Erectile Dysfunction

do they really work?

herbs for erectile dysfunction

What about herbs for erectile dysfunction?

Do they really work?

Are they safe?

What if you have a bent penis?

The Answer is

Yes, they really work when used correctly.

* Special Note:  No, you should not use them if a bent penis is the cause of your erectile dysfunction. I will explain more about this as we go on.

The same applies to safety. Used correctly, herbs will not hurt you. Abuse them, and they can cause as much potential harm to you as the strongest prescription erectile drugs available.

That’s no help. Right?

Well, let me explain a bit about herbs for erectile dysfunction. And, who can help you learn to use them correctly.

Do Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction
Really Work?

Yes. If they are used correctly.

And, No. They will not work for every man. If your ED has progressed beyond the point of repair, nothing will give you erections again.

Note:  If you are getting erections from prescription drugs, you will probably be getting them with the proper herbal formula.

And, with herbs for erectile dysfunction, you will also be nourishing your sexual system and helping it to rejuvenate itself. Drugs never do this.

Now, before we get into talking about erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis, let's talk a little about what hers can do.

So Many Men Don’t Get Results

The reason many men don’t get any results from herbs for erectile dysfunction is that they don’t use the right ones, and, they don’t use nearly enough of them.

A couple of capsules of even the best herbs for erectile dysfunctions aren’t going to make you happy. You will probably see nothing happen. That makes you believe that they don’t work. Right?

Herbs are foods. You have to consume enough of them. You don’t eat just one bit of steak, or potatoes, or bread, or salad and leave the table. You eat a whole meal.

No, you don’t need a whole meal of herbs. But, you need a much larger amount than most Western men realize.

However, if you have ever been to a Chinese Doctor, your “prescription” is usually a cereal bowl full of what looks like the things gathered from the forest floor. It is quite beautiful.

Roots, berries, leaves,... A beautiful sight to behold. And, they smell wonderful. You can feel the life in them as you inhale. And, the juice (plant blood) from those wonderful life forms is what you’ll be putting in your body.

Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction

You take these home and boil them. Then drink only the juice. That is Nature’s “medicine”.

If you are in a bigger city, the herb shops often have a machine where they will boil them for you and put the liquid into individual sealed packages for ease of use.

Even when you walk into an herbal shop (where the doctor and herbalist are) the smell is wonderful! I can only describe it as “magical”. You can feel nature all around you. From my first experience with this, almost 25 years ago, to today, I always enjoy it.

Can These Herbal Preparations Do?

Herbs for erectile dysfunction can do the same thing drugs for erectile dysfunction do: Stimulate your system and increase penile blood flow. That’s how you get a good boner.

The better the stimulation and the better the blood flow, the harder you can be.

Herbs for erectile dysfunction are usually much milder than prescription drugs. Therefore, they usually present a lower risk of potential harm.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, you have to use them correctly and you should do this under the guidance of a properly trained health care professional who knows what he is doing and has experience in the art.

herbs for erectile dysfunction #5

Herbs for erectile dysfunction also nourish your sexual system.
They can strengthen it, help rebuild it, and rejuvenate your sexual abilities. Something drugs can never do.

It all depends on which herbs you take.

This brings us to the second question: “Are they safe?”

Are Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction

This is an important question.

Used correctly, and under the guidance of a properly trained Chinese Doctor, herbs for erectile dysfunction will get you hard again and eventually able to function nicely without them.

This is because the proper herbal combinations will not only stimulate your system and increase penile blood flow. The correct herbal formulas will nourish and help rebuild your entire sexual system.

Herbal formulas, that have not been laced with any kind of chemicals or drugs do not pose the same health risks as erectile dysfunction drugs.

These risks include and are not limited to:

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Blindness

  • Deafness

Nice. Right?

Still, you have to know what you are doing when you get seriously into herbal treatments and remedies. And, unless you are already a properly trained Chinese Doctor, you won’t know what you are doing.

Why do I constantly mention “Chinese” doctor here? Am I Chinese? No. I have however been studying herbs for 50 years now. Chinese medicine is the only herbal medicine system that is organized and codified just as modern western medicine is.

Chinese herbal medicine is also over 5,000 years old.

Herbs and Drugs
May Not Be Compatible

Not all herbs may be safe for you to take.

This is especially true if you are currently using any kind of other medications.

The reason is: some herbs can interact unfavorably with drugs. You could also say, some drugs interact unfavorably with herbs.

