A deformed penis
caused by peyronies disease

does not
have to be permanent

the peyronies disease deformed penis

The Peyronies deformed Penis

A deformed penis (bent penis) caused by Peyronies Disease can cause a man a great amount of mental anguish. This is only natural.

We all take a certain amount of pride in our bodies and our sexuality. The most important thing to know when you get a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease is: your erection is only bent or deformed because of some new scar tissue and/or fibrous plaque formation inside your penile shaft.

That is what is not allowing your shaft to stretch properly and get a straight erection.

HOWEVER:  A deformed penis caused by Peyronies Disease does not have to be permanent.

The Truly Deformed Penis

A bent penis caused by Peyronies disease is not a true "deformed penis". A penile shaft that is actually deformed is one that has a malformation due to a birth defect, tumors, cancer or an injury that changed the actual physical shape and characteristic of the penis.

Although the bent erection you experience with Peyronies disease gives you a deformation, the actual structure of your shaft is very much the same as it was before the scar/plaque developed inside of it.

The Important Difference

The importance of this difference is that a penis that is truly deformed will usually (but not always) require surgery, or multiple surgeries, to correct.

On the other hand:

A bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease
almost NEVER requires surgery for correction.

what's causing the bending?

When Peyronies causes a bent erection it is the scar and/or fibrous plaque formation that is causing the problem. Scar tissue and fibrous plaque do not stretch as much as normal skin or normal penile tissue.

To make this very easy to understand, let's use an example:

Imagine if you had 2 different rubber bands. Both are 3 inches long before you stretch them. But, one rubber band is thin and supple. The other rubber band is thick and tough.

When you stretch the thin supple one as far as it will go, it becomes 5 inches long.

But, when you stretch the thick tough one, it only becomes 4 1/2 inches long.

This is very much like what is happening with the penile bending caused by Peyronies.

Inside The Peyronies Penis

a deformed penis caused by peyronies disease scar and plaque tissue

Now, imagine a similar situation inside of your erection:

Imagine the left side of your penis being like the thin supple rubber band. It can stretch 5 inches when it is getting erect.

And imagine the right side being like the thick tough rubber band that can only stretch 4 1/2 inches when getting erect.

Before the erection starts (just like the 2 rubber bands) both sides of your shaft are 3 inches long. So your penis looks straight and normal.

But, when you get your erection, the right side can not stretch as far as the left side. So, when erect,the shaft now bends severely to the right. You now see a deformed erection, or deformed penis.

That is basically all that is happening with Peyronies Disease. It's not a complicated thing.

It's still scary though! Isn't it?

And how can it be fixed?

the good news is:
It's very easy to fix!

The really good news is that 99.999% of the time, a deformed penis caused by Peyronies Disease is very easy to fix!

Fixing a bending erection caused by Peyronies disease usually only requires a diligent daily practice of correct penis traction.

Even though the scar and/or plaque will not stretch as far as normal tissue right now, these tissues can actually be lengthened.

here's how it can work
for you

"The traction process can be effective for over 99% of men who suffer from a bent penis."

What correct traction does is constantly stretch the scar(s) until it causes very minute and painless tears between some of the cells in the scar(s). These tears are tiny and painless.

These tears also heal very quickly and easily. But, each time they heal, some new cells are added to mend the tear. The additional added cells are microscopic in size.

But, when you do this day after day after day after day...., the additional tissue adds up. The scar becomes longer.

So, even though the scar and/or plaque remain, they are now longer.

If this traction process is continued for a sufficient length of time, enough new cellular layers can be added to the scarring so that the scar can become as long as the normal tissues when an erection occurs.

And, that is the end of the deformed penis caused by a Peyronies Disease condition!

Be Well.....

~ William

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