Male Enhancement Pills

Are A Huge Waste of Money

male enhancement pills can ruin your sex life

Male enhancement pills have one goal. To give you a bigger harder erection. That’s kind of obvious, right?

If you have weak erections, limp erections, erectile dysfunction... then these pills may give you some results you desire.

But, if you are normally healthy and have good solid erections, these are going to be a huge waste of money.


"Male enhancement pills
will never grow your dick even 1/4 of an inch!"

Nope. Note even 1/4 of an inch! Some claim 3” of growth in just a week. If you believe that then you really need some education! And, that is what I am here to do now.

If your erections are half limp and you get some real blood flow down there from a stimulant pill, yes, your dick can get an inch or two longer in minutes! That’s the entire action of Viagra type drugs and male enhancement pills.

But, if you have a healthy cock, male enhancement pills will be a HUGE waste of money.

Male Enhancement Pills are All Hype
and Tricky Advertising

Male enhancement pills are normally herbal natural Viagra type stimulants. Vaso dilators.

That means: they allow more blood to get into the chambers in the penis which causes a stronger erection for those who do not get sufficient blood flow there.

For men with normal hard erections: You’re not going to get any harder or any bigger with any kind of these pills.

Male Enhancement Pills Can’t Possibly Work

The term “Male Enhancement” is the current politically correct term for “Getting a Bigger Dick”.

If any pill could do that, why would it not also make your ears bigger? Breasts bigger? Your feet bigger? Grow hair on your head?

Let’s use some common sense here. There is no pill that does any of these things. Well, there are some steroids that grow “monkey hands”. It’s unfortunately true. It’s happened to a number of bodybuilders.

Those same steroids also usually cause the testicles to shrink. Nice, huh? At least if they got big long hands and bigger muscles they should have gotten bigger dicks. But, no such luck....

a TRULY Bigger Cock

But, you CAN make your cock bigger! The only way to truly make a dick bigger is to create more tissue there. Grow more cells. No male enhancement pills do that. NONE of them.

However, there is a surprisingly simple way to actually make your penis bigger. Permanently.

The method had been around for thousands of years.

It’s the same method some of those African tribes use to make their lips so large and put plates in them.

Stretching! Correct stretching will actually cause more cells to grow and make the tissues permanently bigger.

Ballet dancers use this method to lengthen their muscles and tendons so that they can make those beautiful long straight leg extensions.

If you stretch your cock regularly enough and properly, the same thing will happen to it. It will grow more tissue (more cells) and get longer. And, so will your erections. Nothing that comes in a bottle will do this.

The problem is, if you just randomly pull at your shaft, you can injure it or deform it so that if bends in unwanted directions. Then you have a whole new problem that might not be so easy to fix.

What is
Penis Stretching?

This stretching dates back thousands of years. It was a common pass time.

Originally men suspended stones from a rope of some type tied to the tip of their cock and sat around for hours each day naked while it stretched.

You can do the same thing. If you have not much to do all day and you are half brain dead.

The system works. And after very many months of that, your dick (and prized erections) will be bigger!

Amazingly you can still buy “penis weights” to do the same thing. I guess if you have a private office you can sit there all day naked with the weights hanging from your cock and get the results you want.

That all sounds just too stupid, doesn’t it?

But, a bigger dick is still the goal of many man.

There is nothing wrong or stupid about that goal if it makes you happy. And, maybe more sexually confident.

The "Miracle"
Correct Traction

Male enhancement pills will never do this job for you. Never.

But: Correct traction  can.

Correct penile traction is actually incredible! It can be used to straighten out a bent erection and, it can make a dick truly longer with a bigger resulting erection.

And, the results are Permanent!

Yes, a truly bigger, longer erection that will be permanently bigger (as long as you can get erections).

Penis Traction
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

This traction device was originally invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. in 1994. It was originally developed to keep the shaft straight after penile surgery.

Dr. Siana then went on to find that the same device could be effectively used to straighten a bent or curved erection.

And, then he found out that continued use could actually make the shaft longer and wider. Permanently!!

Correct traction is so effective that it is now currently medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

Which Traction Device
Works Best?

You just want to make sure you get a high quality traction device. One that won’t cause you harm instead of helping you.

At my last count there are 23 different units out there.

Some are great top notch ones made of medical grade materials.

Some are cheaper imitations that save you $100 and could damage your penis permanently.

The very best ones only cost under $300. Yes, under three hundred dollars. So don’t be stupidly cheap and risk permanent damage to you precious cock to save a mere $100.

My Personal Choices

There are only two units, currently, that meet all my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness. These are the Pro Extender units and Quick Extender Pro.

male enhancement pills don't work, correct penis traction doesPro Extender

male enhancement pills, or, correct penis traction?Quick Extender Pro

Both are excellent and both will do the job safely and effectively when used as directed.

"Male enhancement pills:
will do nothing to actually improve a healthy cock.

Male enhancement pills:
do not cause new penile tissue to form.

Correct traction does!"

Be Well.....

~ William

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