In other words, there are things you can not mix or take together without adverse effects. Check with your medical doctor before mixing these things together.

a Qualified Herbalist

Unfortunately, in western society, we don’t have many qualified herbalists anymore.

So, you’ll often hear a westerner say, “Use ginseng.... Try horny goat weed (yes, that’s a real herb).... Eat oysters....”

Yes, those things are all good for male sexual power. But, there are a multitude of other herbs that have a direct influence on your ability to perform.

My personal Chinese Doctor has a formula that sells for $100 a bottle. For and herbal medicine, that’s very expensive.

A bottle of that medicine is good for about 30 doses. That’s about $3.30 a dose. Compare that to $30 per Viagra tablet. He sells countless bottles of this preparation.

I visit him in Chinatown in Los Angeles. I have found his formula is just as effective as any prescription and it is made with about 30 different safe herbal ingredients.

It made me laugh one day when I saw a 40ish woman in there with her 30ish “boyfriend”. She was buying the large jar of this herbal tonic ($100). She had a HUGE smile on her face.

Using the Right Herbs
in the
Right Quantity

You won’t find these herbal preparation in any American or western markets. You need a Chinese Doctor to prepare them for you. The formula will be prepared specific to your needs.

herbs for erectile dysfunction #6

These herbal formulas to increase your health, are personal prescriptions. Many of the herbs are general, like Ginseng. Others are specific for your own personal needs. They are prepared especially for you according to what the Doctor’s diagnosis shows the doctor.

I have used this form of medicine for over 20 years. Mostly for energy related problems. It is the only medicine I personally still use it today.

What About The American Herbs
for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a number of American/Western herbs for erectile dysfunction that are quite good. In Western or Eastern herbology, a mixed formula is usually better than any single herb.

Unfortunately, the only mixed herbs for erectile dysfunction that most Americans will ever find or use come from the corner convenience store, or, from ads on the internet.

BEWARE of these. Some of them can be extremely dangerous.

Convenience store herbs and random internet products can be useless, or, so strong that they are a true health hazard.

Why Are Some Herbal Formulas
So Dangerous?

The biggest reason these premixed herbal products can be so dangerous is that many of them are imported. The ingredients list only the herbs. So, they seem safe. In a number of those capsule you will find Sildenafil (the generic drug of same chemical composition as Viagra) and other generically prepared prescription drugs in large amounts.

Is this legal? No. And, when these suppliers are caught, the government pulls their products from the shelves. But, there are always new ones coming along right behind them.

They usually have obvious names like “Massive Stallion”, “Super Stud”, “All Night Long”, “Magic Dragon”, etc...

If you have a friend that tells you to try one of these because he got the most raging hard on in his entire life, you can be pretty sure his herbs were probably drugs laced. Stay away from them.

What is the Problem With
Drug Laced Herbs?

What are “drug laced herbal formulas”?

These, very simply, are herbal formulas that have drugs mixed in with them. Sometimes the herbal capsules have unlabeled drugs mixed in them.

dangers of herbs for erectile dysfunction

If the formula is very powerful, you can be pretty sure there are drugs in there. Why? Because, as you already learned, a capsule or two of any herb is not going to give you an immediate raging hard on.
Only drugs can do that.

Now, if you’re using herbs, it’s because you are trying to avoid chemical drugs. And, the possible health hazards. Right?

The big problem with drug laced (infused) herbs is that you don’t know what drugs are in there. You usually don’t even know there are any drugs in there because none are listed in the ingredients. And, even worse, you don’t know how much of the drug is in there.

Illegal? Yes. Still, for every one removed from the shelves there's a new out there every day. Please: BEWARE.

“How Can These Products
Have Expensive Drugs in Them?”

Aren’t these drugs expensive?

Yes, if you’re buying them as prescription medication.

As you already know, a single tablet of the prescription drug Viagra sells for about $30. Not cheap.

But, almost ALL drugs can be manufactured very inexpensively if you don’t have to pay for the research, patent(s), FDA approval, etc..... What you pay for in a prescription is the millions of dollars that went into research, the FDA costs, the high profit margin, etc.... You also get products that are made under very strict, controlled, and expensive manufacturing conditions.

If you’ve seen the internet ads, you know you can buy the same $30 prescription tablet in generic form (Sildenafil) for about 60 cents. You just don’t know anything about the purity of these things.

Do they work? Yes. If it’s the same chemical.

Chemicals (drugs) are usually cheap and usually easy to create. That unlicensed 60 cents includes the sellers profit. Purity and other factors are unknown. Still, IF  it is the same chemical/drug, it will work the same way.

