Is Penis Curvature Normal?

Is penis curvature normal? Or, is it a “disease”?

Most of the time a curving or slight bending is nothing to be concerned about.

In fact about half of all men have less than a perfectly straight erection.

Is it Genetics?

This bending can be something you are born with and simply part of your genetics.

The bend can be up, down left or right.

Penis curvature that develops later in life is usually neither genetic or a disease. It is most often caused by Peyronies “Disease”.

“Oh My God! I knew I has some terrible disease! Is there a cure? Will it ruin my sex life? Will I lose my cock?...”

So many men get more horrified by the name “Peyronies Disease” than they do by the actual penis curvature they now have with an erection.

99% of The Time
Peyronie's Disease is Easy to Correct

FIRST: Peyronies Disease is NOT a “disease”.

Peyronies Disease is a condition. A very, very simple and most often misunderstood condition. And, this type of penis curvature is extremely easy to correct in most cases.

Penis curvature can be slight or dramatic. It can look like just a little curve or be at a big 90 degree angle or even more severe.

What Causes
Bent Penis?

Penis curvature caused by Peyronies disease is the result of a scar forming on the corpus cavernosum. (These are the chambers in your dick that fill with blood when you get aroused and give you an erection.)

This causes the bending during erection because the scar tissue does not stretch as much as normal tissue.

So, as your erection grows to full capacity the part that does not stretch as much pulls the erection in it’s direction and causes the curved or bent condition.

It’s really just that simple.

And you never notice it when your dick is flaccid (limp).

Did I Get The Scarring?"

Scars, anywhere on or in the body, form after an injury: a tear or cut.

Most men never remember the injury that caused the scarring inside.

The reason is, it’s an internal injury that you never see with your eyes from the outside.

Normally, a limp cock can be bent in any direction with no problem. An erection is a different story.

The injury usually happens during rough intercourse or even rough masturbation. A time when you bent your hard on a little too much. You probably felt a little pain but didn’t think much of it at the time.

the Problem Happened

the cause of a bent penis

When you have an erection, the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum fill with blood. These are the ballon like structures inside the shaft of your cock that make it hard.

It only feels “hard” because these balloon like structures are filled to capacity. Just like when you blow a balloon up all the way and it feels kind of solid and hard.

Once these chambers are full of blood and you are “hard”, these chambers no longer have any flexibility left.

If you forcibly bend your erection these chambers can and will tear, but you can’t see it. It may not even hurt very much.

A scar forms on these tears.

The scar might be very slight after the injury.

You Bend Later in Life

However: HERE is WHERE the MYSTERY IS: The scar may not noticably thicken until many years later. Even decades later as we age and ours bodies change.

Why? Because our bodies change. And they start to do things a bit differently that when we were young.

This is why most men can’t figure out why they are developing penis curvature when they are over 40 and haven’t had any rough sexual experiences in many, many years.

What Determines
How Much it Bends

The amount of penis curvature resulting from these injuries depends upon how severe the injury was and how an individual heals.

Some men with somewhat big tears will see little or no bending ever. Some men with relatively very small tears will wind up with an erection that becomes radically and painfully bent.

It depends on genetics and a man’s own individual healing characteristics.

Can it Be So Painful?

With severe bending, there can be a lot of pain when an erection develops.

This can actually lead to a form of ED (erectile dysfunction). It is a response/effect form of ED. Not a glandular/hormone problem.

In these cases the brain has learned that pain comes every time there is an erection and it avoids letting the erection process happen.

This form of ED is easily rehabilitated once the severe bend is resolved.

What About
Penile Fracture?

This is a good time to mention a penile fracture.

A penile fracture, on the other hand, is a very serious injury where the bending of the erection was so great that the corpus cavernosum or the corpus spongiosum it torn to the extent that it open and bleeds inside.

A penile fracture is a medical emergency.

If you even suspect one,
Get yourself to an emergency room
as soon as possible!

A penile fracture is extremely painful and you will see your cock swell and discolor.

You will be well aware when you have torn the inside of your erection this way. You should get right over to an emergency room. You may need an immediate surgery to sew it back together.

Do not expect to see it bleeding. The bleeding is happening inside the shaft and it must be checked and taken care of right away.

What you will see is what looks like a bruise on and/or around your shaft and possibly the surrounding area soon after the very painful bending.

This most commonly occurs during rough or intense sex when your dick comes out and misses the vagina on the way back in.

A Bent Penis,
A Curved Penis?

Penis curvature from Peyronies, whether just a small curve or a huge painful bend, can almost always be corrected safely and easily with correct penis traction.

Correct penile traction is so good at lengthening the shortened penile tissues that it can also actually lengthen the entire shaft if used correctly for a long enough period of time.

Correct penile traction is also so effective that it is currently medically recommended in 29 countries worldwide.


For most men a simple or even moderate curve is nothing to be concerned about.

The only time you really need to find a remedy for penis curvature is when it interferes with your sexual life (painful intercourse for the woman) or the erections are causing you pain.

Again, this curved or bent condition is not caused by a “disease” 99.99% of the time.

Penis curvature is normally genetic or caused by a simple scar/plaque formation on the chamber(s) that give you an erection (Peyronies Disease).

And, both of these types of penis curvature are very easy to fix!

Be Well.....

~ William

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