Learn How To
Straighten A Bent Penis
Safest And Most Effective Way

If you want to straighten a bent penis, simple correct penile traction has proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method.

Yes, this means superior to surgery, injections, drugs, vitamins,....

how to straighten a bent penis
  • It’s medically endorsed and recommended

  • It will cost you less than $300

  • It works 99% of the time. Even on severely bent penises.

  • It comes with NONE of the surgical risks

I Know,
That Was Too Easy, Right?

That was too easy. Not difficult at all. Impossible!

"It must be more complicated than that to straighten a bent penis as bad as mine."

It that what you're thinking?

As horrifying as your penile bending may feel right now, no complicated, expensive, or risky treatments are necessary 99.99% of the time.

So, let’s get some details....

Your erections are horrible now. Am I right? Really grotesque. Possibly painful. And, probably kind of soft and weak. It’s a living nightmare. I know this personally. What the heck is happening??

And, here’s the common question:

“William, how could you treat the answer to this horrendous physical problem be so casually?”

Let me explain:

Is This Solution
Too Simple For you?

I'm going to be explaining why simple correct traction has proven the best way to straighten a bent penis 99.99% of the time.

First, I want to ask you a few questions:

I know, personally, how horrifying this problem is. I was mortified when it happened to me.

Reading about it didn’t help me at first because there were a lot of different opinions, redundant explanations, and what I eventually found to be false information about Peyronies Disease, and the common ways to straighten a bent penis, that frightened me.

I mean, it’s scary being told you have a horrible disease of unknown cause. Am I right?

And, the surgery did not appeal to me at all.

So, I decided to research everything I could find on how to straighten a bent penis.

You can sort through it all yourself if you like, as I did, over the next year or so. Or, you can read this article, digest the information, and see if it makes common sense to you. Because, one you full understand it, it becomes a common sense issue.


So, now, I'm going to ask you this:

Would you really rather read a lot of long laborious articles, with a lot of technical words and theory you don’t understand and have to look up, by men who never had Peyronies? And, then be confused by all the conflicting opinions? And, disturbed some very unpleasant options?

If that's what you enjoy, the material is easy to access on the internet.

Or, would you rather just know what the problem actually is, and, decide for yourself if you can straighten a bent penis simply, safely, and easily?

Your Bending is
Really Not As Horrible
As It Now Seems

Easy for me to say. Right?

Well, I was once right where you are now. In despair.

Why do we seem to like those really long technical explanations when we are about to spend a lot of money correcting a terrible problem? I think it’s because this often makes us feel that we are getting more for our money. True?

Lot’s of terminology. A lot of writing. Lots of mystery. Lots of nonsense. Like a good movie.

“But, this condition, is not complex.

It is not a disease.

And, it is easy to straighten a bent penis

99.99% of the time, by yourself,

with a simple medical grade device that you
can purchase for under $300.”

Not $3,000. Not $30,000 (like the newest treatment). Under $300.

The method, again, is called “Correct Penis Traction”. I want you to know about this method.

  • It’s clinically proven Safest and Most Effective.

  • It was developed by a penis surgery specialist.

Logically, isn’t that the best place to start?

When It Gets
Too Depressing

straighten a bent penis #2

Of course, the complicated articles should be quite extensive because your dick is a total disaster right now. It has destroyed your sex life. And, probably a good section of your sexual esteem.

And, don’t those long complicated articles, with terminology no one really seems to understand easily, make you feel that:  “Yes. I am really in a terrible place. It's going to be difficult and quite expensive to straighten a bent penis like mine."?

Has one of these articles ever cheered you up and made you feel a thousand times better??

Not me. And, I read them all. What a descending spiral of fear and depression...

You’ve been labeled with “Peyronies disease”. That’s serious. Right?


But, it feels very serious. I mean just look at what’s happening. Right?

It’s NOT A “Disease”

Peyronies “Disease”.

You didn’t even know you were ill, right?

Did you feel better hearing you have this “disease”, which is not actually a disease? I didn’t. And, I found out that is false information.

