Will Only Come With
Patience and Persistence

penis straightening success

Success: "a successful performance or achievement"

Patience: "steadiness, endurance, or perseverance in the performance of a task"

Persistence: "to continue insistently"

reference: - Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Ed.

Sometimes I get letters from men saying their traction device just didn't seem to work for them.

They say, "Yes, my erections are no longer so painful", or, "Yes, it's a little straighter. But I really didn't get the results I had hoped for".

Successful Penis Straightening
Is Easy

But, it takes some time

When men tell me they did not have good success with their traction device, the first thing I do is ask these men 3 questions:

        1.   How long did you use your traction device?

        2.   How many days a week did you use it?

        3.   How long did you wear it each day?

"In EVERY case, the men who did not get good results
had either used their traction device less than a month, or,
used it just a couple of times a week for a few weeks, or,
used it less than a couple of hours each day."

What did they really expect to happen?

Persistence and Patience
Are the Keys to Success

If you are using a traction device, persistence and patience are King!

The best and most complete successes always come through repeated daily use for an ample length of time.

There are no shortcuts to achieving your desired results here! Those that follow the directions win. Those that don't always lose.

It's As Simple As Baking A Cake

Here's a very similar example for you:

Baking a cake.

Almost anyone can buy a box of cake mix, add the ingredients, stir it up, put it in the oven for the recommended amount of time at the recommended temperature AND get a pretty darn good cake. A successful job!

The same is true for penis traction.

Traction doesn't require a high IQ. But, you do need to follow the instructions and use it for the recommended amount of time.

Here's what will happen:

If you don't leave the cake in the oven long enough, all you get is a gooey mess that tastes pretty terrible.

If you don't use correct traction, even with one of the best devices in the world, you're not going to get a decently straight erection from it.

In fact:  I can absolutely guarantee that if you do not use your traction device long enough each day, for a sufficient number of days: you will fail to get the success you are looking for. I guarantee it.

It's just that plain and simple.

Correct Traction
The Safest and Most Effective
Method of Penis Straightening in the World

Some men take longer than others. But, those that stick with it always seem to get the results they wanted. Don't you wish everything in life worked that way?

Correct traction has been clinically proven to be effective for virtually EVERY bent penis condition known as Peyronies Disease.

Correct traction has been clinically proven to be:

  • Better
  • More effective
  • Safer

than any other method used for straightening a bent or curved penis.

"99.99% of the time,
straightening a bent penis
not require surgery, injections, or drugs."

The #1 Factor
for Success

It's very important to understand that no device will work if you don't use it correctly. Daily repetition is the most important factor to getting the results you want here.

Just occasionally using your traction device, or trying it once or twice, or for a week or two, is not going to get you the straight penis you want.

If you use it too aggressively, it won't help you either. You'll hurt yourself and then quit.

If you're not going to use the device properly, don't buy one. Don't waste your money.

But, if straightening your bent penis is important to you, correct use of a high quality traction device over a period of 4-12 months can give you fantastic, almost unbelievable results!

You will achieve these results without pain. And the results will be permanent! EVERY man I have ever spoken with, who used a high quality unit correctly, got the results he had hoped for. Every one.

It is the slow, gentle, constant day by day repetition that brings the best success!

What is
Your Biggest Obstacle?

Your biggest obstacle to attaining your straightening goal here is going to be impatience. We live in a society where instant gratification is required in almost every situation. How our bodies actually work, heal themselves, and grow is rarely ever explained to us.

We don't transform over night. Natural body changes take time.

This is definitely the case when it comes to straightening your erection SAFELY.

You didn't learn to walk in your first six months. You didn't learn to speak in a year. You didn't learn to read and write in your first three years.

So don't try to rush it! You'll only hurt yourself.

Everybody can do this for 2 weeks. Not every man lasts 2 months. The serious user will do this for as many months as it takes. But, believe me, after the first couple of months (the hardest part), when you start to see some real noticeable results happening, nothing will be able to stop you from continuing!

If you are like most men, with regular daily gentle traction, you can straighten your bending shaft safely and painlessly in just 4 - 12 months. If you think about it, that is actually pretty miraculous!

The Great Success Quote

Sometimes when we're in the beginning stages of transformation we can get a little discouraged with the seemingly slow speed of our progress. We can all get impatient.

So, here's one of the greatest quotes of all time, that have lead many men to achieving their desired goals.

I'm sure you've come across this great quote some time during your childhood education. It is from Calvin Coolidge, our 30th United States President:

"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan 'Press On'
has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

- Calvin Coolidge

Nothing is more true when it comes to straightening a bent pent. But, straightening your bending erection is not difficult. The only 'Press On' needed is to continue using the unit correctly day after day. And, that is easy to do.

It is extremely easy, as a matter of fact. And, EVERY man who I know who had the discipline to do so, got their desired result! Every one.

You can too.

What I Learned from
the Men Who Had
Penis Straightening Success

All the men I ever spoke to who were successful in straightening their cocks did these two things:

  1)  They were sure to get one of the highest quality penis traction devices available. It is just not worth risking permanent damage to your penis to save a hundred dollars.

The best units cost only about $100 more than the imitators copies. And, these high quality units are medically approved and physician recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

  2)  They used the device exactly as directed.

It's that simple!

Peyronies Disease is just a simple condition. It is not really a "disease". It seems horrible to you now. But, this is one of the easiest conditions to remedy if you do it correctly.

Your success is just around the corner! You can have a straightened cock that you can enjoy and be proud of again. You just have to be patient and persistent in using your traction device.

Be Well.....

~ William

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