Average Size Penis
is How Big?

average size penis erect

An average size penis is:

3.5 inches flaccid


5.3 inches erect.

average size penisaverage size penis

Is that were you were thinking?

You thought it was bigger. Right?

That’s because so many men lie about their size.

How Many Men
Brag Too Much?

If you have a normal size cock, you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, many young men are totally intimidated when they hear so many stories about all the guys who say they have 6 to 8 inch cocks. And, those guys are usually not telling the truth.

It makes you feel that the 5" erection you have is useless.


5” is an average size penis erection.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
And, it works just fine.

It’s How You use It
That Counts

Yes, I know. You’ve heard that before....

But. the old saying is true: “It’s how you use it that counts.” So give that some thought. I’m just saying...

Yes, I do know you’re here because you want more than an average size penis. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

If you have 4 inches, or 3 inches, yes, you are small. But, you can make that one bigger too.

However, as you now know, if you are right around 5 inches or so, you’re like most every other man in the world. And, you have an average size penis. It's not too small.

Still, there is nothing wrong with wanting, and getting, a bigger cock. As long as you do it safely.

If you try making your average size penis into a bigger one, the wrong way, you could wind up with serious problems.

That is what I’m trying to help you avoid here.

If Having
A Bigger Cock
Will Make You Happier

Go For It!

Just Do It Safely

If having a bigger cock will make you happier,
there is nothing wrong with getting one.

And, it’s easy to do.

Yes, a whole lot of people color their hair. Get nose jobs. Bigger breasts. Whiter teeth. etc... etc....

And, if a bigger than average size penis is what will make you happy, there is no reason not to get one.

Just do it Safely!

<Forget About The Nonsense That Doesn’t Really Work

You’re going to read a lot of advertisements that tell you how their pill or their patch or their cream, etc... is going to make your cock 3” bigger in 6 weeks.

If you buy any of those things and use them, you are going to be extremely disappointed.

You won’t even get 1/4” of real growth in 6 months!

There is only one method that has been proven effective for actual penile growth. Penis stretching.

The Reality Of Creating
A Truly Bigger Cock

Yes, you can make almost any average size penis bigger. Considerably bigger.

It’s proven. And, has been proven for over 2,000 years. Yes, really. Over 2,000 years!

But, it’s never been done with a pill, patch, cream, etc... None of those are going to make you grow even 1/4 of an inch.

Oh, yes, they may make your erections harder and bigger if you have erectile dysfunction (inability to attain or maintain a decent erection).

But, that’s advertising hype. They try to make you think a normal guy with normally hard erections and an average size penis will get bigger with these products.

It’s just not what happens.

Can those products actually make you actually grow measurably? No. Never happened. Never will.

Only correct systematic stretching works. And, it has proven to work for thousands of years.

Serious, Real, Permanent Penile Growth
for the average size penis

I want you to think about this seriously. I know we want to believe all that nonsense with pills, etc.... And, it would be super cool if they really worked.

If they did, every man would have a 10” cock. Right?

If you could grow really your cock with a pill,
why not your wife’s breasts?
Or your ears? Or, even your height (get taller)?

It’s all a lot of very tricky advertising designed to have you part with your money.

What About The
“Money Back Guarantees”

Oh sure, you get a “money back guarantee” with most of those products.

Guess how many men actually ask for their money back after the stuff doesn’t work.

Less than 80%.

Yes, less than 1 out of 5.

The advertisers know this. So they don’t care about the 20% that they refund. They still get to keep 80% of the money.

Clever, huh? Super advertising. A great thing. Right?

Except for the unfortunate guys who get no results and lose their money because they are too embarrassed, or, don’t want to take all the necessary time and effort it requires to get a refund.

Don’t Get Swindled

If you want your average size penis to grow bigger: with real, measurable, permanent results, you have to grow new cells. It's that simple. Nothing else will do it.

No pill, patch, cream, lotion, formula, etc... can do this.

Don’t get swindled out of your money.

Correct traction (the safest and most effective form of penile stretching) does cause new cellular growth. And, done correctly, it can make almost any average size penis grow bigger.

“Correct traction will work for virtually any man
with an average size penis.”

As you know already from this website: Correct traction can straighten almost any bent penis.

And now you know:

"Correct traction will create

new, permanent length and width

in virtually any average size penis.”

average size penis before tractionbefore correct traction

average size penis after correct tractionafter correct traction

Correct Traction, Is The Only Way To

Permanently Create:

 A Longer Erection


Even penile surgery can not make your erections longer. It can only add width by adding material around your shaft. This type of surgery costs upwards of $6,000.

And, this type of penile surgery for added width can be a true disaster in the years that follow.

The pills won’t make you grow. Neither will the patches, creams, etc...

Penile stretching with the “exercises” can make you grow. So can Jelqing.

But, both of those methods are extremely high risk as far as injury goes, because most men get impatient after a couple of months and start to pull much too hard.

"Correct traction, on the other hand, is the safest
method in the world for real measurable, permanent,
penile growth.”

Why Is Correct Traction
Safest and Most Effective?

Correct traction is safest because the amount of pull you put on your shaft each day is controlled.

So, done correctly, you can not pull too hard. As you can with jelqing or “exercises”.

Correct traction also is done over a 6 - 8 hour period each day, instead of 45 minutes, so your results are faster. And, painless, when done correctly.

With the “exercises” or jelqing you have to devote 45 minutes to an hour each day doing the stretching. It hurts. And: They are Boring!!

With correct traction, you attach your traction device before you go to work (this takes about one minute).

average size penis wearing a traction device for true measurable male enhancement

You wear the device under your clothes while you go about your daily routine (no one knows you have it on). When you come home from work, take it off (this takes about 30 seconds).  And, you are done for the day.

  • Super Easy!!

  • Super Effective

  • Safest

Important Cautions

I say:  If you want to make your average size penis bigger, go for it!

I have only two warnings for you:

 1)   Only buy a high quality unit.

 2)   Use it correctly.

The poorly made devices will save you about $100. That’s all. But, they can injure you seriously in a number of ways.


You have only one cock.

Take good care of it. You can’t get another one if you ruin this one.

So don’t be afraid to spend the extra $100 if you seriously want to make your average size penis bigger in the safest most effective way. You’re worth it. Yes, you are worth it!

Get one of the very best units in the world. Surprisingly, they cost under $00. You’ll never regret it!

average size penis after correct penis stretching
making an average size penis bigger

Be Well.....

~ William

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