Then, when we start reading all this super technical information, we begin to think the way to straighten a bent penis must be very expensive and probably difficult. It only makes sense. Right?

If you’re like most of us, your mind may have started to go in very miserable directions. Have you been thinking:

“Is there a cure?”

"Can I really straighten a bent penis?"

“Will I ever get a decent erection again?”

“Will I become one of the unfortunate men who become impotent?”

“Will my insurance cover the cost?”

On, and on, and on, and on........ The tunnel gets darker and deeper....

Are you sweating again now?

Believe me, you’re not alone. Most of us experienced the exact same journey.

The Truth Is:
99.99% Of The Time
It’s Easy To Straighten A Bent Penis

Yes. 99.99% of the time.

I know. Your bend seems so horrible that you think you must be one of the 0.01%. Right? I mean it’s an awful hideous bend.

You may be right. But, that’s not likely. Even if your bend is truly severe.

Correctly done, it is easy to straighten a bent penis Safely and Easily 99.9% of the time. Even the severely bending ones. The key words there are, “correctly done”.

Here Are The Facts

Here’s the fact of the matter on a bent penis caused by Peyronies “disease”.

“A bent penis caused by Peyronies disease
is one of the simplest and easiest
conditions to reverse.

If you do it correctly.”

Yes. Simple and Easy.

I know. It looks horrible. At the moment you may think I’m oversimplifying.

You tried bending your erection straight and the bend felt as strong as steel (not very encouraging...). Your cock doesn’t function properly any more. It’s super embarrassing. It’s incredibly depressing.

Now I’m going to tell you why I’m not over simplifying the situation, and, why it is normally not difficult to straighten a bent penis. Even a severely bending one.

Here’s ALL that Peyronies bending is:

A bending erection caused by Peyronies “disease” is caused by some hardening tissue inside your shaft that doesn’t allow part of your erectile chambers to stretch normally when you get an erection.

It’s just some hard stiff tissue. That’s all.

Take a look at this diagram:

why you can straighten a bent penis caused by peyronies disease

That’s ALL it is.

That’s all.

What you see there is not, I repeat, NOT a disease at all.

Why Is Peyronies Called
A “Disease”

So, why is this bending called a “disease”.

The answer is simple and easy to understand:

peyronies disease, straighten a bent penis

This misnomer happened way back in 1743 when a man by the name of Francois de la Peyronie discovered what was causing this penile bending in many men during mid life.

Back in the mid 1700s, the medical system was just beginning to codify everything.

Anyone who found a solution to a physical problem of any kind usually had the “cure” named after himself. Hence: Francois de la Peyronie’s Disease. See? Later the apostrophe, and the first name, was dropped.

It’s that simple. Really.

“A misnomer that has since caused
hundreds of thousands of men, just like us,
needless suffering and despair.”

This Is NOT A Disease

Now, forget the name for a moment.

This is going to be a major relief for you:

Peyronies penile bending is simply: a bent penis caused by some hardened internal (usually scar) tissue.

Now, tell me this:

Is the scar on your hand, or your face, or your foot a “disease”?


Well, neither is this.

It’s just a scar.

Please, let that sink in. It’s just a scar. Just a scar.

Are you feeling a considerably better now?

I hope so.

Did The Scar Come From?

“What scar? I never cut my dick.”

This is where the “mystery” of this “disease” comes from.

I’ll explain:

At anytime in your life, even back in your teens, did you ever have a really great erection that you bent a little?

Like coming out of your partner’s vagina, during some intense passion, then ramming it back in and you missed?

Was there ever that big “ouch” when this happened?

Any experience like this?

That “ouch” was a tiny tear on one or more of your erectile chambers.

erectile chambers and peyronies disease

If you are like most of us, you both laughed and went back about your passion almost immediately.

You never saw it. It didn’t bruise or visibly bleed. It seemed very insignificant, and, made a great story to tell during happy hour at work. Am I right?

Here’s What Happened
Inside Your Shaft

That little tear healed, as all wounds do, with a scar.

“But, that was 20 or 30 years ago.”

Yes. That’s where the so called mystery comes in. “No one knows the cause...” NONSENSE.

