Penis Injection
Cause Peyronies disease?

penis injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, ED

Yes! Most definitely.

What does penis injection therapy have to do with a man getting Peyronies Disease? Sometimes EVERYTHING!

The problem with injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, or for Peyronies Disease itself, is that for some men these injections can and will cause Peyronies Disease. Extreme penile curvature.

Why does this happen?

Well it won't happen to every man. But for those men who have scarring problems or poor healing problems, penis injection therapy of any kind, and for any reason, may result in the scarring that causes a bent penis.

Injections Tear The Tissues and Form Scars
That May Cause
Peyronies Disease
in the Future

Every time you get a penile injection you are cutting the tissues inside your shaft. The insertion of the needle cuts a small hole in the outer skin and every tissue it penetrates. Including your erectile chambers.

Yes, these are very small cuts. But, each one must heal when the needle is removed.

It doesn't seem like much.

But every one of these holes will form scar tissue. If you have a series of 12, or 24 or 36 or 100 little punctures in your erectile chambers, you can get quite a bit of scarring.

Especially when all the injecting is done in the same location.

What does this mean?

How Penis Injection Therapy
Can Cause  a Bent penis

If you heal normally, even 100 injections may cause only minor damage to the tissues and nerves. You may experience very little in the way of side effects.

But, if you are like about 5% of the male population, you may scar abnormally heavily.

After only 12 injections in one area, a man with heavy scarring problems can possibly develop a significant mass of scar tissue. And with this, possible plaque formation.

penis injection therapy and peyronies disease

The result: This man's shaft can no longer stretch fully and easily in this scarred area when he has an erection. So his erection will bend in the direction of the scar(s). And this type of bending erection is called:  Peyronies Disease.

Don't Give Yourself
Bent Penis

It just doesn't seem fair, does it? You go in to take care of one condition and six months or even a few  years later you wind up with another terrible one.

Now, if this has already happened to you, don't despair. It's relatively easy to fix a bent penis. But, it takes some time.

You just never should have gotten this bending in the first place.

Most Penile Injections
Are Useless and/or Unnecessary

"The fact of the matter is:

Most penile injection therapy just doesn't make sense."

We are a society where instant gratification is considered "normal".

But, if you are getting penile injections for erectile dysfunction, you are whipping a tired horse that will eventually fail altogether. And you are risking serious side effects which include, but are not limited to, heart attack and stroke!

Yes, it is that serious for some men.

Yes, you want to have a sex life. But, the healthy way to do that is to improve the health of your entire body. Make it strong again. So that an erection comes naturally. And you can do this!

The only way you are going to do this is with a healthier lifestyle that includes:

  • Exercise
  • Sufficient Sleep
  • Sexual Moderation
  • Stress Management

If you want to keep burning the candle at both ends, over working, over worrying, and using stimulants of all kinds, you will kill yourself. It's that simple. And you can stop reading right here.

However, if you take care of improving your overall health, you can have sex into your 90s with no type of penile injections or any other type of other medication or stimulant.

Penis Injection Therapy
Peyronies Disease

"One of the worst things a man can do for Peyronies Disease
is get penile injection therapy."

Peyronies Disease only occurs because a man has abnormal healing abilities to begin with. He scars too heavily. He gets fibrous plaque formations when he scars. Instead of small supple scars, he gets big thick hard scars.

By repeatedly puncturing his shaft with penis injections over and over again, what kind of a new scarring problem do you think this man will have?

And the worst part is, penis injection therapy has proven to be ineffective in actually straightening out a bending erection satisfactorily. So why do it?

This "therapy" may reduce the pain of erection for a man with Peyronies Disease. The erection may get somewhat straighter. From the clinical results: an erection never really gets really straightened out with any penis injection therapy.

Even the newest therapy of this type only gives 35% improvement at best. And, that is only for certain types of cases.

Don't Risk Creating
Severely Bending Shaft

Now, if you already have a severe curvature, the clinically proven best way to straighten a bent penis is with correct traction. Correct traction also has none of the side effects associated with penis injection therapy.

If you are getting penis injection therapy for erectile dysfunction:

"Do yourself a BIG favor. Stop the injections and get your body and health back into shape."

It may take some time, but you'll find your erections getting as big and hard as when you were a teenager.

Just don't expect to have sex as often at 80, 60, or even 40 as when you were 20. The human body just wasn't built that way.

With moderation, the healthy male human body was designed to be able to procreate and have excellent sexual intercourse well into it's 90s! With no type of penis injection of any kind.

Be Well.....

~ William

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