Why Taking Baby Steps

Is The Best Way
Fix A Bent Penis

baby steps to success

What do baby steps have to do with fixing a bent penis? A LOT! Baby steps account for many of the greatest successes that ever happened.

It's true. Small, sometimes seemingly insignificant forward motion has caused more successes than most people are aware of.

This definitely holds true for straightening a curved or bent penis.

Straightening A curved Penis
takes time

When you start a traction program to straighten your erections, you're not going to see any dramatic changes in your curvature the first day. Or probably even the even the first couple of weeks.

It's just like when your wife first gets pregnant. You don't see anything right away. And you definitely won't see a new born baby in 2 or 3 weeks!

But, everyday those human cells are multiplying. And the same is true when you use correct penis traction each day.

"Rome wasn't built in a day."

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first single step."

We've all heard these sayings. And we know they are true. And they are especially true for every traction program used to correct penile curvature.

When you do it right
you get great results

taking baby steps

Just like pregnancy, traction works slowly. But surely! Small consistent increments of growth are happening.

Overdoing things, or trying to go too fast, can often cause more harm than good. And, the old German expression "The slower I go the faster I get there." has a lot of truth to it.

It's better to make an error on the side of going too slowly or gently rather than going too fast and pulling too hard.

If you put too much pull on your shaft, you can injure it severely and cause yourself a lot of pain. If you work slowly to moderately, and regularly, as the instructions say, your journey should be completely painless!

With a high quality traction device, you'll get just the right amount of pulling for the best results and safety.

taking baby steps
to get
the results you want

Yes, you can get quicker results with a drastic painful dangerous bent penis surgery that will also wind up shortening your cock. Yes, shortening it.

But, the high quality penile traction device has been clinically proven to be the:

  • Safest
  • Most Efficient
  • Medically Endorsed and Recommended

method for straightening a severely bending or curved erection.

And, it is painless when done correctly!

But, you have to do it correctly. That means being patient , as each little positive step adds on to the one from the days before. Even though at first it may seem like nothing is really happening.

by going slower
you sometimes get there faster

Don't do too much too soon. Remember: You're taking baby steps each day.

If you're feeling pain, you're doing it wrong. Or, for too long. Some men have more delicate tissue than others. So, listen to your body. The experience should be painless.

Yes, you will probably be a little sore after. But, there is a difference between soreness and actual pain.

If you're feeling pain all day, you're definitely going too fast and you're using too much traction. SLOW DOWN! Don't hurt yourself. As nice as it would be, you really can't rush this process.

Don't give up. Just give your shaft a few days rest and start again. Then stick with baby steps! Keep going. Day after day. Just like tens of thousands of men before you, you'll get there. Persistence is the key.

And, it's the difference between those who succeed here and those who fail.

Time Is On You Side

baby steps are the key to success

Every day you use the traction device you make a little progress. It may seem too slow at first. But, it works!

It's just like exercising. If you buy a set of barbells, you won't look like Mr. America the next morning. Or even the next week. And, you don't really expect to.

Most of us have started an exercise program at least once in our lives. We usually went in all full of enthusiasm because we wanted to get in great shape!

The very first day many of us did just too much! (myself included!)

A couple of days later our muscles were stiff as could be and we were in agony!

Some men quit right there. Others quit a few weeks later. That usually happens when they're tired and sore and can't really see any major improvement.

And, then there are those of us who learned to slow down, stick with it, and gain great strength. One little, almost unnoticeable bit at a time.

Regular correct use of the traction device will create changes just as lifting weights will. Slowly, over time, with consistent correct use.

what works best
for you

taking baby steps

You have to start slowly and proceed gradually. At the pace of your own body. It's not a race.

What will guide you is this: Take a baby step. Start with LESS than you think is going to be enough. See how you feel during the next few days. Then adjust accordingly.

Persistence Is Everything!

it's the difference between success and failure

Persistence is what will bring you success!

Yes, persistence. It's a slow process. But, it works! Persistence will be the difference between success and failure for every man who who uses penis traction.

Let's look at another example:

If you were driving from New York to Los Angeles, at night, your headlights would only give you a visibility of about 200 feet. That little 200 foot baby step is all that you could see of your 3,000 mile journey.

But, when you keep driving those 200 feet over and over again, you will eventually wind up driving the entire distance you need to make the journey. That's the success of baby steps!

The same holds true for fixing a bent or curved penis with correct traction. Baby steps!

"If you keep doing correct traction day after day, you can straighten almost any bend! Even a severe one."

straightening a bent penis

Yes, I know, most of the pictures on this page are silly for an uncomfortable situation like this. But, that is specifically why I put them here. I want you to succeed.

It is so easy, if you just stick with it. These pictures will stick in your memory so that you will remember what these tiny little daily correct "traction baby steps" are capable of doing. I believe you can do it!

Be Well.....

~ William

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