If You Have a Urinary Tract Infection,
How Do You Know?

A urinary tract infection is usually not a great mystery.

There are a number of possible symptom including, but not limited to:

  • Pain or burning when urinating (the most common symptom)
  • A frequent urge to pee and only small amounts come out (this is also a symptom of prostate swelling)
  • A urinary tract infection may cause cloudy urine
  • Strong and/or bad smelling urine
  • Discolored urine: red, bright pink, brown or cola colored (an indication of blood)
  • Rectal or pelvic pain
  • Pain in one or both kidneys
  • Prostate pain or discomfort
  • Nausea and/or vomiting associated with the above symptoms

How Do You Know?

Most urinary tract infections are easy to diagnose by a medical doctor.

He will ask you to pee in a sterile cup (that he gives you) and he’ll look at it under a microscope. He may also send it out to a laboratory for further inspection.

What they look for is bacteria.

What Kind of Disease is It?

This is a HUGE topic. Especially now in today’s sexual environment. There are so very many diseases transmitted sexually (STDs).

And, women can get one in many more ways than men simply because of the structure of their anatomy.

Bacteria love to multiply fast in a warm wet environment.

The inside of the labia (vaginal lips) are a fairly large moist area. It is the perfect place for bacteria to take hold and breed. Inside the vagina is even better.

All a woman really needs to do is have her vaginal lips part where there are bacteria present and she is vulnerable.

Once the bacteria grow in there it is only a short skip and a jump over to the urethra. And another short hop into the bladder and kidneys.

In Men, Most are Sexually Transmitted

Urinary infections are much more common in women than men.

Not every urinary tract infection is sexually transmitted. But, in men, probably most are. And, make no mistake: Men get plenty of them! Mostly from sexual contact (intercourse).

Men who practice anal intercourse without a condom are especially susceptible to them.

There are so many different bacteria in most rectums that anal intercourse before vaginal intercourse will almost guarantee the woman a vaginal infection.

Hidden Carriers

Either men or women can also be “hidden carriers”.

That means, either may have the disease/problem, not know it, have no symptoms, and readily pass it on to his/her partner(s) who get terrible symptoms.

Some of these can be pretty evil diseases like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, HPV, etc.....


The only way you are going to prevent getting one from an infected partner is to not have sex. Using a condom is the 2nd best option, but not 100% sure.

The Simple Common Types

There is also just the plain common simple ones (though they may be very uncomfortable) that women often get. These include the vaginal type from yeast that can spread to the male partner’s urinary tract during intercourse.

The simple common ones are normally very easily cured with an antibiotic. I have known women who have cured the vaginal yeast type just by stuffing their vagina with plain yogurt for a couple of days.

If your partner has a vaginal infection of any kind, don’t have sex with her until she clears it up.

When Men Have No Symptoms

When a male partner catches one of these, he often may show no symptoms. He can then unknowingly transmit the disease right back to his female partner.

It becomes like infection ping pong.

This can make a woman think she has an incurable vaginal or urinary tract infection when in fact she just keeps getting it back, over and over again, from her asymptomatic partner who thinks he is “just fine”.

An asymptomatic male can pass the same vaginal and/or urinary tract infection to every other future female he meets if it is not cleared up.

Getting a Diagnosis

If you think you have a Urinary tract infection, go see a Urologist (they specialize in these things).

The common ones, as I said are usually very easy to clear up. Get the meds for your partner also so you don’t keep passing it back and forth.

Protecting Yourself

There are so darn many sexual diseases these days that it almost scares people to have sex! And rightly so. You don’t want to wind up with some incurable disease just for a night of fun.

Still, sexual activity and intercourse is a normal part of a healthy life for most adults.

So, here’s the way to stay as safe as possible. It’s simple. Not always easy in a moment of passion. But, simple:

- Have just one sexual partner who you know is clean. (you’ve both been test and found healthy)

- Don’t screw around randomly. This includes oral and anal sex.

- Keep good habits of sexual hygiene

- Wash and pee after sex (men and women!). This rinses your urethra out and cleans the surrounding areas.

- Don’t have sex with your partner when she gets a vaginal infection (which she most probably will more than once in her life)

- Don’t expose your genitals to possibly infected areas: massage tables, steam room benches, public toilet seats, etc...

Kidney and Prostate Problems

Many men think they have a prostate problem, when in fact what they really have is a urinary tract infection that has spread to their prostate gland.

A urinary tract infection may cause prostate problems such as infection, pain, and swelling.

These are prostate problems that can usually be cleared up simply and easily once the bacteria that causes them is killed off. If they are not treated they can go on for sometimes a very long time.

These can also be very painful and develop into more serious prostate problems later!

And, they can spread to the kidneys and cause some serious pain and problems there.

Stay Healthy!

Practice safe sex. If you have any suspicion that you have a urinary tract infection, go see a good Urologist. Get it taken care of.

Certain types of STDs can cause you greater sexual problems later in life. It’s best to play safe and stay clean.

Now you have learned, yeast and urinary tract infections are so common in women that a man who has a fine monogamous relationship can still wind up catching one from his wife/partner.

They’re not a crime or a sin. It’s part of life for most people. Sometimes they just seem to happen no matter how careful both of you are.

So, stay healthy and enjoy your sex life! And, if your wife winds up with one of these now and again, get yourself checked also, and treated if necessary, to make sure you both don’t keep passing a vaginal or urinary tract infection back and forth.

Be Well.....

~ William

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