Can a Bent Penis
Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, a Peyronies disease bent penis can cause erectile dysfunction. And, the severe bending does cause ED for most men who develop this bending.

can a bent penis cause erectile dysfunction?

Since you are on this page, you most likely have Peyronies Disease. So, it’s good you got here before you did anything else.

Now, let me tell you the good news first. The very good news:

“If your newly developed bending
did cause erectile dysfunction,

straightening your erections
will probably reverse the problem.
With no other treatment.”

Yes, with no other ED treatment.




And, it’s true.

Without Surgery

Can you straighten your shaft without using surgery?

Normally, yes. Quite easily.

Straightening a bent penis can be simple and easy for 99.99% of men who suffer from Peyronies disease, with a medically endorsed and recommended method that can cost you less than $300.

Are you feeling any better now? I hope so. This whole horrifying situation is usually not nearly as bad as it seems.

I’ll explain why.

Peyronies Disease
is NOT
A “Disease”

ED is something most men never realize is a side effect they will probably get when they develop Peyronies. Yes, this severe bending can cause erectile dysfunction all by itself. And, unfortunately, it usually does.

Yes, I did say “develop” Peyronies disease. Because: Peyronies is actually not a “disease”.

It’s not from a virus, bacteria, genetic mutation, etc... You can’t catch it. You can’t give to to anyone else.

It is just a simple (though personally horrifying) condition. However: this condition is easy to reverse 99.99% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Nice. Right?

Now, let’s get back to the ED it can give you.

Did Your Bending
Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, that horrible, hideous bend had another terrible surprise in store for you that you never realized was coming: This bending, all by itself, can cause erectile dysfunction. Serious dysfunction.

Yep. I'll repeat that: The bending, all by itself, can cause erectile dysfunction.

peyronies disease can cause erectile dysfunction

Not only has it given you the cock from hell, it now makes you unable to attain or maintain a decent erection.

I’ll bet you thought the ED was a separate problem from the bending. Didn’t you?

We ALL did.


Because: We are never educated on this anywhere in our life.

The fact that a bent penis can cause erectile dysfunction is not taught in schools. Our Dad never told us about it, because no one ever told him about Peyronies disease . Or, that it could cause erectile dysfunction. Your friends never talk about it, because they never heard anything about it either.

So, of course we think the ED is totally unrelated.

That may be true.

But, if your ED developed just after your bending became severe, there’s a very good chance the bend itself did cause erectile dysfunction for you.

And, that’s very good news!


Because it is very easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Stay Away From
Sexual Stimulants

I’m really glad if you are one of the men who found this article before you started taking any kind of sexual stimulants. Be they drugs, herbs, or any other sexual stimulants.

sexual stimulants
herbal sexual stimulants

Sexual stimulants were all designed for men with hormonal insufficiency. They can work for men with psychological impotence also.

Please, Remember This:  All sexual stimulants are health risks. Serious health risks. And, they are not medically indicated for the man with PD.

Sexual stimulants are definitely not Peyronies Disease treatments either. Because they will never straighten your shaft out.

They do not get to the cause of erectile dysfunction.

In fact, if you rely on them too heavily, they can cause erectile dysfunction.



So, at least for right now, forget about sexual stimulants.

Why Take
Serious Unnecessary Risks?

Let me ask you this:   If severe penile bending can cause erectile dysfunction, doesn't it just make logical sense that straightening would remove the cause, and, therefore the ED problem itself?

So, doesn't it just make sense to try straightening first? Before you delve into a risky world of stimulants that you might not need at all? Ones that have the potential to cause great physical harm to some men?

Why risk a possible heart attack, or, blindness from some drugs or herbs just to get a hard erection that bends at a 90 degree angle and is really useless for intercourse anyway?

Yes, these risks are very real. You will find those risks listed on the enclosure that comes with the meds.

Sure, most men may not have a problem with these stimulants. But, will you be one of the unlucky ones?

I know, you’re desperate to get a really hard erection again. Right? I know. It's natural.

You’re not the only one. It's a very natural and valid desire. We all went through that. But, please don’t do something stupid that may seriously mess up your health, when the solution to your ED problem may be a whole lot simpler that you think it is right now.

Make sense?

It’s Panic Time!

a bent penis can cause erectile dysfunction

Yes, it’s panic that is driving you toward sexual stimulants. Maybe not at first.

Maybe it just starts with some worry, frustration, and the inevitable depression.

But, as time goes on, we (at least most of us) get a little anxious. OK. Very anxious about our new inability. Sound like you?

Don’t be embarrassed. You’re not alone. This was a nightmare for all of us who have ever been where you are right now.

Wait Until
You Straighten Yourself Out

After a while, we feel the need to get hard again. Even if our erection is so bent that it’s useless. Am I right? We just want to get really hard again. And, feel sexual again. Sexually strong again. Masculine again. Am I right?

I know this probably won't be what you were hoping to hear right now. But, it’s time to take a step back. Right now.

It’s time to take a very deep breath and pour a glass of wine. Or, make a cup of cocoa. Whatever soothes you and gives you some peace and relaxation.


Because until you straighten that bent penis out, sexual stimulants and/or a very hard very bent  erection are not  really going to do you any good anyway right now.

And, more importantly:

“Once you do straighten yourself out,

you’ll most likely find

you don’t need sexual stimulants.”

Straightening Is Super Easy
99.99% Of The Time

....if you just do it right

Yes. It’s easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time. Yes, easy. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

straighten a bent penis, penis tractionPenis Traction,
the Safest and Most Effective, medically endorsed and recommended
penis straightening method

Please read that last "fix a bent penis" link above. I placed it there so that you can find all the details on successful penis straightening without making this article too long.

Here, in this short article, I just want to be sure you learn this one thing:

"If your bent penis did cause erectile dysfunction,
(and Peyronies Disease
will cause ED most of the time),
straightening alone will usually make the ED disappear 'like magic'."

So, now, if you haven’t already, go back, click on that link and learn the #1 Medically Endorsed and Recommended Method for penis straightening.

You’ll be glad you did. Really.

Remember:  A Peyronies bent penis can cause erectile dysfunction all by itself. If that’s the case, I think you’ll be amazed at what straightening can do.

Be Well.....

~ William

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