The reason your are bending 20 or 30 years after the injury is simple:

About 5% of men will have their scars harden in mid life.


Genetics. Or, long term lack of certain nutrients.

“We’re the 5%
that get the ‘mysterious’ erection bending ‘disease’. ”

All the other guys never have a problem with these tiny tears and injuries at all.

Is It Just In My Penis?”

It’s not.

Your other scars harden the same way. They just don’t need to stretch like your cock does during erection. So, you don’t even notice your other scars.

But, the one(s) inside your shaft... They are now creating your nightmare.

That’s ALL this condition (not disease) is about. And, 99.99% of the time, as horrible as it may seem, it’s no big deal.

Here’s why:

It’s So Very Easy
Straighten A Bent Penis
99.99% Of The Time

If you’re with me this far, here comes the good part:

99.99% of the time, it’s easy to straighten a bent penis caused by this hardened tissue.

That explanation above that you just read explains why this condition can be handled so easily.

But, if you like, you can straighten a bent penis with a risky surgery that costs between $7,000 and $16,000. A surgery that may leave you impotent. Swell right?

“Correct traction and penile surgery are the
only two

medically endorsed and recommended methods

successfully straighten a bent penis.”

Yes, these are the only two proven medically endorsed and recommended methods to straighten a bent penis.

Other methods to straighten a bent penis are tried sometimes. These include:  injections, drugs, vitamins... And, these are not cheap.

In the clinical trials, however, these other methods used to straighten a bent penis either fail or have given only 35% straightening at best. That’s at best. And, then "only to certain types of cases".

These other treatments can cost you up to $30,000, Yes, thirty thousand dollars.

Talk about making a depressing situation worse....

Up Until 1994
Surgery Was The Only Method
Proven Effective

Up until 1994, surgery was the only proven treatment to straighten a bent penis.

Then, in 1994 a penile surgery specialist named Dr, Jorn Ege Siana invented a device to keep a man’s shaft straight after surgery.

straighten a bent penis

His was the first penis traction device used to straighten a bent penis. And, it is the design still used today.

Dr. Siana then found with just the device alone he could actually straighten a bent penis. No surgery.


He Could Now Straighten A Bent Penis


no surgical risks.

That changed everything when it came to how we could effectively straighten a bent penis.

As you just learned:

One of the best devices in the world today can be purchased for under $400.

Yes, under three hundred dollars for one of the best straightening devices in the world.

Is Surgery Still Used
Straighten a Bent Penis?

Yes. And, sometimes very effectively.

Why do some men still use surgery to straighten a bent penis?

There are a number of reasons, I’m sure.

  -  Some men like surgery. It’s expensive and you get a lot to talk about over cocktails... Also, much female sympathy.

  -  Some men only know about surgery.

  -  And, surgery can work very well. If everything goes right. Your erections will be nicely straight again. But, there are some pretty hideous possible side effects that you will risk. That’s the risk. Is that a chance you want to take?

Why Correct Penis Traction Is
The #1 Method

With correct traction:

  • First, and most important: You have NONE of the possible surgical side effects

  • You can spend under $300 and get one of the best penile traction devices in the world

  • You have no down time

  • If you’re not satisfied you can get your money back *

        *  with the devices I found best

  • You can always do a surgery later if you want to

And, correct traction can help 99.99% of men with Peyronies “disease”.

So, here’s the important question:

“What makes the most sense to try first?”

I don’t think it takes a genius to figure this one out. Do you agree?

Which Method Makes The Most Sense
Try First?

Let’s think about it:

Of all the medically endorsed and recommended methods to straighten a bent penis, only correct traction and surgery have proven to truly work.

Not partially work like many other various methods. But, really work effectively.

The only real proven choice is limited to these two methods. It’s a personal decision.

1)   If you’ve already tried one of the other lesser methods to straighten a bent penis, that only give partial results at best, and you are not happy, surgery and correct traction are still available to you.

2)   If you are unhappy with traction, surgery is still an option.

3)   If you’ve already had the surgery, and, you are experiencing one of the serious horrible possible surgical side effects, traction will not help you now.

What makes the most sense to you to try first?

