Can You
Reverse Erectile Dysfunction
Caused By

Peyronies Disease?

reverse erectile dysfunction

Can you reverse erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies disease?

In most cases: YES!

And, it is normally very easy to do.

Erectile Dysfunction
Every Man’s Nightmare

ED is every man’s bad dream. We all fear it. And, most of us have experienced it at least once in a sexual situation.

That’s NORMAL!

That’s right. There’s nothing wrong with you if once in a while it just isn’t working. That’s normal and just the way things happen sometimes.

Fear of this happening can cause temporary ED all by itself. Ironic, isn’t it?

But, if you are now having a chronic problem getting a decent erection because your penis is bending, can you reverse erectile dysfunction?

“If your ED was caused by your bent penis condition,
you’ll be happy to learn

that it’s usually

very easy to reverse erectile dysfunction in this situation.”

One Of
The Easiest Types Of ED

To Correct

It is possible to reverse erectile dysfunction from many causes.

The ED caused by a severely bent penis is normally one of the easiest to reverse.


Because: Once you straighten out your erections, your ED is probably going to disappear “like magic”. Yes, that's usually all it takes to reverse erectile dysfunction of this kind.

ED can be caused by a wide variety of things. It is not always easy to reverse erectile dysfunction. And, some men will not be able to reverse erectile dysfunction because the cause has progressed too far.

If it came from physical degeneration, the ability to reverse erectile dysfunction may take a long time, or, it may be impossible.

If it came from emotional trauma, you may be able to reverse erectile dysfunction in an hour, or, it may take months. It depends on how quickly you can release the emotion.

If your ED came from malnutrition (lack of essential nutrients) it may take weeks or months to reverse erectile dysfunction. Or, possibly longer.

From sexual overindulgence, it may take days or weeks.

Are you getting the idea?

How long it takes to reverse erectile dysfunction, and if it is possible, depends on the cause and the severity of the situation. Some men will never be able to reverse erectile dysfunction at all.

But, there are a large multitude of men who suffer from ED needlessly. They just don’t know what to do for their particular situation.

This is normally the case for men who have developed a bent penis due to Peyronies “disease”....

“If your ED is a result of Peyronies “disease”,

once you straighten that bend,

you’ve removed the cause,

and things should get back to normal.

Even before you are completely straight.”

The Biggest Mistake
You Can Make

Usually, healthy men who develop a severely bent penis think the ED that often follows soon after is a brand new problem.

That’s mostly not true.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately for some of these men, they often result to stimulants to reverse erectile dysfunction. And, wind up destroying their health.

The biggest mistake many men make at this time is resorting to sexual stimulants.

Be they drugs, medications, herbal formulas, etc.... This is not the time to start taking sexual stimulants.


First,  if your body is normal in all other respects, why risk the possible serious side effects of sexual stimulants? These stimulants don't actually reverse erectile dysfunction. They just power you through it. For a while.

Do you know that most men who have heart attacks from the stimulants they used to reverse erectile dysfunction, never knew a serious side effect could happen to them? Oh yeah, other guys, sure. But, not THEM....

In every case of ED, finding the cause and eliminating it, is the safest and healthiest approach to regaining your sex life, and, the safest and most effective way to reverse erectile dysfunction.

If your recently developed bent penis caused your ED, getting rid of the bend should reverse erectile dysfunction.

And, do you know what? That’s what really happens for most men in this situation.

Secondly,  in all honesty, what good is a hard cock going to do you if it’s bent at a 90 degree angle?

Am I right?

You can’t use an erection like that anyway. You need to get it straight again.

Forget About
Sexual Stimulants

to reverse erectile dysfunction

sexual stimulants

Sexual stimulants have their place. I personally do not agree with using them at all. Especially to reverse erectile dysfunction when a man has Peyronies.


Because a healthy normal body never needs them. Unless you are trying to overindulge. And, that’s a stupid habit to get in to.

If you have erection problems because of a bent penis, believe me, sexual stimulants are not for you.

The reason is:

"If a bent penis has caused your ED,

straightening your penis will almost always

reverse erectile dysfunction caused by your bending.”

Be smart. Take the best care of your health that you possibly can. That way you will keep it much longer.

Sexual Stimulants
Make Your System Progressively Weaker


They seem to strengthen it, don’t they? They are supposed to reverse erectile dysfunction. Right? I mean, you can have lots more sex. Isn't that true?

Here’s what’s really happening:

With sexual stimulants you are beating a tired horse. Each time you do that you weaken it. Beat it long enough to make it perform and it will lay down and die. So will your erections.

