by Vinny T.
(New York)

Hey William,

I'm 49. I usually don't look for health advice on the net. I really only trust medical advice and opinion.

But, I was getting very nervous and upset about surgery on my bent penis. It had been bent for almost 2 years. My doc said it was Peyronies disease and that it often clears itself up in 1 or 2 years. So I kept waiting. Mine didn't. I think it got a little worse. You got any idea how self conscious I became those two years? I was afraid to have sex with anyone. Geeze! I felt like a freak.

Finally the doc suggested an operation called Nesbit Surgery. He said that would fix it. But then he told about a smaller penis and possible erection problems and all... It was scaring me. Mine was only 5" to begin with. And since no one knows whose writing this I don't mind telling you.

I thought about it for weeks and figured I could do the operation if the gadget you talked about didn't work. So I bought one of those traction units you talk about for fixing a bent penis only because it seemed to have a lot of medical support in other countries. I used it for 7 months. Unbelievable! Now my boy is almost completely straight! It's been 3 months since I stopped wearing it and I keep thinking the bend is going to come back, but it doesn't. My hard ones are awesome! I'm not embarrassed by it anymore. And I can have sex again without pain. Everything is A OK again!

What can I say? Thanks is not enough. I got none of the side effects that surgery could have caused. And my boy is still 5". Nothing to brag about. But a heck of a lot better than the 4 1/2" it might have been cut down to. A LOT better!! And I saved NINE Grand!

If anyone's got a bent penis and has doubts about what you say, you show em this. I hope it will help.

Again, Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Vinny T. - New York, NY

William's Comment:

Hey Vinny! Congratulations!

And thanks for your letter. I'm sure it will inspire many others who came to the internet in hopes of a better tomorrow!

Sometimes just a little new information and some words of success from others is all we need to make a simple improvement that had before seemed impossible. Like fixing a bent penis with some simple correct traction.

Warm Regards, ~ William

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