Does the Genital Wart
a Bent Penis?

genital wart

The  genital wart does not cause a bent penis.

What is a genital wart?

In men, they are found on the shaft, scrotum, groin area, thighs, and can be inside or around the anus in those men who have anal intercourse.

They are soft, growths on the skin and mucus membranes of the genitals in men and women. This wart is a type of sexually transmitted infection (STD). And is classified as an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

there is no cure for the hpv genital wartgenital warts

genital wart does not cause a bent penisbent penis

The bump you may feel inside your shaft  that causes  a bending in your erection is usually harder than these. It usually feels kind of like a pea sized bump under the skin. And it is usually noticeable to the touch when your cock is flaccid (soft).

The ones on your sexual areas, on the other hand, are on the surface of the skin. And there may be numerous ones visible.

A Peyronies bending
not "disease" related

The virus that causes genital type warts is called human papilloma virus (HPV). More than 70 different types of HPV exist. It is a disease that is sexually transmitted.

In the case of bent erections caused by Peyronies disease, there is no "disease". This type of bent or curved erection is caused by scarring and or plaque. It is a condition. Much like and scar on any other part of your body.

The Genital ones
Is Not The Same As The Common Wart

Other types of HPV cause common warts on other parts of the skin, such as the hands. However, warts on the hands or other parts of the body do not cause the genital type.

Here is where the danger is

The main danger (and it is a serious one) of the HPV virus is that this virus can cause serious disease Especially in women.

Some of the 70 types of HPV have been found to cause cancer of the cervix and vulva in women. These are the main cause of cervical cancer.

The types of HPV that can cause these warts, however, are not the same as the types that can cause penile or anal cancer.

- Condoms Will NOT Protect You! -

Sexual intercourse is the way you get genital warts. Plain and simple. They are an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Even if you use condoms you can still get HPV and warts. So knowing about your sexual partner's sexual health is important if you are to avoid getting HPV.

The same holds true for herpes! Condoms will NOT protect you from this STD.

practicing safe sex

In the heat of the moment, HPV may not seem like such a big risk. But, it is! Not only can they be really ugly and uncomfortable,

genital wart problem
the genital wart is incurable

but, the HPV virus may cause cervical cancer in you partner. And neither of you may show the ugly uncomfortable symptoms.

If you plan on having sexual intercourse, oral, or anal sex with someone new, be sure to have them get tested first. That is the only way to be sure you will not wind up with hpv and a genital wart situation.

It is definitely worth finding out!

Be Well.....

~ William

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