Male Erection Problems
Are Common

when you have a bent penis

erection problems
male erection problems are common with a bent penis, peyronies disease

Male erection problems are too common to begin with.

But, when you develop a bent penis, they are even more common.

Has It All Happened
In The Last Two Years?

Have you noticed, that since your erections became very bent:

  • You get softer erections

  • Your erections are more difficult to get

  • You may not even be getting them anymore

This is common with a bending penis caused by Peyronies disease.

You don’t have to worry. It normally corrects itself once you straighten your penis.

Do You Now Have
Erectile Pain Also?

If your bending is causing you pain during erection, you are sure to have erectile problems. It’s almost impossible not to.

A bent penis that is painful can and will, more often than not, cause male erection problems. Weak erections are very common.

This is called: psychological impotence.

You think you have erectile dysfunction because of lack of testosterone, or that you now need a Viagra type medication, or something else....

Your mind and emotions can go crazy contemplating the possibilities.

Well, let me tell you this:

“If your current male erection problems were
caused by your bending erections,

when you straighten your shaft out,
these problems will probably
disappear ‘like magic’.”

This Type Of Impotence
Usually Super Easy To Correct

Yes, a bent penis can, and does cause all kinds of male erection problems.

We think we have two separate problems. Right?

And, it’s super depressing. First the bending. Then the weak or non-existent erections.

If your erections started getting weak, or non-existent, after the bending began, you very well may actually have only one problem. And, two symptoms.

Get your erections straightened out, and you will most likely happily find your erection problems disappear.

There Is Far Too Much Misinformation
Male Erection Problems

We are far too incorrectly “educated” on male erectile dysfunction problems.

We are far to misinformed on male sexual health.

And, we are constantly told, by advertisers, that we should be having sex every day, all the time.

A man’s body does not work that way. For long. Especially when we are over 30. By the time we are 40, once a week is really good. By 50 or 60, twice a month is excellent.

More than this can be seriously unhealthy and even dangerous.

But, after seeing all those ads, we panic and think there must be something wrong with us if we are not having sex every day. This advertising is so terribly harmful to men's mental and physical health. As my New York friends say: “Forget about it!”

"Forcing sex
too often, over long periods of time
will cause you serious sexual problems."

A lot of male erection problems are due to this sexual pressure and overuse.

If you are 40, 50 or 60, don’t expect to perform like you did at 15, 20 or even 30. It’s not going to happen. Unless you start taking sexual enhancement drugs or herbs.

Start doing that, and you are setting yourself up, not only for true erectile dysfunction, you’re also looking at heart attacks and even death.

It’s Easy To Straighten
A Bent Penis

99.99% of the time, it’s:

  • Easy

  • Safe

  • Inexpensive

Now if you are currently suffering from penile bending, due to Peyronies disease, get yourself straightened out. It’s very easy. No matter how horribly bent you seem now.

Once you do, you’ll most likely find that these newly developed erectile malfunctions disappear.

Then, follow you own flow.

Once a week. Twice a month. Once a month if you are over 60 is just fine. And, normal. AND, healthy.

Sure, you may want to enjoy sex more.

But, be smart. Don’t over do. Stay away from erectile drugs.

If you follow your body’s own ability, live a healthy lifestyle, and don’t force things, you’ll probably find that all your newly developed male erection problems go away, and, stay away.

The Safest and Most Effective Method
Medically Endorsed and Doctor Recommended

Problems achieving a normal erection commonly accompany a severely bending penis. You're not alone.

Straightening your cock out usually will get rid of those problems. Seemingly "like magic".

Straightening can be simple, easy, and inexpensive if you do it correctly.

Modern penis traction is the Safest and Most Effective method available.

male erection problems, a bent penis, and correct penis traction

This method is medically endorsed and recommended. You do it by yourself with a simple penis traction device. And, the cost for one of the best devices in the world is under $400.

reversing male erection problems, caused by a bent penis, with correct tractionPro Extender

A Bent Penis Is Easy To Fix
99.99% of the time

99.99% of the time, a bent penis is easy to fix. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

There’s just no need to suffer with a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease, or, the male erection problems that so frequently come with it.

male erection problems reversed
fixing male erection problems may be very easy
male erection problems

Be Well.....

~ William

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