You never heard of a teenager needing these things. Using them, yes they do. But, need them to perform? Never.

Reverse erectile dysfunction? For a while stimulants may. And, they can also eventually lead to a much more serious chronic form of ED. As well as other serious health damage.

Be smart. Just forget about them.

Peyronies Is A Developed Condition
It Is NOT A “Disease”

This is such an important point.

“Peyronies disease is NOT ‘disease’.”

That’s the statement that confuses most men. And, this is the usual question:  “A disease that’s not a disease? Please explain...”

Francois Gigot de la PeyroineFrancois Gigot de la Peyronie

OK. Here’s how the whole misleading name problem came about:

With Peyronies you have no illness. None at all.

So, why is it called a “disease”?

It is called a “disease” because it was named way back in 1743 when a man by the name of Francois Gigot de la Peyronie discovered what was making so many men’s penises curve in mid life.

Yes, way back in 1743.

Why is It Labeled A “Disease”?

Well, the mid 1700s was just about the time that modern western medicine was beginning to be codified. Made orderly. Being arranged into a system.

Everything needed a specific name. Virtually every disease and unacceptable condition was branded and labeled a “disease”.

Now, here’s why this bending is just a condition:

Very simply, this condition is the result of some tissue (usually a small internal scar) that hardened later in life.

That hardened tissue is on one or more of the erectile chambers. It prevents that part of the chamber from stretching properly during erection and it causes the erection to bend in it’s direction.

It’s just that simple. Really.

reverse erectile dysfunction, a bent penis caused by peyronies disease

Multiple scars can cause multiple bends.

Here’s what you need to understand about this internal hardening scar tissue:

This hardened scar tissue is no more a “disease” than the scar on your hand, face, foot, or anywhere else on your body.

“Your other scars

don’t need to stretch as much

as your erectile chambers stretch during erection.
So, your other scars, that harden just as much,
cause you no problem at all.”

This is why Peyronies is a condition, pure and simple. Not a disease, as the name implies.

Yes, this bend can and does cause ED for many men. Yes, it can and it does. And, as you probably know, it's depressing. But, as you are learning, to reverse erectile dysfunction of this type, it is usually very simple and easy. Now, that's good news!

Here's the
Very Very Good News

Here’s the good news all together:

  • Peyronies is NOT a “disease”

  • With Peyronies nothing is really wrong with you

  • Your supremely disturbing bend is easy to straighten 99.99% of the time

  • 99.99% of the time you don’t need surgery, injections, or drugs to straighten a bent penis

  • ED caused by a bent penis usually resolves once the erections are straight again

  • It's just a hardened scar. Stretch that scar out enough and your erections will be straight again.

Are you feeling some relief?

I hope so.

If you were having healthy erections before your bending became severe, you will probably be able reverse erectile dysfunction caused by PD simply by straightening your shaft out again.

Now I will explain how simple, easy, and inexpensive that straightening can be 99.99% of the time. And, the method is both medically endorsed and recommended.

How Do We Do That?

There are only two methods proven to effectively straighten a bent penis:

  • Surgery

  • Correct Traction

That’s it! EVERY other method has proven either useless, or, only up to 35% effective, at best.

So, if you are serious about a straightening method, here are the differences between surgery and correct traction:

With Surgery,  they will cut the scar out, resew the chamber, shorten the other side so it expands evenly. If everything goes well, there you have it! Penis straightening with surgery.

penis surgery

The cost?  $7,000 - $19,000.

The possible risks of this type of surgery?

Here they are (well, these and possibly others):

  • Impotence, yes impotence. Your cock would have been be straight during erection. But, you can't get a decent erection. But, now you can’t get. Lovely.... did that reverse erectile dysfunction for you?
  • A shorter penis

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to attain a decent erection

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Infection

  • Scarring that leads to future penile bending

  • Urinary problems

Does it sound like a winner?

Not to me.

With Correct Traction,  to me the major benefit is you have none of the surgical risks. None. That to me was the most important factor.

Secondly, the cost is under $400. Even for one of the best devices in the world.

reverse erectile dysfunction, penis traction device

The process is totally noninvasive.

wearing a penis traction device

You simply wear a high quality device day after day, under your clothing while you go about your normal activities, until you are comfortably straight again.

“With correct traction
you have none of the surgical risks.”

What Is Medically Recommended?

Both of these methods are medically endorsed and recommended.

It’s a personal decision.

“But, they are so different. Why would both be recommended?”

