Ed at 60!

by Ed F.
(Columbus, Ohio)

I am writing this to offer some reassurance to other suffers of Peyronies Disease. I developed a bent penis three years ago. I think it was self induced by pulling my penis, or jelqing, to try and extend it; foolish and reckless and I would never recommend it. However, this was due to my wife's passivity and me feeling inadequate, which again was ridiculous. Never look at porn videos and see them as a point of reference gents!

My urologist recommended I wait up to 18 months to see how it 'burned out'. He then told me if I can use it I should enjoy it and don't worry about it - easy for him to say. He was not equipped to comprehend the psychological implications of actually having a bent penis. However, after much research and trolling through alleged miracle herbal remedies on the internet - all scams I might add - the only tested and proved course of action was what I found on this bent penis website. To use an extender.

Extender devices are often used following penile surgery. I purchased a recommended and tested device and proceeded to wear it for 6 hours a day. I still continue to wear it for a lesser period after 18 months.

My penis is now longer, thicker and I can maintain an erection for what seems like hours on end! I do still have some curvature, but so does half the male population from what I understand. Finally, I’d like to add that I now have a wonderful girlfriend, 14 years my junior, (I'm 60) and she says I am the best, most wonderful considerate lover she has ever had.

Ed F. - Columbus, Ohio

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