Peyronies Disease

- it's not really a disease -

peyronie's is not a disease

Peyronies “Disease” can just plain scare the bejesus out of a man and cause him some very severe depression.

The reason is, when a man suddenly develops a bent penis most men just don’t really know what is happening to them. And, it’s frightening!

This severe bending can greatly affect a man’s sex life and sexual self esteem.

But, don’t worry.

"99.99% of the time,
a curved or bent penis is very easy to fix."

Why Is Peyronie's Called A “Disease”
It Is Not a Disease At All?

Here’s all that Peyronies is:

Peyronies condition is simply:  Scar and/or fibrous plaque formation inside your shaft on one or more of your erectile chambers that can not expand with the rest of your erection. The scar/plaque pulls your erection in it’s direction(s) when your shaft is expanding into it's erection.

peyronies disease, what is it?

It is that simple!

Peyronies is a very simple condition that, 99.99% of the time, is very easy to correct. if you do it correctly. However, it can be frustratingly impossible and emotionally damaging if you do it wrong.

Peyronies is not a “disease”
any more than a scar on your hand or face is a disease.

It is simply a condition. That is ALL it is. A condition that was defined by Francois De La Peyronie back in 1743.

That is why Peyronies is still called a “disease”.

Back then, when medicine was still organizing, everything was still pretty much named after who ever figured it out.

More correctly it should have been called Peyronies’ Condition (because he discovered what was causing the penis to be bent and it was his claim to fame).

So, for the remainder of this article we will just call it Peyronies. There is no “disease” here.

I Want You to Understand the Simplicity

and how easy it is to fix!

As you have learned, this severe bending you developed is just a scar tissue problem. That’s it.

AND, the word “disease” puts such a stigma and horror feel to the whole situation. It makes us feel terrible, scared, and depressed. Right? Is that true for you too?

"But, this condition

(as horrible and hideous as it looks, and as painful as it may feel)

will be really no big deal if you take the time to fix it correctly."

You don’t catch Peyronies. It’s not like the plague, tuberculosis, or even a common cold. Those are diseases.

It is a condition. You didn’t catch it. No one will catch it from you.

Like a sprain, a broken bone, or any type of scar you have after a cut or surgery.

With Peyronies you have scar and/or plaque formation in your shaft that needs to be softened and stretched out.

So, let’s see how this is done.

Your Erections Are Bending

Scarring is Nature’s way of making an area stronger after a cut so that the tissue in that spot will not be so easily damaged again.

If you think about it, it’s just genius.

Like if you get a blister from new shoes, you put a band aid over it so you can keep on walking in those shoes.

The band aid is strong and thick and protects the skin beneath it.

Soon those new shoes cause a callous to form there. Nature is strengthening and protecting the area.

A scar is similar. It is stronger and tougher than normal tissue. It also has fibrous elements that enhance it’s strength (like the steel belts inside of rubber car tires).

Because the scar is so tough it does not have much elasticity (stretchability).

So as your very stretchable penis is expanding into an erection, the scar is not stretching with the rest of the tissue.

In any other part of your body this would make no real difference.

But, because your cock expands so much during erection, this scarring/plaque causes this terrible unpleasant and sometimes very painful bending.

Again, don’t worry. 99.99% of the time it is easy to fix. WITHOUT surgery or drugs.

I Want You
Try This Out

Here’s a perfect comparison you can do to understand what is going on inside of your body:

Try this:  Take a long balloon and put a small piece of duct tape in the middle of it. Not all the way around. Just enough so it is like a small patch would be on a tire.

Now blow the balloon up.

What did you see happen?

The balloon inflated, but where the unstretchable tape is, the balloon bent in that direction.

That’s what’s happening inside of your shaft on one or more of your erectile chambers (the balloon-like chambers inside your shaft that fill with blood and give you an erection).

The hard scar(s) inside your penis is just like that hard piece of tape. That is all that it is. It’s really that simple.

The difference is, those scars can be stretched out and softened up so that they stretch far enough to pretty much keep up with the rest of your erection.

When that happens, the scars will still be there, but they will be flexible and soft enough to let your cock form a nice useful, comfortably straight erection.

And no one will ever know or even suspect you ever had a problem.

AND, you can have you normal sex life back again!

It's Really
Not A Medical Problem

This condition is really not a medical problem. That is why traditional medicine so often does not effectively remedy it.

It is a mechanical problem. Part of your erectile chambers do not stretch properly during erection.  Due to some hardened tissue. That's all.

Unless you get the scarred areas to soften and stretch like rest of your tissue, the condition will never go away.

The only really effective and safe way to do this is with a proper stretching technique.

If you try using random pulling and stretching you will probably get no real results OR you may damage your cock even further and have it bending in multiple directions.

Here is The Cause
This Horrible Bending Problem

The only reason you have a bending problem now is that some time ago you injured your shaft.

Without doubt it was while you had an erection and you bent it too much either by vigorously missing the vagina during rough or “inspired” sex, or something you did similarly during masturbation.

It never happens when the cock is soft and flaccid. Right?

How the injury happened is unimportant. It happened. Now it's causing a problem. And, now you want to fix it.

What makes the Peyronies condition seem like such a mystery is that the condition can turn up 10, 20 or 30 years after the injury because as we age our bodies do things differently.

And, scar thickening and plaque formation are two of the things that can happen as we age.

That’s why you may have had a small scar there after the trauma when you were younger. And still your erections were normal.

“Suddenly” the scar thickened and/or plaque formed and now you have a severely curved or bent penis.

Fixing a Bent Penis
Is Easy!

It’s easy to fix Peyronies bending 99.9% of the time if you do it right. Even if your erection seems too horrible, ugly, and painful to you right now.

That is what this entire website is devoted to.



All you need to do is take some correct action.

If you’re like 99.99% of other men with a Peyronies bending, you can get yourself back to normal simply and easily in a very short time. Without a risky surgery, injections, or drugs!

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Be Well.....

~ William

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