start and continue a sustained program of nutritional supplementation in the belief that it would prevent Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia from compromising my life. So far it is very successful.

I do not wake up 5 or 6 times a night to pee a few ounces as many men my age do.

I pee 20 -30 ounces at a time and my urine flows freely. I sleep deeply and well.

Your stream will slow down a bit as you age simply because all your tissues are not as elastic as they were when you were young. Just look at your skin as an example of this.

But there is no reason why a healthy male should not pee easily and freely and in decent volume until he dies. Even if he is 120 years old.

Can You
Get Rid of the Symptoms?

In the simplest easiest to understand terms, BPH does not have to develop in a male to the point where it causes problems.

This all too common condition should not really have to be present at all. But, a small development will not really cause any inconvenience or health threat.

And, most developed cases (and the associated urinary problems) can be reduced to the point of comfort and urinary ease if they are worked on soon enough. And long enough.

A Similar Example You Are Familiar With

The nice thing about nutritional deficiency “diseases” is that, if they are handled in time, they usually seem to go away almost “miraculously” just by getting enough of the lacking nutrient(s).

A similar example: In the old days sailors used to get scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency disease). They would be on a ship for a long period of time and they’d get very weak with their teeth literally getting so loose that they would fall out... After some time eating limes (a good natural source of Vitamin C) their teeth would become firm and secure in their mouth again and their strength would return.

Before they discovered that eating a lime a day would prevent the scurvy, it was a big problem. After they discovered that a lime a day could prevent the problem, scurvy ceased to be a problem. Even on very long voyages. As long as they had enough limes for the trip.

My Own
Personal Nutritional Program

Along with whole natural foods, my own personal nutritional regime for avoiding Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia problems includes:

- Saw Palmetto extract 320mg
- Pygeum 100mg
- Bovine Prostate 500mg
- Pure Fish Oil 1 - 2 teaspoons
- Zinc 15mg

I get these nutrients all together in 4 capsules.

These supplementary nutrients are easy to find. It’s a simple easy program that any man can adopt and help himself halt and even reverse a Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia condition.

Correct prostate massage and care (don’t sit for too long at one time), some exercise, fresh air and plenty of clean water each day are also essential.


BPH is a Developed Condition
it Is
NOT a “Disease”

Why do I call Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia a condition rather than a “disease”?

I do so because you don’t “catch” it from anyone. And it is not hereditary. You don’t get it from a “germ”. You develop it. Just like a callous on your foot.

BPH develops because the prostate gland is weak from malnourishment. Malnourishment does not mean lack of food here. It means “lack of essential nutrients”. Lack of the essential life elements needed to properly nourish the prostate gland.

What We Do Not Learn
in School

It’s funny, not funny haha, but, funny ironic, that even as children we are shown pictures of people in 3rd world countries with Goiter.

We see their big swollen necks and learn that their thyroid gland swells to this massive size because they do not have enough of the mineral iodine in their diets.

We understand this completely. Yet, we are really totally uneducated in BPH. A condition that affects more people than Goiter and right here in our own country!


Just as having enough iodine in the diet will prevent goiter for a lifetime, having enough of the nutrients the prostate gland needs will prevent Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia for a lifetime.

"Adding a sufficient amount of the essential nutrients
can reverse Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
for a great amount of men who are already suffering from it."

Can You
Reverse This Condition?

You probably found your way here because you already suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms and you want to get rid of the annoying and embarrassing symptoms. They just plain make you feel old!

Well, if you’ve already gotten to the point where BPH is causing you a lot of problems, you will probably never get your prostate gland back to the size it was when you were 18 years old.

However, unless your Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia has gotten to the point where you can no longer pass urine without a catheter, you can probably improve your condition greatly.

And, even if you are requiring a catheter, you may be able to reduce the size of your prostate to the point where you no longer require the catheter.

This is a maybe (depending on your own personal condition) and will take quite a while and require a lot of diligent attention on your part. But, many men have done it very successfully.

For many men BPH has gotten so far advanced that they require medical/surgical help. How do you know if you are one of these men? Simple: You can not pee! It’s a medical emergency. Get to your doctor or emergency room immediately.

Getting Help
Serious BPH Symptoms

For many men BPH has gotten so far advanced that they require medical/surgical help. How do you know if you are one of these men? Simple: You can not pee! It’s a medical emergency. Get to your doctor or emergency room immediately.

Getting Relief

With NO Side Effects

Rather than be redundant in my writing, and make this article far too long, I want you to read my article over at Prostate Massage and Health .com entitled: “Relieve Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia With NO SIDE EFFECTS!”

In that article I go into the current treatments available for men with severe problems who need help “now”!

I also go into more depth on the Natural nutritional and prostate massaging assistance methods of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia wellness. Methods that have helped countless thousands of men reverse their BPH condition without any drugs or surgeries and help keep it from ever bothering them again.

Just remember:

If you suddenly can’t pee, don’t try to treat it “naturally”. You no longer have time for that. Get to a doctor immediately!

You Got BPH

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a “disease” of civilization. Of “civilized” living. Of nutritional deficiency. Too much sitting and lack of exercise make it even worse.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is NOT a normal state of development for a man. It is only considered “normal” because it is so common.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is so common because most men just do not get the specific nutrition they require to maintain prostate health throughout their life.

Ending, Reducing and Preventing
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

As young men we can seemingly get away with an awful lot of health transgressions. But we pay for our abuses eventually as we age (if we are lucky enough to get older, and even very old).

In Summary:

"Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia can be effectively halted
and even reversed satisfactorily in most men of even average health
if worked on correctly
before it becomes overwhelming."

This can be done, in most cases, with no surgeries or drugs.

Even if after a surgery has been performed, the prostate gland will continue to develop the same problems again if you keep treating it the same way.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is something most men have a lot more personal control of than they ever imagined.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition we are responsible for creating, and, that we will make better or worse all by ourselves with what we do each day.

Be Well.....

~ William

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