Good question.

This type of penile surgery has been around for a long time. Correct traction was only developed in 1994 by a penile surgery expert named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

"Before 1994,
surgery was the only medically recommended method
proven to straighten a bent penis."

Now, you have a choice. Both methods work. They are the only two medically recommended methods proven to work effectively.

The difference is:  One has the potential to mess your sex life up all together, and it will cost you a small bundle. The other does not.

You want to reverse erectile dysfunction. I don't think anyone wants to risk making it worse if they don't have to.

Was My Most Important Consideration

Of course we all want to use a straightening method that we know is going to work.  proven method. Of ALL the medically recommended methods, only surgery and correct traction have proven to be truly successful.

So which one did I personally choose?

And, why did I choose that method?

To me, Safety was the most important consideration when making my personal choice.

When I was considering what to do, this was my thought process:

If just one of the two proven methods:

  • Costs less than $300. Many thousands of dollars less than the other method.

  • Is also medically endorsed

  • Gives you a money back guarantee

  • Has none of the possible surgical risks

Which one make the most sense to try first?

Here’s was another decisive thought for me:  If correct traction doesn’t work, I can always resort to surgery later.

On the other hand, if I tried surgery first, and, I was one of the unfortunate ones, and the surgery left me without sensation, or, even impotent, traction could do nothing to help me with that later on.

To me, that made the choice obvious.

Again, it’s a personal choice.

What's most important right now is:  What make the most sense to you?

Be Sure To Use
Only A High Quality Device

If like me, you decide to use traction because safety is very important to you, this is very important:  With a poorly made device, you risk serious injury.

There are a large number of different devices out there right now. 23 by my last count. They don’t all work alike. They are not all built equally well.

Unfortunately, to the inexperienced person, they all look alike in the advertisements.

Why The Choice
Can Be So Difficult

The reason there are so many penile traction devices is that these very same medically endorsed and recommended devices can make your cock bigger.

Yes, really. You can add permanent size.

In today’s “politically correct language”, these devices are often called “male enhancement” devices. “Penis enlargers” is also a term used. And, yes, they can do that quite effectively.

Now, a manufacturer usually sells twenty of these for enlargement compared to selling just one sold for straightening. 20 to 1.

Can you see why so many companies are selling them? And, marketing them primarily as “Enlargers”.

If a young insecure man thinks he can get a bigger dick for $100 - $300, can you imagine how many are sold?

But, make no mistake, the high quality devices are the best penis straightening devices available in the world today.

The Main Problem
with many traction devices

The problem we all face in choosing is:  Many of the devices advertised are just not top quality.

I found, and still find:  Poor materials. Poor workmanship. This is so they can be sold cheaply.

If one of these inferior devices breaks on your shaft, you can sustain serious permanent injury.

Here's something very interesting:  Even the very best penis traction devices are quite inexpensive.

As you already learned, you can get one of the best devices in the world for under $400. You can also find a disaster waiting to happen for about $100. Is saving $100 - $200 worth that risk? I don't think so. Any man can afford to have, and deserves to have, the best here.

Please, don't gamble with your one and only penis.

My Own Personal Choices

As you now know, choosing is not easy if you have no experience with these devices.


Because, as you may have discovered for yourself, they all look alike in the advertisements.

Believe me, they are not.

Sadly, out of the 23 available devices out there, only two manufacturers met all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These two companies are Quick Extender Pro and Pro Extender.

  • Both these companies use medical grade materials

  • Both are rated as Class 1 Medical Devices

  • Both these companies will guarantee your success or your money back

You don’t need both.

Either one will do the job in the best possible way.

Please, take a few minutes to click on those two links and read all about both companies products. Then you decide which you think is best.

It’s Usually Very Easy
Reverse Erectile Dysfunction
Caused By A Bent Penis

Erectile dysfunction can be a nightmare.

OK. It is a nightmare to those who experience it. Am I right?

And, there are many causes for ED.

Can you reverse erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis?

Normally, yes. It is usually very easy to reverse erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies "disease".

“If your erection problem

was caused by your rather recently bent penis,

the dysfunction usually resolves itself

once you straighten yourself out.”

As far as straightening goes:  99.99% of the time, there’s no longer any reason to use different kinds of expensive and often risky straightening methods. Especially methods that give only marginal results at best.

Of the only two medically endorsed and recommended methods proven to straighten a bent penis, correct traction has proven to be the Safest and Most Effective.

Reverse erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies? For most men, it should now be a piece of cake!

Be Well.....

~ William

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