Penis Exercises Don’t Really Exist.

Your Shaft
 Has No Muscles!

Penis exercises don't really exist. The reason is: there are no muscles in our shafts! So we have nothing there to exercise.

penis exercises

Penis "exercises" are actually different ways of manually pulling our shafts so that we can stretch them and make our erections straighter or bigger.

Most of the "exercises" that you find
available on the market
do little
 to help a man with a curved or bent penis.

Are penis exercises effective?

And, they can greatly frustrate a man because very little progress is usually made after many months of effort.

Or, a guy pulls too hard and causes himself even more problems.

So, you feel like it is going to be impossible to ever have a straight hard erection again. But, that’s not true.

Penis Exercises That Work

I have spent dozens and dozens of hours researching penis exercises on the web and everywhere else.

I did find a program that is very well laid out and workable. It is called "Penis Health".

The "Penis Health" program is extremely well put together.

As of this writing it has:

  • 300+ videos and photos
  • 35 unique exercises
  • 24 hour support
  • And:  A 6 month money back guarantee

There is no other program on the market that compares to it.

However, even though it is the best of the breed, it will not give nearly the speed of results, or the ease of use that correct penis traction will.

On the other hand it is quite educational and:

Using these penis exercise moderately

 along with your traction device
 can be soothing and help speed up your results.

How They Work

The "Penis Health" program takes you step by step. It is designed to help to acquaint you with the mechanics of your sexual instrument. It also tells you why these "exercises" work.

This includes the complex aspects, such as: blood-flow, tissue growth, curvature correction, etc...

As I mentioned: This program is not as fast or as effective in getting results as a penis traction device. Nothing is. A high quality traction device will always give better and faster results.

penis exercises vs penis traction

Traction alone is enough. But, if you are really motivated, with a little extra effort,  these techniques can help you make progress more quickly.

Just don’t over do them. Moderation is very important here. A few minutes, gently done, at the end of your daily traction program will do nicely and feel very good.

Getting The Results You Want

OK back to the Penis Health exercises.

 If you are willing to spend the necessary time and effort on these "exercises", you can get some good results.

There are some of you who either can not afford a traction device, or, do not want to use one for whatever reason. If you are one of these men, the "Penis Health" program could be the best thing you will ever find for your bending problem.

It's a real nice and comprehensive package. It was put together by a company called Size Genetics. They also make traction units.

However, from my experience, and for my money, the best traction devices are still made by Quick Extender Pro and X4Labs. And, they are the same price.

Will Penis Exercises Enlarge Your Penis?

Using this program can potentially increase the size and length of your shaft. But, you would have to do them a lot for a very long time.

However: Straightening a bent penis is much simpler that making one longer. Why? because with straightening you have much less tissue that needs stretching out.

It is usually just a small amount of tissue inside the shaft that is causing the bending.

When you are going for more length, you have to stretch everything in the entire shaft out.

Make sense?

Why Are They Called Enlargers
Enlargement Exercises?

Penis exercises and penile traction devices are most commonly marketed as Enlargement Exercises and Male Enlargers.


Because: The exact same traction device that is used to straighten a man's curvature is the same device that can be used to make a man's shaft bigger.

Now, men who desire to enlarge the size of their penis out number men who want to fix a curved or bent shaft by about 25 to 1. Yes! A lot of men want bigger dicks!

So, the manufacturers (who are running businesses and trying to maximize profits)  advertise accordingly.

Don't Be Put Off By The Advertising

The original traction unit was developed in 1994 by a penis surgery expert named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He originally invented the device to keep a man's shaft straight after surgery.

He soon found he could use the device without surgery to straighten a bent or curved shaft.

He then found continued use could actually lengthen the shaft. And, the lengthening was permanent!

The device he invented has since been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for straightening penile curvature or bending.

That is why it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

So, please don’t be put off by a lot of the "Enlargement" advertising.

These are the best penis straightening devices available in the world. As long as you get a high quality one.

Straightening Or Enlargement?

Now Don't get worried here.

If you are only trying to fix a bent or curved penis with traction, you don't need to worry about making your cock bigger.

You will be lengthening the short tissue before you do anything else.

However: Once your erections are straightened again, you can continue using the device to make your cock grow bigger if you desire. Or, you can be done when you are sufficiently straight.

What You Can Expect

OK, back to penis exercises again.

For some men, penis exercises are all they need to straighten their erection out nicely. They are a lot more work than correct traction. But, for some men they are enough if the man is willing to put in the hours doing them.

When you follow the Penis Health penis exercise program you can expect to:

 >  Straighten a curved penis almost completely

 >  Straighten a bent penis up to 70%

 >  Get harder and more intense erections

 >  Have better sexual intercourse

 >  Improve certain types of erectile dysfunction

Getting Harder Erections

This is a very important topic for many men. So I am going to talk about it specifically here.

Many men find they just can’t seem to get really hard anymore. And they are having poor quality sex. Or no sex at all.

For those of you with limp erections due to circulatory deficiency, penis exercises may help not only straighten your shaft, but: You may get a great improvement in the hardness of your erection.

Penis exercises do a lot of pulling and squeezing.

Did you ever get a really nice back massage? Even an OK one?

It made you feel a lot better. Didn’t it?

You know why?

It’s not just that your muscles relax more.

"Increased Blood Flow
Creates Harder Erections!"

harder erections

And, that is the key to A Harder Erection!

Now if you’re already getting rock hard, you’re not going to improve that.

But, many men with a curvature or bending here are getting diminished flow also.

So, if you can straighten your shaft and get the blood going again in a better more efficient way, what do you think is going to happen?

That’s correct! And, it’s really nice to experience again.

When it happens, write and tell me if you don’t feel more refreshed all over with your renewed sexual pride and power!

You’ll be the first!

Getting The Fastest and Best Results

As you learned: For straightening a bent penis, traction definitely gives the best results.

And when you do some of the stretching techniques together with regular correct traction, you can speed up your progress.


Penis exercises alone can be effective for some men. For most men they are just too laborious and too slow to give the desired results when used exclusively.

They may, however, help you to get faster results with your traction program.  And, you can use them very moderately for this. 5 - 10 minutes after traction will do it.

Penis exercises may also help you get much harder erection if you are suffering from weak erections.

If you have severe diabetes or generally bad circulation, they will probably be of little use for this. But, are worth a try!

The fact remains:

 99.99% of the time,
 there is no better or more effective way
 to straighten a bent penis
 than with a high quality traction device. *

*  The other 0.01% will usually require surgery.

Traction has simply been clinically proven to work Most Effectively and Most Safely.

Penis exercises can help accelerate your progress.

Now, again, when it comes to penile traction units, I have researched every single one of the 22 units I found available. And, I find the best ones, and the only ones I personally would (and have) used are Quick Extender Pro and X4 Labs.

penis exercises are not as effective as correct tractionX4 Labs

penis exercises or correct traction?Quick Extender Pro

You don’t need to get both of them. Either one will do the job.

There is nothing better available.

The Best Penis Exercise Program
I Have Found

The best and most effect penis "exercise" program I have found anywhere on the planet is the "Penis Health" penis exercises program

And, if you don't get results from their penis exercises, they offer you a full 6 month money back guarantee!

So here is what I have found to be the best solution to straightening a bent or curved penis of any kind:

“When you combine a few penis exercises with
correct traction, you will get the best and
fastest results possible!”

Be Well.....

~ William

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