Cause A Bent Penis?

No. Herpies (also spelled: herpes) will not give you a bent penis.

does herpies (herpes) cause a bent penis?

What Is Causing This Bending?

A bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease (or pretty much anything else) develops because part of the tissue on one or more of your erectile chambers has hardened. And, now that tissue refuses to stretch properly when you get an erection.

herpes does not cause a bent penis

Will Not Cause Your Erections To Bend

The warts you experience with herpes are on the outer surface of your shaft. They don’t have long horrible roots that work deep into your cock. Herpies warts are surface issues.

penis genital herpes, herpies

Yes, having the Herpies virus can make you feel like crap all over when it flares up. And, there is no cure.

But, it will not make your cock bend during erection.

Why Did My Cock Just Start Bending Recently?
Is It From Herpies?

why is my penis bending?

I know. You want to know why your cock is bending now when it never did before. Right?

It’s not your herpies.

The most common reason for the developed bending is old scar tissue. Scars that are sometimes 20 or even 30 years old.

In about 5% of men, these scars harden some time after the age of 40.

For some men they harden a little. For some, they harden a lot. The more hardening you have, the greater your bending will be.

Where Are These Scars?

The scars are inside your shaft. Where you never see them.

But, you don’t even remember getting any scars in there. Do you?

That’s why most consultations will leave you with another myth when you ask about your new penile curvature: “We don’t know what causes it.”

That is one of the biggest pieces of misinformation you will ever get!

There is always a cause! And, there is almost always a simple, non-invasive procedure for satisfactory correction.

Yes, if you are like most of us, you can have a nice, good looking, fully functional cock again.

How The Damage Usually Happens

Most of us have had some rough, or, overly enthusiastic sex in your younger years. Am I right? Did you? I hope so.

Did you ever slip out of your partner’s vagina, try to shove it right back in and miss? Big Ouch!! Right?

That ouch you had was usually caused by a small internal tear on one of your erectile chambers when your erection was being forced to bend.

Your cock was never designed to bend when it is hard. Not even a little bit.

So, you didn’t have to have a major bend. Just enough of a pull to stretch something inside a little too much. And, that’s painful when it happens.

A small internal tearing. You don’t see it. It doesn’t bleed. And, about 5 minutes after it happens, it hardly bothers you at all. Or, the discomfort completely disappears.

In a few weeks or so, there is a newly formed scar in there. Good as new! Right?

About 5% Of Us Will Suffer Consequences

BUT, for about 5% of men, that little scar is going to harden later in life.

As this hardening starts to happen your erections bend more and more.

For some men it will become just a curvature that they wonder why they never noticed before.

For other men, it will bend hard and severely. 90 degrees sometimes. It can make your erection very painful.

Then your erections become weak.

And, even if you get a decent one, your cock is so bent you can’t have sex without pain to your partner.

The entire progression can happen in under 2 years!

It’s a nightmare!

Believe me. I have been one of the men who experienced it personally.

99.99% Of The Time
A Bent Penis Is Easy To Fix

The really great thing to know, and learn here, is that this condition is not part of having herpies,  AND:

It is easy to straighten a penile curvature or bending 99.99% of the time.

That’s correct. 99.99% of the time.

If you don’t buy into the whole: “Unknown cause.” nonsense, and really understand what you have learned hear, it is easy to understand that you have no disease causing your bending. You have some hardened internal tissue that needs stretching out. That’s ALL.

Herpies is not causing your new deformity.

This bending is called Peyronies Disease. But, it is actually not a “disease” at all. It is no more a disease than the scar you got on your hand when you cut it. Peyronies is nothing like the herpies virus, an actual disease.

herpies will not make your penis bend

Peyronies disease bending is actually a very simple condition that can be easily remedied 99.99% of the time with simple correct penile traction.

So, breathe a sigh of relief. This bending is not serious 99.99% of the time. Even if it may look incredibly hideous and be painful right now. And, it was not caused by herpies.

If you are like most of us who were having the same terrible experience of bending erections, you can straighten your cock simply, easily, safely, and inexpensively with correct penile traction.

Be Well.....

~ William

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