Prostate Massage
Amazing Benefits!

What does prostate massage have to do with Peyronies Disease and a bent penis?

Actually nothing. Except that if you have just straightened your penis out and it is working correctly again, you are probably wanting to never have to go through another horrible sexual ordeal in your life.

Learning and using correct prostate massage techniques can help keep your sex life running as smooth as a Swiss watch.

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Half Of All Men

Chronic Prostate Problems

Only about 1 out of 100 men ever suffer from a bent penis or a curved penis condition.

But, 1 out of 2, that's HALF of all men, will suffer from some prostate related problem before their life is over. And about 1 out of 3 men will have a chronic condition that bothers them for 20 years or more.


That doesn't seem natural. Does it?

Unnatural Living
The Cause

Our modern lifestyle isn't natural.

Most of us no longer lead really natural lives anymore. We think we do, because everyone else seems to be living pretty much the same way.

And, we love all of our conveniences. I do!

But, our bodies were developed in a certain way over hundreds of thousands of years. And, modern living, besides the comforts and pleasures it brings, also causes us a lot of physical and mental problems.

A long time ago, we had certain activities that we had to do to survive. We ate healthy natural foods and drank clean waters. We breathed clean air. We slept when we were tired. Mental stress was the exception rather than the rule.

We lived in perfect health.

Where Our Health Problems Began

About 10,000 years ago our health began to change. This coincides with the beginning of agriculture.

That is the point scientist discovered to be the beginning of human degenerative diseases such as arthritis and cancers.

These diseases didn't exist in man before that time. The findings come from bone studies of human remains.

We Now Have
More Prostate Disease
Than Ever Before In History

Yes. That's true. Today, we consider our society to be more medically advanced that ever before in history.

But, we are not the healthiest we have ever been.

In fact:
"We now have more diseases of all kinds
than ever before at any time in History."

More prostate cancer than ever before, more prostatitis than ever before, more BPH than ever before, more arthritis, more kidney disease, more allergies, etc... etc...

Again: Why?!!

Modern Living

Modern living is the problem. Again, I love my conveniences and pleasures. But: Too much sitting, not enough exercise, overly processed chemicalized foods, unnatural foods, chemically polluted waters, polluted air, constant mental stress...

You just can't do all that to a human body and expect it to function properly and stay well and healthy. Things are going to falter and break down.

This is Why
Prostate Problems

This gland is one of the most vulnerable organs to all tour unnatural living circumstances. Especially our food, water, and air.

Toxicity here  is the cause of almost all prostate cancer.

How does it get so toxic?

This gland, besides it's other functions, is one of the finest filtering mechanisms in the entire universe!

Your prostate gland filters every kind of impurity from your blood, so that your semen is a clean and healthy environment for your sperm cells. That way the sperm cells can swim up the fallopian tubes in your female, deliver the DNA in tact and create healthy babies for you.

If the semen was not clean, the sperm could all die or be damaged and create all kinds of mutated children. It happens anyway sometimes. But, Mother Nature is doing her utmost to avoid that.

Did You Ever Have

Now, when you are bombarded with pollutants, those toxins can accumulate in your gland too fast. They can't flush out normally.

Normally, in ideal circumstances, your blood circulation would flush them back out, back into the blood stream, where they would be eliminated by your liver and kidneys.

But when there are just too many toxins and/or the circulation to your  gland is impaired, these toxins don't all come out. In fact they start to accumulate more and more.

The prostate becomes poisoned. It gets weaker and becomes ill. Prostate pain and inflammation, known as Prostatitis, begins.

When a doctor does tests for prostatitis, he can only check for bacterial problems. If no bacteria show up in these tests, the cause of the prostatitis is called "unknown".

This is the situation in 8 out of 9 diagnosed cases of prostatitis!

Correct prostate massage is probably the most effective way to help get those toxins out.

Prostate Cancer
Is The #1 Cancer for Men

In more severe cases, the gland becomes so poisoned that prostate cancers form.

"Prostate cancers are not an accident or a mystery. The gland simply gets critically poisoned."

Lack Of Sufficient Blood Flow
Can Cause All These Problems

Even men with generally good and healthy living habits can suffer from these problems.

The main reason for this is poor blood circulation to our gland.

"Sitting too much is the main trouble maker here."

And how much do most of us sit each day? Most of the day!

We wake up and go to the bathroom, then sit down for breakfast. Then sit in the car or train on the way to work. Then sit most of 8 - 12 hours a day at work. Then sit on the ride home where we then sit down to dinner before we sit and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

"Constant sitting
cuts the supply of blood to our prostates
more than anything else we do."

And sitting is what we do most each day.

The Benefits
Correct Prostate Massage

Regular correct prostate massage is the best preventative a man has for virtually EVERY prostatic pain and disease.

Here's what it can do:

  • Correct prostate massage brings fresh blood to our gland
  • Correct prostate massage cleans out the accumulated poisons and toxins in the gland and surrounding muscles
  • Correct prostate massage brings fresh Oxygen and nutrients to our  gland
  • Correct prostate massage stimulates the nerves in our gland
  • Correct prostate massage enables this precious gland to clean itself and rejuvenate itself!

Learn How to Use
Correct Prostate Massage

You'll notice I always said "Correct" prostate massage.

The male gland it a delicate organ. Massaging it too vigorously or roughly can injure and damage it. In extreme cases it can cause death.

On the other hand, not massaging effectively enough will bring little results.

Learning safe healthful massaging for your gland is very easy.

Learning these massages correctly, and understanding why and how they all work, is an entire website in itself.

The very best and most comprehensive website on correct technique is: Prostate Massage and Health. You can click on to it here:

Enjoy Healthy Sex Into Your Nineties

If you've already had to fix a bent penis, you know you don't want yet another sexual misfortune. Especially one that brings you daily pain and possibly loss of all sexual ability.

Be part of the 50% of men who avoid major prostatic problems in their lifetime.

Correct prostate massage is one of the best and most important things you can do to help keep your gland healthy, pain free, and functioning perfectly even into your 90s.

Be Well.....

~ William

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