The Best!

by Tom T.
(Ventura, CA)

This is the BEST site on the web for bent penis help and information!

I had suffered with a bent penis from Peyronie's Disease for almost 2 years. It seemed to happen for no reason. It just appeared and seemed to keep getting worse. The doctors said it may just go away by itself, but it did not. Surgery was what I was told I would need. I did not want to undergo surgery. That seemed like it had too many possible risks and consequences. But my sex life was all but ruined. It hurt for me to have intercourse and it hurt my wife. So we had to do other things. But, that was depressing.

I was so upset that I was ready to schedule a surgery.

But, something held me back from it. I started to do my own search in hopes of finding a better solution for fixing my problem. Or even a possible solution. And it just got more and more disheartening. Everything was pointing toward surgery or a permanently bent penis condition.

I found this site and it seemed to give me some hope. Everything you wrote made so much sense. Why did everyone else make it seem so complicated. I almost didn't believe it could be so easy to fix. But, it seemed worth a try.

I got one of the traction devices that you recommended. I got the full kit and it only cost me $389. IT WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT OF MY LIFE! Within weeks I noticed my erections looking straighter and straighter. And the pain when I got an erection was far less! You have no idea how happy I became. Or maybe you do! It was very exciting! I also started massaging with some pure Olive oil to help the skin be more supple. After just 3 months I had a good 50% improvement using only the traction device. And no more pain during erections! Intercourse became possible again. My wife and I cried with tears of Joy the first time we were together again!

It is now six months later and I now look pretty darn normal. You'd never even know I had a terribly bent penis! It's almost unbelievable how easy it was to fix!

William, My wife and I are eternally indebted to you!
And I don't know how to thank you enough.

Tom T. - Ventura, CA

William's Comment:

You are so welcome Tom! It's stories like yours that really inspire other men on to success and renewed sexual happiness.

Taking the necessary steps in such an emotionally depressing situation each day to make progress often takes huge determination and discipline. But, the efforts pay off. As they have for you and tens of thousands of other men just like you.

I try to stress this point to men who simply feel like giving up before they even try. And with a high quality traction device (as you said) you actually do see your bent penis straighten little by little, more and more, as the weeks go by. And that is SO exciting!

Congratulations Tom! And thanks again for being such an inspiration!

~ William

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