A Degloving Surgery
The Worst Possible Choice
Straightening A Bent Penis Caused By
Peyronies Disease

Yes, a degloving surgery is the worst possible choice when simply trying to straighten a penile curvature or bend.

And: It is totally unnecessary 99.999% of the time.

Degloving Is An Antiquated Hideous Mistake
you will always regret

degloving a penisdegloving

First of all: 99% of the time, penile surgery is a poor choice for straightening penile curvature or bending.

If you have been reading the pages on this site, you know that correct penis traction is the clinically proven #1 method for effectiveness and safety when straightening your bending erection. No matter how severe the bending is.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

But, even for men who, in my opinion, foolishly choose surgery to remedy their problem, peeling all the skin off your shaft for a small internal surgery is the worst possible choice you can make. The worst!


Because with modern Peyronies surgery, the techniques only require a simple 1 inch incision in your shaft to do their job. And, even that one inch cut can mess up your sexual ability.

With degloving, the surgeon removes the entire outer skin from your shaft BEFORE even working on your problem.

In this video, you can see exactly what a penis degloving looks like:

You Can Become Permanently Impotent

penis degloving risks

Now let me ask you this: Have you ever had a surgery that left a large scar on you? And, if you did, what did your skin feel like in that area after the surgery. Numb?

Well, how in heaven’s name are you supposed to get an orgasm if you can’t feel anything in your penis?

And, you know what else? You probably won’t be able to get an erection again for quite a long time, if you ever get one again.


Because when you remove the skin down your entire shaft, the nerves in that skin are cut.

If you cut the cord to your living room lamp, does the light go on???

Now, if you cut the nerves in your shaft, guess how many lights will go on there.


A Five to ten Year Recovery

Yes, nerve recovery and healing can take 5 - 10 years. Nerves are one of the slowest things to heal in your body.

Ask anyone who has ever had a face lift. Their face is numb for years before it even approaches normal.

In you face, it doesn’t matter a whole lot for normal life activity.

In your shaft? DISASTER!  Without enough sensation there your sex life is over.

Why Risk ANY Surgery for Penile Straightening?

It’s stupid, in my opinion.

We are so programed to think major surgery is just a normal thing to do.

NO surgery is normal. None. Some surgeries are life saving. But, an unnecessary surgery is just pure stupidity. Save them for when they are really needed.

Penile surgery for straightening a bend or curve is now basically obsolete. And, degloving has proven to be totally unnecessary to the process.

BUT: Why even go through a risky penile surgery when it is totally unnecessary and another medically endorsed and recommended method has proven to be safer and more effective?

PLUS: A penile surgery with degloving will cost you about $16,000. And. it will have you in the hospital for days. Then you will be peeing with a catheter for weeks. All unnecessarily!

What has
The Clinically Proven to be
The Safest and Most Effective Straightening Method?

degloving penis surgery vs correct penis traction

Correct traction.

With Correct Traction you have NONE of those hideous possible risks and you get the clinically proven Safest and Most Effective method.

Yes, correct traction is also medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries around the world.

Correct traction will also work for over 99% of men with a bent penis.

Are you still considering a penile surgery with degloving to correct your Peyronies condition?

I hope not.

Be Well.....

~ William

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