Can You
Increase Penis Size
Permanently and Safely?

Yes! You can increase penis size Safely. And, get permanent size increase.

You just have to know how.

Most “Male Enhancement” Products
Are a Scam

So many men want to create more length and width in their shaft. And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem is there are so many scams out there to increase penis size that most men get are one of two things instead:

  1)  A harder erection, but no added size

  2)  A damaged shaft. Sometimes a terribly damaged shaft that ruins their sex life forever.

Don’t let that happen to you.

No Male Enhancement Pill, Patch, or Cream
Will Really Make Your Cock Grow

"No male enhancement pill, patch, cream, etc...
is ever going to grow your cock even 1/4 of an inch."

increase penis size

Let’s be real. If a male enhancement pill would make you really increase penis size, and make your cock actually grow, why wouldn’t it make your ears grow too? Or, your nose? Or, your wife’s breasts??

And, why wouldn’t every man have a huge cock if all you needed to do was take a pill for six weeks?

Gain 3 Inches In 6 Weeks...

Yes, when pigs fly.....

What about those ads for products to increase penis size that say: “Grow 3 inches in just 6 weeks.”?

Really... If that were true, every guy would be walking around with a 10 inch cock. Right? I'd do it!

But, if you take a guy with a naturally large horse size cock, who hasn’t had a decent erection in years, and you give him a strong sexual stimulant that gives him a rock hard erection, yes, it may very well be 3 inches longer than his soft flaccid cock was 6 weeks ago.

For a normal guy? It never happened.

Did Mr. Horse Cock increase penis size? Yes. Did he actually grow? NO.

You have to watch out. The advertising is very misleading. And, they get away with it.

It’s nonsense. Misleading advertising that is designed for one reason. To part you and your hard earned money.

Don’t fall for it.

But, YES, you can grow permanently larger than you are today.

You Can Easily and Safely
Increase Penis Size
(If You Do It Right!)

Yes, you can increase penis size with real growth. Actual new length and width. New size that will be permanent!

You can grow it a good amount, quite easily, if you do it right.

If you are a normally healthy male with and average size cock, you can probably add a nice inch to your length. And, some width!

But, not in 6 weeks. Sorry. It’s impossible to increase penis size that much, I mean real new growth, with anything.

You’re going to be looking at 6 months to a year. Maybe a while longer.

I’m sorry, but that is the reality.

However, if you are a normally healthy man of average size, you can get a real measurable impressive size increase that will delight you. And, last for the rest of your life.

If you are starting out on the small side, you will probably be super happy with the gains you can make.

This all natural male enhancement is called correct penis traction.

The growth you achieve in your shaft from correct traction is permanent!

It’s The Same Technique
Dancers And Athletes Use

The stretching you’ll do to increase penis size works on the same principle and with the same technique that dancers and athletes have used for hundreds of years to lengthen their muscles.

However, unlike dancers who spend hours each day stretching, you don’t have to devote even hours each week to a traction program. Just a few minutes each day. Yes, just a few minutes.


Because the traction device does all the hours of stretching for you. Painlessly. While you go about your normal activities.

No one even knows anything is different about you. The device is hidden under your normal clothing.

All you have to do each day is attach your device in the morning. That takes about one minute.

increase penis size #2the modern traction device

increase penis size safely with correct traction

You wear it under your clothes while you go about your daily activities/work. No one can tell you are wearing it.

It works for you all by itself after that. Gently, but, effectively stretching your cock. Hour after hour.

About 6 hours later, you take 30 seconds to take it off.

That’s all you have to do!

That’s it!

If that easy enough?

If you do that day after day for enough time your cock will grow.

* If you're wondering why your cock will be longer and the dancer's legs don't get longer you have a good question! The answer is simple: Legs have bones in them. You can not grow a bone with traction. Your cock has no bones. So it can stretch and grow longer.

How Correct Traction Gives You
Real, Honest, Measurable,
Permanent Growth

With correct traction, you will increase penis size because the constant stretching from the traction device causes tiny microscopic tear to occur in your shaft.

I know. That sounds like a painful nightmare. Right?

It’s not.

You won’t even feel it happen. Done correctly, traction is painless.The most you may feel is a little bit of soreness in your shaft. And, I mean a little bit.

Now, those tiny little microscopic tears heal very quickly. And, each time they heal, they add some new cells to do the mending. And, this will gradually increase penis size.

There is no male enhancement pill or other male enhancement product of any kind that can do this.

It’s just like when they build a brick wall. One brick goes up at a time. Eventually, you have a magnificent tall building.

increase penis size #3before
increase penis size permanentlyafter

It Won’t Happen In A Week

A few cells here and there won’t look like anything.

You can’t expect to wake up on day 2 and see a bigger dick. It will look exactly the same on day 2. You probably won’t even see a difference in 2 weeks.

But, if you keep on doing this day after day, all those little additions add up and permanently increase penis size. Just like the bricks in a wall. And, after a number of months, you’ll be able to see and measure the difference.

You can even take a day off each week and just go have fun.

