Penis Curvature Treatment

Should Not Be
Expensive or Dangerous

last updated September 10, 2020
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which penis curvature treatment really works

Penis curvature treatment seems to be becoming more and more diverse. And yet, most methods are still very expensive and highly ineffective.

Does that mean you can not straighten your bent erections satisfactorily?


It just means that when you choose your penis curvature treatment, you need to understand what is out there and choose wisely.

Which Penis Curvature Treatment

How do you make a good choice with everyone out there telling you they know what is best for you?

And, they tell you that their particular penis curvature treatment is just exactly what you need? Even though most of the available methods have failed miserably in all the clinical studies.

You don’t have to take my word for this. If you read up on the clinical trials of all the bent penis curvature treatments, here’s what you find:

 -  Only two penis curvature treatment methods can actually straighten a bent erection effectively: Correct traction, and, penile surgery. That’s it. Nothing else really does the job effectively.

penis curvature treatment with penile surgerysurgery

penis curvature treatment with tractiontraction

 -  A few methods will give up to about a 30% improvement. But, only to specific types of cases.

 -  With this type of penile surgery, you face possible impotence after the surgery. After this type of penile surgery, you would get a straight erection, if you can still get one.

    That‘s a big risky “if”. Do you agree?

    On top of that, due to too much nerve damage from a penile surgery, you might not be able to achieve an orgasm even if you do get a decent erection.

 -  AND:  Cost for some of these penis curvature treatments can be outrageous!

      $16,000 plus for a surgery.

      $30,000 for a set of the only FDA approved injections (which have shown to be only about 35% effective at best). And, those only work for a select group of men.

It’s sounding pretty impossible.  Right?

It’s not. It’s not even difficult 99.9% of the time for men who use correct penile traction.

"Correct traction, used for penis curvature treatment,
has been clinically proven to be:
Safest And Most Effective."

And: Correct traction is so good that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries around the world.

What Is
The Cost?

Now, with all those huge dollar numbers you just read for the cost of penile surgery and some of the other treatments, you might be thinking traction is going to be super expensive! Right?

Or, you may be a step ahead of me right now. You may already know that the very best traction units in the entire world sell for about $400. Yes, just four hundred dollars.

And, as you just learned:

“Correct traction has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method of penis curvature treatment in the world.”

The traction method is so good, that even though it was just developed in 1994, it is now considered superior to every other method because of it’s Safety and Effectiveness.

With these being the clinically proven facts, even an idiot could make the best decision on this one without a lot of thought.

Do you agree?

There Is A Hidden Danger
The Traction Method

There is one hidden danger I must warn you about. There is a significant danger with the traction method for penis curvature treatment. One that is almost never talked about.

Some traction units can hurt you.


Now, if you have never read another word about bent penis straightening before now (although I think you probably have), you know exactly what the best way to proceed is 99.99% of the time.

Am I right?

Sure, if you’re new to penis curvature treatment and Peyronies Disease you’ll want to read more.  And, get a better feel for all the possibilities. That’s what this entire website is devoted to.

And, if you are new to this subject, I suggest you take some time on this site and read the pages. Get really familiar with the traction process. Get comfortable with it.

It will only take you about an hour. And, then you’ll really understand what you really need to know. And, you’ll be able to make a wise and sensible decision.

So, please, take your time here and think about it. It won’t take you long. And, the time invested reading this site will reward you greatly.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.

And, save a lot of money and frustration.

What You Need To Know

Here’s the rub: Not all traction devices are created equal. But, they look pretty much alike.

Only a couple of the manufacturers deliver the best quality products. Their equipment will give you the best, fastest, and safest results possible.

Some of the other units are good. Not as good. But, they cost just as much. So, why use inferior products?

Others units are not so good.

And, some of the units available are just downright dangerous. Yes, they can easily cause you permanent penile damage. You will highly regret trying to save those few dollars if you get injured or get poor results.

How Do You Choose?

They do all look pretty much alike. Right?

So, how do you find the really good ones???

Well, you can spend a few thousand dollars and buy all of them. Then play with them. And, pick the best.

Very quickly you will notice which are fine high quality instruments and which are poor pieces of dangerous junk. These feel like toys.

What difference does that make?

"A poorly made, weak, unstable device can break
cause you permanent penile damage."

You can puncture your shaft. Break the blood vessels in the crown of your shaft and make it turn purple. Forever. Cut off the circulation in the top of your shaft. Cause nerve damage.......

Now, if you’re willing to risk all that to save $100 - $200, then I think your are being very foolish. And, please don’t write me a nasty letter if that’s what you do and that is what happens.

There Are Only Two Manufacturers
That Meet All My Personal Requirements


 Safety And Effectiveness

Yes, just two.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

They are both, hands down, the best I have ever found! Both are high quality instruments.

penis curvature treatmentPro Extender

Why are these the best?

I have researched all of them. There are 23 different devices by my last count.

These two companies make solid, effective, quality devices using medical grade materials.

And:  They are both guaranteed to work for you.

That’s right, they both have a full money back guarantee. One full year at X4. Six full months at Quick Extender Pro.

Normally in a month or two you'll start seeing some real results, and, you'll know how it's working.

How many of the other penis curvature treatment methods are guaranteed and will give you back your money if you do not get the results you want?

Yes, when a pig grows wings we will see that happen also.

You Deserve The Best!

You owe it to yourself to use the best. And, you deserve the best results possible. We all do.

Now, from a practical standpoint:

If there are only two penis curvature treatment methods that are proven to work: penile surgery and correct traction,


the clinically proven Safest and Most Effective of those two methods, correct traction, is also only about $400 while the penile surgery method is $16,000+ dollars,


if the $400 traction method has none of the very serious possible hideous penile surgical side effects,

doesn’t it just make sense to try the clinically proven safest and most effective method first?

successful penis curvature treatment

What do you think?

If you agree, and try it out, I think you’ll find it’s probably all the penis curvature treatment you’ll ever need. Ever.

Be Well.....

~ William

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