I Wish I Knew This In The First Place

by Malcolm C.
(Miami, FL)

Hi William,

You've been the biggest help! My name is Malcolm C..... I had penis surgery for Peyronies 2 years ago. My bent penis was making normal sex impossible.... After the surgery healed my penis was practically numb. I couldn't get hard when my wife stimulated me.... It took over a year for the sensation to return to my penis so that I could have normal sex again.... Then I noticed my penis was bending again! Not as bad as the first time. But it was disturbing. Very disturbing..... My doctor recommended that I live with it.... I wasn't happy.

I found your site right about that time. I ordered one of the penis traction units you recommend to fix a bent penis.... It took 5 months.... Now my penis is straight again! I have you to thank for this. It also seems to be a better erection. Like fuller and harder. How come? My wife even commented on this.... I should have tried this in the first place. But, I didn't even know it was a possibility.... I keep thinking about the $6800 I spent on the surgery....

I've kept the traction in case my penis ever bends again. But, it's been good now for 5 months.... and the numbness is almost gone.... How come they don't tell you about this before the surgery?

Thanks again, Malcolm C...... - Miami, FL

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