But, to increase penis size for real, you just have to be persistent. Day after day. Week by week. Month by month.

Let me tell you this:

After you see, and can actually measure, your first quarter or half inch of real growth, no one will be able to stop you from continuing!

It’s so exciting!

I know, six months to a year sounds long. But, that year is going to pass anyway. And, if you really want to increase penis size, you might as well take a few minutes each day and use that year to make your dream come true.

It only takes
a few minutes of your time each day
to increase penis size.

Isn’t There
A Faster Way?

Sorry. No. There is no other way to increase penis size as safely, quickly, and easily.

However, if you are too lazy to spend two or three minutes each day of actual effort to achieve your desire, frankly, you might as well give up right now. Don't bother reading the rest of this article. Go do something that will make you happy. Something you are willing to spend your time on. And, enjoy that.

Increasing penis size is not for everyone.

On the other hand, if you are serious and willing to be persistent, you’ll spend less time on this each day than you do brushing your teeth.

You know, there is not even a surgery that can make your cock longer. Wider, yes. Longer, no. And, penile surgery for cosmetic reasons can prove to be the stupidest decision of your life.

That type of surgery can leave you impotent. Yes, that means you can no longer even get a decent erection. Or possibly, any erection at all.

Pills, Patches, and Creams
If You Just Want A Harder Or More Frequent Erection

The male enhancement pill, patches and creams? They are ALL just sexual stimulants. None of these will increase penis size with real physical growth.

If the only thing you are looking for is a harder or more frequent erection, they might be all you want.

But, all those male enhancement products, just like the prescription erectile drugs, have the potential for disaster.

The potential side effects of those sexual stimulant products include blindness and death. Yes, death.

For everyone? No. But, what if you’re one of the unlucky ones. Is that a risk you really want to take?

They are all a terrible risk

Get The Real Measurable
Permanent Results
You Want

Increase penis size is so easy if you are just diligent and patient.

AND, if you use a safe high quality device properly.

Here is the number one problem
for men who want
to increase penis size safely and effectively:

Choosing a high quality device.

learn how to increase penis size naturally with penis traction

Once you start looking, you’ll see there are so many companies manufacturing penile traction devices. And, every ad tells you about how they increase penis size.

23 by my last count! That’s a lot.

They all say they are the greatest! Right?

The big problem choosing the right one is: They all look alike! Am I right again?

And, a number of these devices are absolutely dangerous, and I stress Dangerous, devices.


Because they are poorly made with inferior materials.

What Are The Differences?

Here’s what can happen:

If a traction device is weak, it will take you twice as long to get results.

That’s not the worst part.

If one of those dangerous pieces of junk breaks while you are wearing it, it can puncture your shaft, like an arrow, and cause you sexual and/or urinary problems that may be permanent.

Sound good?

How Much Money Did You Save?

Another problem from many inferior traction devices:

increase penis size without penile damage

If the connection at the crown of your shaft is strangling your crown, you can pop the blood vessels there and have a permanently purple crown as well as a major lack of sensation up there.

That means, besides having a very weird and colorful tip on your shaft, you may not be able to get orgasm due to lack of sensation.

And, how much money did you save on that piece of junk? Maybe $150.

Yep, just $150.

Does that savings sound like it’s worth any of those risks?

You Can Get
One Of The The Very Best Devices
In The World
For Under $400

Yes, for under $400 you can get one of the best penile traction devices in the entire world.

increase penis size without surgery, safely and naturallyThe Pro Extender

A device with a proven history of success. A device that can increase penis size with real physical grow that lasts permanently.

As you have learned, even the very best of these devices are not expensive.

Or, you can risk getting a cheaply made, disaster waiting to happen device for $90 - $150.

That’s it. About $150 difference between a dangerous piece of junk and the very best in the world.


Because the devices are very simple in design. All they really need is good materials, fine workmanship, and appropriate tension springs.

If you are going to increase penis size with traction, and you don’t have enough money to buy a top of the line device now, please, wait until you do.

Don’t buy junk. Don’t put yourself at that kind of risk. You might regret that forever.

Wait until you can get the best.

You are worth it.

Remember:  You have just one cock. Don’t ruin it. Take proper care of yourself. You will never regret it.

What Do I Think is

There are just two companies that make a penis traction device, to increase penis size, that meet all of my personal requirements for Effectiveness AND Safety.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Wonderful devices from great companies.

If you’re serious, please click on those two links. Read all about both of them. And, you decided what you think is best.

These are really fine and high quality devices. You can’t get any better anywhere.

They both:

  • Are made with medical grade materials

  • Are made with high quality workmanship

  • Are Fully Guaranteed to work for you or your money back

You Only Need One Good One Device
Increase Penis Size Safely and Effectively

You don’t need both. One proper device will do the job. Either one of those will give you the best and safest results possible when used correctly.

So, if you’re serious about using the #1 proven way to increase penis size, Permanently and Safely, you now know how.

increase penis size for improved sex
increase penis size safely and effectively
increase penis size fast and safely

Be Well.....

~ William

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