Vaginismus Treatment!

It's Simple
If You Just Know How


Vaginismus treatment can usually be 100% effective, done at home, by the woman and her partner. And, it is really very simple. It just requires some patience and understanding.

What is

For those who are not sure what this conditions is:

It is the involuntary contraction of muscles around the opening of the vagina in women when no abnormalities have been identified during a doctor's examination. These tight muscle contractions make sexual intercourse painful or impossible.

Vaginismus is actually a genetic survival mechanism that protects a woman from vaginal damage.

The human body shuns pain. Pain is the way the body tells us something is wrong. We do our best to avoid pain because, genetically, our body knows pain means means physical injury or death.

This condition is not a disease .

It is simply a muscular reflex condition. A subconscious physical response.

So in reality, "vaginismus treatment" is really just a form a physical reconditioning.

"There is nothing mentally or physically wrong with a woman
who suffers with vaginismus."

Here's Why
It Develops

To understand how to perform effective vaginismus treatment it is first necessary to understand why a woman gets this condition.

Vaginal pain during the sexual act can create it. The worse the pain, and the more repeated the action(s) that caused that pain, the greater the chances are that the woman will develop this painful problem.

The woman's body experiences the pain during sex and does not want it. The reproductive organs are part of the human survival mechanism (survival of the species through procreation ).

A woman's vagina is a delicate structure. If the body feels it is threatened it will instinctively close off the opening (by muscular contraction) to protect it.

That's all this condition is.

It Is
NOT a Psychological Disorder

This is not a psychological problem that needs months or years of therapy.

It is a natural genetic physiological response to possible danger. That's all.

If your vaginismus treatment is to be effective, you must first understand all of that. Then getting rid of the pain during sex becomes much easier.

a Bent Penis
Can Cause This Problem

vaginismus and a bent penis
a bent penis can cause vaginismus
vaginismus from a bent penis

An erection that bends or curves too much can create this painful condition in a woman.

If the man's erection is severely bending, it can place unusual pressure on the vaginal wall and create definite pain. That pain can get worse over time.

Fortunately, it is very easy to fix a bent penis 99.999% of the time.

Straightening out the bend almost never requires surgery, drugs or any other invasive procedure.

And, if a bent penis is the cause of vaginismus, straightening it may be all that is required to remedy the condition.

Sexual intimacy is very important to a relationship. So, if a man has a severe bend that is possibly causing the problem, he must be responsible for straightening it out. And, he should remedy that problem as soon as possible.

Vaginismus Treatment

The very first step in vaginismus treatment is to know that your are OK. There is nothing wrong with you. Your body is simply reacting to a painful situation.

The second step in your personal vaginismus treatment program is to know that you can change this condition with a little proper understanding, gentle touching, and time.

The first thing your (or your partner's) vagina has to learn is that it is OK to be touched. And, that not everything is going to be a threat to survival and cause pain. That is true effective vaginismus treatment.

In fact, that is all the vagina has to learn. Almost no woman requires months or years of counseling. Let's be real. Not everything is so complicated.

If you understand how a body responds to pain, you can more than likely clear up this problem fairly quickly and easily.

If you don't really understand why a woman's body responds to pain like this, she may suffer from it forever. And, that is just not necessary.

Successful Vaginismus Treatment

successful vaginismus treatment

The above are all short statements. But, PLEASE, don't just skim over them. Be sure to read each one and understand it thoroughly. It will be the difference between success and failure with your vaginismus treatment program.

Please do not attempt the first step of releasing your (or your partner's) vagina until you fully understand everything you've read up until this point.

If you do not fully understand the material go back and read it again. And again. Read it 100 times if you have to. But, under it thoroughly. Then you will ready and able to make progress.

If you just plunge ahead because you want to move quickly and get results right away, you very well may fail and make the condition worse.

The First Step

This is what a practitioner will normally tell you first step is:

"It's OK to touch. In fact it is magnificent!

But, when touch is painful and injurious, the body and the entire being pull away. Or close off. And that is what vaginismus is.

The first thing the vagina has to learn during any type of vaginismus treatment, is that some kind of touch is OK.

It does not have to be penetration.

In fact, it should definitely NOT be penetration."

A Simple, Gentle Process

Here's what I was taught the most effective Vaginismus treatment is:

"Vaginismus treatment involves a woman just gently touching her body and getting used to the fact that that is OK.

Then she gently touches near and around the vaginal area until that brings no adverse physical response.

Then she gently touches the vagina itself until that is comfortable.

Then gentle finger penetration. First one. Then two. Then three fingers.

The goal is not reached in one day. It is important for the woman to take all the time she needs. Sometimes it takes only days. Other times weeks or months are required.

BECOMING COMFORTABLE with touch. That is the key to success!

Once a woman is comfortable with her own fingers, various size penetration devices are used, starting from small to the size of a full sized erection.

vaginismus treatment devices

Then a dildo. Or a few of different sizes. Very small first. Then, eventually, lifesize.

When all of that is comfortable, a gentle partner can try a gentle slow penetration.

Once she has achieved a comfortable penetration with her partner, she (and her body) will realize it is all OK. And wonderful! And the problem will no doubt diminish rapidly and most likely be gone forever!"

It Takes
Time, Caring and Patience

There's no rush here.

It will take her as long as it takes her.

Each step may take days or weeks to become comfortable. A woman should NEVER go forward until the current step is comfortable and causes no physical or mental disturbance.

It's her life. It's her happiness.

Moving ahead too quickly can SLOW or even halt her progress.

Every Situation is Unique

Vaginismus treatment requires time and patience. No two women progress at the same speed. So, each woman should be patient and wait until she is very comfortable and WANT to take the next step.

If she doesn't really want the next step, she is not ready to take it.

When she is ready, she will know, and the next step will be easy.

In time, her problem will seem to have melted away.

Be Well.....

~ William

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