Why Are Some of Those “Herbal” Capsules
So Powerful?

Medically prescribed Viagra is usually prescribed in 25, 50, and 100 milligram tablets.

That imported “Raging Monster Cock” capsule that your buddy picked up at the convenience store, or, online, that claims to be “herbal”, may list 5 - 10 herbal ingredients and nothing else.

HOWEVER, that raging hard on he got from them won’t come from a capsule full of any herb in the world. Herbs are not like laboratory chemicals. They are foods. That “Amazing Boner” could very well have been delivered by a 100 or even a 200+ mg dose of generic Sildenafil (that is not listed on the label). That’s double the high end Viagra dose.

If your buddy is a young strong healthy guy, he may be overwhelmed with his new “power”.

If he’s an older guy, he may drop dead from a heart attack. Seriously.

If he’s a young guy who’s not in good enough shape, he may go blind, have a heart attack, or die.... also.

Those are the problems with herbs for erectile dysfunction or “herbs for sexual power” that you can buy on the internet or in the convenience store.

We should follow the directive we give to our children: “Just say NO to these ‘herbal’ sex formulas.”

What Can You Do About
Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction there is a reason. A cause.  And, that’s the best news you can possibly get.


Because when you know the reason, you can usually eliminate the cause and regain your lost power.

Personally, I have never found a better place to go than my local Chinese Doctor.

And, you don’t necessarily need a Chinese man or woman.

There are a few very fine colleges that teach Chinese Medicine. More and more men and women from Western cultures now study at these colleges.

One very fine college for oriental medicine I know of is The “Emperors College” in Los Angeles, CA. Another is also the “America College of Traditional Chinese Medicine” in San Francisco, CA.

Is Chinese Medicine
Still Credible?

Western medicine? 200 -300 years old. It depends who you ask. Modern western medicine? Less than 100 years old. The drugs/chemicals are produced in a laboratory.

Traditional Chinese Medicine. Successful for over 5,000 years old. Roots, herbs, barks, flowers, seeds, berries... are produced by Mother Nature.

You decide.

Let’s Talk About
Erectile Dysfunction Cause By a Bent Penis

Sorry to take so long getting to this specific topic.

Erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis is much different than ED caused by other things, such as, hormonal problems, diabetes, medications, etc....

If you have a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease, I want you forget about herbs for erectile dysfunctions, drugs, and any other form of medication for the moment.


Because your fix is usually just this simple: Straighten out your shaft, with a non-invasive method, and the erectile dysfunction will disappear “like magic”. Without herbs, drugs, or any kind of other therapy.



If you have a seriously bent penis that is causing the ED, straightening is what you should be concentrating on first. Why? Because straighten is probably going to reverse the ED problem.

And, let me ask you this: Does using herbs for erectile dysfunction to get a hard bent unusable erection make any sense?

Get straight first. Using a non-invasive method. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

There is No
Instant Fix

With herbs for erectile dysfunction there is no instant fix. Yes, some can sexually stimulate you right away. But, reversing erectile dysfunction takes time.

Here’s another point that needs mentioning:

For some men, ED is not reversible. This is a very small percentage of men with erectile dysfunction. But, it includes men who are very old and worn out, men with severely impaired blood circulation as in advanced diabetes,

For millions of men, erectile dysfunction is reversible. In this group are literally millions of men who have just given up on sex, and, men who rely on risky drugs to force an erection. If you are one of these men, just imagine how nice it would be to get your own beautiful hard erection again. Yes, for millions of men this is possible.

We Americans and pretty much most people in Western Civilizations want “instant relief”. We are educated to want and almost demand it. Forget about it. It took you a long time to mess your body up. It will take a bit of time to rejuvenate it.


Drugs will never reverse ED. They can force many men to have erections. For some men, that is all they want. Regardless of the risks.

But, drugs will not rejuvenate your body the way foods/herbs can. And, drugs for ED come with some very serious possible side effects.

Correct herbal formulas will nourish the sexual system and can help rejuvenate it. Reversing even sometime chronic long term erectile dysfunction. Some of these herbs can also stimulate an erection just the way drugs do.

If You Have a Bent Penis, straighten it out first. With a non-invasive method. That almost always solve the ED problem if the bend was causing the ED.

If you will be patient, nourish and heal your tired and weak body, good sex can be possible for most men  well into their 90s. Want to be one of these men?

herbs for erectile dysfunction #7
herbs for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis
reversing erectile dysfunction with herbs

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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