The Banana Penis

banana penis

What Is A Banana Penis?

It is simply an erection that, when erect, has a slight curve just like a banana.

Most erections are straight or very close to it. Some curve a little. And some curve quite a bit and resemble a banana in shape.

Usually this type of erection bends upward. And some women actually say they prefer it to a straight one because it hits the G spot better.

If this is your case, be grateful for it!

But, the bend can also go sideways of downward.

It may cause embarrassment. Or worse, pain to you and/or your partner during intercourse.

Types Of Bent Or Curved Penis

There are really two classifications of the bending:

The difference is that the "bent penis" is usually much more severe than a curved penis. The bending is almost always caused by Peyronies Disease (a scar or plaque formation inside the shaft that does not stretch adequately during erection).

What Causes The Bending?

There are a number of things that can cause the bending.

It can result from anything that causes one side of your erection to stretch more than the other.

These things include and are not limited to: genetics (you inherited it), pulling to one side during masturbation, tight underwear, tight clothes, etc... Or, even a mild Peyronies Disease condition, can all create this condition.

When A Banana Penis Is A Problem

This condition is only a problem if it causes problems with intercourse or you are terribly embarrassed by it. If it's not causing any problems for you, it is nothing to worry about.

If your erection has always been curved, you probably don't think much about it. And it probably doesn't really bother you.

If, on the other hand, you developed a big bend later in life, or the curve became a lot worse, you are probably panicking!

That's only natural. It is your cock! And a lot of feelings of manhood being "normal" and sexually acceptable are attached to it.

But, there is no need to worry!

It's Easy To Straighten!

If this condition is causing sexual difficulties for you, or making you upset, or sexually shy, you can easily fix a banana penis.

99.999% of the time surgery, injections, and drugs are just not necessary. In fact they are not the best idea.

And they are almost never the best ways to straighten it. They are especially unnecessary for a small curve.

Simple correct traction, has been clinically proven to be the best method for straightening almost any bent or curved penis.

straighten banana penis

Correct traction is actually medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide. It can normally straighten even the most severe bends.

And if all you have is a simple banana penis, you can almost always straighten it very quickly and very easily with correct penis traction.

Be Well.....

~ William

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