Richard's Story

by Richard P.
(Miami, FL)

Dear Sir,

I was 12 days away from surgery I had scheduled to correct my bent penis when I discovered your website. It startled me! I read your materials over and over again for the following 3 days.

I was nervous, to say the least, about the surgery. I am from a medical family and I knew the possible risks and complications and was not at all comfortable with any of those possibilities. None the less, my bent erections were making intercourse impossible for my wife and myself. So I was set for a go.

On the 4th day your information caused a change of heart. I decided to postpone the surgery and give your penis traction method a try. Normally I would never do something like this, but the solid medical backing impressed me sufficiently enough to give it a go. If it didn't work, surgery was still available. I purchased the entire kit from a link on your site for about $400. It arrived promptly and seemed to be a well made device.

I could make this a very long tale, but let me just say that was a year ago. And it was not a fast process. But it did not take too terribly long either before I began to see some results. So I continued.

It took me a total of 8 months to straighten my penis to where it looked normal to my eyes. I have not used the device for the last four months and my erections remain straight and strong. To my delight, they actually seem to be a bit stronger than before the whole bent penis disaster occurred!

I am also $9300 richer! For that is the amount I saved on the surgery over the price of the traction device.

Warmest Regards and My Deepest Thanks!

Richard P. - Miami, FL

William's Comment:

Thank you Richard for you letter! I know it will inspire many men who are hesitant to try traction.

Every sane man has some degree of trepidation when it comes to slicing his penis open! And justifiably so. The possible side effects can be devastating! Yes, surgery can be successful. But, are the possible risks really necessary? And is the cost really necessary?

And yet there are those who hesitate trying traction first because they are afraid of losing the $400 the unit costs. That doesn't seem to make sense when these same men will contemplate a $9000 surgery for their bent penis. I think it's because we all seem to accept surgery as a routine thing these days when it actually is not. It is always a serious matter. Especially when anesthesia is involved.

And as you point out, surgery is always still an option if safe correct traction fails (and I personally don't know of a single case where it ever has).

I personally think it is always wise to try those things that have the least risk first. Especially when the least risky method has the highest percentage of possible success and is now medically endorsed in 29 countries world wide.

And that is why this site is here. To help educate men in how simple it can be to correct a bent penis 99.99% of the time. And letters like yours, Richard, are really an inspiration! Thank you again for writing and sharing your story.

Warm Regards, ~ William

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