Male Enhancement Exercises
Really Work?

do male enhancement exercises really work?

do penis exercises work?

I have been asked about male enhancement exercises and if they really work. They can. But, they are a real chore. And you'd be much better off investing a few more dollars in a high quality penis traction device.

Any method (traction, "exercises", weights, jelqing, etc...) that regularly stretches your shaft to an adequate degree will eventually give you some extra length. If you spend enough months doing them every day.

But, to get the most added length (and some width!), in the fastest possible time, and with the least effort, correct traction is the best method available. This method is also medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

You May Get
Permanent Penile Damage
from These "Exercises"

The biggest dangers with most methods of male enhancement is permanent damage and deformity to your shaft. This includes male enhancement exercises.

The reason these damages can occur is that it is very difficult to pull a shaft evenly and the right amount with most male enhancement methods. AND, it is very easy to over pull with the most methods.

Over pulling and incorrect pulling is what causes the damage.

There are Some
Good Male Enhancement Exercises

As far as male enhancement exercises go, they don't do a lot all by themselves, but can assist you when you use a good traction device.

However: You won't get the really spectacular results with any male enhancement exercises that you will get with a high quality penis traction device.

But, if you are really short on cash and feel a real desire to enhance your penis size with male enhancement exercises, they can get you started.

Are They
Right For You?

Does it really matter if your cock is bigger? In most cases no. How you use it is what counts to a woman.

If you have a giant one and don't know how to treat a woman, she's not going to invite you back to bed. On the same note, if your cock is just average (or even a bit small) but you know how to take care of a woman sexually, she's going to purr like a kitten for you. And invite you back asap!

It's true.

On a different note: Male enhancement is just like cosmetic surgery, or a tattoo, or pierced ears.... some of us feel much better and happier with a little bit of physical enhancement. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Self esteem can make your performance much better!

Now with a tattoo, you'll probably want to show it to all your friends. With a face lift, a nose job, or some penile enlargement you might not talk about it. But, if it will really make you happier, and you want it, there's no reason not to do it.

Just do it right. If you ruin your dick by pulling it too hard too many times, you may not be able to fix it.

So spend an extra few dollars and do it right.

What is the
Safest and the Most Effective
Male Enhancement?

The most effective (and safest) method of male enhancement is correct traction.

Let's compare male enhancement exercises and correct traction:

The advantage to male enhancement exercises is that you can use no equipment. But they take a LONG time to work.

The advantages to correct traction are:

  • Much Greater Size Is Possible
  • Superior Results
  • It's Safer (when properly done)
  • Results Come Faster

The Best Traction Units
Money Can Buy

male enhancement exercises vs correct penis tractionPro Extender

male enhancement exercises vs quick extender pro penis tractionQuick Extender Pro

Traction units are not just for fixing a bent penis, a curved penis, or for post penile surgery. They are the most effective way to create a bigger cock.

But, you have to be careful on which traction unit you choose.

There are currently 23 different units available on the market today. Most are cheaper imitations of the quality ones. And they normally sell for about $100 - $150 less.

But the very best ones are only about $300 - $400. That's it! Total cost.

The cheap ones are made of inferior materials (that's why they can cost less). If one breaks or malfunctions you could permanently disfigure your shaft. Permanently!

Is that risk worth the $100 savings? Of course not!

I've researched every traction unit out there. And only two meet all my personal requirements for safety and reliability. These are The Quick Extender Pro unit and the Pro Extender units.

Both of these units:

   *   Are Medically recommended

   *   Bear the "CE" seal. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities

   *   Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices

   *   Made of the best Medical Grade Materials

So, if you're wanting to make a bigger cock for yourself, you might as well do it the safest and most effective way.

And if you don't want the limitations, and long hours you have to work with male enhancement exercises, don't gamble on inferior devices. Get the best quality traction unit available.

For true male enhancement, correct traction has been clinically proven to be the best and safest method available in the world.

Be Well.....

~ William

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