What You Need
When You Begin

Fixing a Bent Penis

Faith: "-- complete confidence in a person or plan etc..." Rhyzome dictionary

An old scholar I once met added to that definition: "...when there is not visible evidence that that you are making progress."

And this is exactly the type of trust a man often needs when he is in the beginning days (or sometimes weeks) of fixing a bent penis or a curved penis with penis traction.

Getting Past "The Hump"

In the beginning this can often be the most difficult part of the whole process when you set out to fix a bent penis with penis traction.

When you read about all the success men have had with penis traction, it is very exciting to get your traction device and start using it. At the end of the first few days you can really feel the stretch in your penis.

BUT, you don't necessarily see a lot of results. This is where faith and patience are necessary. It's important to keep in mind that it will probably take many months before you reach your goal.

Really achieving
Your Penis Straightening Goal

Doing your traction every day is important to reaching that goal.

Once you start seeing results, and you start seeing your bent or curved penis straightening, no on will be able to stop you! But, until then, in the beginning, before you can see results in your own penis, faith is what you must rely on.

And why is that so much easier here than in other areas of life? Well, if you are using one of the high quality units described on this website, thousands and thousands of men have succeeded before you using the exact same penis traction method you are using.

The best way to "keep the faith" is to go back and reread the success stories on this site and at the Quick Extender Pro and Pro Extender sites.

And, always keep in mind: 99.99% of the time, a bent penis can be straightened with correct penis traction.

Be Well.....

~ William

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