My Own Experience

OK. Here’s my own story. Simply: I was traumatized.

But, cutting up my shaft was not appealing.

straighten a bent penis without penis surgery

Traction was the only other real choice to straighten a bent penis successfully.

I tried traction first.

I never needed the surgery.

I don’t know anyone who used traction correctly and needed the surgery later either.

Before You Buy
Traction Device

Now, if you’ve made the decision to try traction out, before you jump on line to purchase your device, let me give you one very important caution:

Don’t buy a cheap piece of junk.

I know. You wouldn’t do that intentionally. But, it’s so easy to get misled by the clever advertising of many companies.

Here’s the problem you’ll face:

All these traction devices look pretty much alike in the advertising. Am I right? Have you looked already?  Pretty much same same. Right.

Except the price. $89 - $495.

So, what’s the difference? Are you being ripped off at $300 or $495?

Not necessarily.

The difference is quality of materials and construction.

Don’t Hurt Yourself

There are many manufacturers making these devices, and there are lots of choices. Too many.

I’ll explain this:

Penile traction devices are very popular.

Not just because they are the best devices in the world to straighten a bent penis. But, because they can also add permanent length and width to your shaft.

Yes. Use them correctly and long enough and your cock will get bigger. And, the results are permanent.

Since these devices are bought 20 for enlargement to 1 for straightening, there are a lot of young men, with limited funds, willing to buy the cheap ones.

Please:  Don’t take that risk.

As you now know, some of the very best devices in the world can be had for under $400. Any man can afford the very best here.

Don’t risk your entire sexual future with some piece of junk. You want to straighten a bent penis. Not mess it up further. Take care of yourself properly. You are worth it. You’ll never regret it.

Here’s What You Risk
Cheaply Made Devices

If an inferior product breaks while you are wearing it, and it punctures your shaft, was it really worth the $100 - $200 savings?


penis traction with a poorly made device

If a cheap attachment strangles the tip of your shaft and bursts the blood vessels there, turns it permanently purple, and reduces your sensation dramatically, was it worth the savings?

Of course not.

You want to straighten a bent penis in the safest most effective way. Not mess it up further.

Buy only a high quality unit made with medical grade materials. You’ll never regret it.

Which One Did I Choose?
And, Why?

Every man needs to make his own decision on what he thinks will be the best way to straighten a bent penis.

So, what did I choose? And, why?

As I mentioned, surgery to straighten a bent penis did not appeal to me at all.

Traction was my choice. It was a toss up between two manufacturers.

In my own case, Safety was the most important criteria. Second, was how fast the job could be done.

Out of the 23 different units out there (by my last count), only two manufacturers meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These are the devices made by Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Both these manufacturers make top quality devices with medical grade materials. And, both give you a full money back guarantee if you don’t get good results.

I liked them both. You don’t need both. Either one will do the job as well as the other.

I think you’ll find it worth the time to click on those two links and read all about both companies products. Then you decide what you think is best.

It is Easy
Straighten A Bent Penis
99.99% Of The Time

As you now know, to straighten a bent penis effectively, there are only two proven methods that are medically endorsed and recommended:

  • Correct traction
  • Surgery

Nothing else has proven to do a truly effective job.

Surgery, when the outcome is positive, does a very fine job. But, surgery comes with some pretty ugly and horrible possible side effects. Including impotence, lack of sensation, and the inability to orgasm. It’s also expensive. In the $7,000 - $19,000 range.

Correct traction:

  • Has none of the surgical side effects

  • Has no down time

  • Is very inexpensive. Even for one of the best devices in the world, under $300.

  • Takes longer than surgery.

  • Will guarantee your results or your money back *

*  Not every device manufacturer guarantees your success. The two companies I like best, mentioned above, do.


Of the only two truly successful medically endorsed and recommended methods used to straighten a bent penis, Correct Penis Traction has proven to be Safest and Most Effective.

Correct traction is also amazingly inexpensive. Any man can afford to use it.

straighten a bent penis successfully
straighten a bent penis successfully #2
straighten a bent penis successfully #3

Be Well.....

~ William

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