HPV Symptoms

Can They Cause a Bent Penis?

Do HPV symptoms (Human papilloma virus) cause a penis to bend or curve?


Genital Warts

Up until about 20 years ago, about the only people most of us heard of who had Human Papilloma Virus (Genital Warts) were porn stars.

With HPV symptoms back then, the presumption was that you get the warts burned off and everything is back to normal.

False. And, False!

HPV Symptoms and Associated Health Problems

There are about 40 different types of Human Papilloma Virus. Not everyone who comes in contact with this virus will get it. And, there is no way to know who will develop health problems.

It is estimated by some professionals that every sexually active adult will have gotten this virus at some time in their life.

Most people who get the Human Papilloma Virus do not develop HPV symptoms. And a person’s immune functions usually clears it up within 2 years.

Still, there is no way to know which people will develop health problems.

Genital warts, will not turn into cancer. These warts, however, left untreated, may remain, go away, or increase.

The warts may be treated medically. However, even after the warts are medically removed the Human Papilloma Virus remains and can still be spread. It can even be spread when no warts are visible.

Some Things You Should Know

Not everyone will get the infection even though it is the most widespread of all sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have HPV symptoms you definitely do have the virus. But, you may also have the virus without the visible warts.

This virus infection spreads from sexual contact of the vagina, mouth, or anus. You can get the infection even if you do not see any visible HPV symptoms (warts).

If you get the infection you may not see HPV symptoms for 6 weeks, 6 months or even years.

What to Look For

Genital warts are the most common and obvious HPV symptom.

The warts can look like small flesh colored bumps or be flat. They may be so tiny that you can not see them. Or they may be massive and look like cauliflower.

Men may have them on their penis, anus, thighs, scrotum or general groin area.

Women may get them inside their vagina or cervix or anus and these can only be found by a medical exam with a special magnifying scope.

Or, they may be outside the Vagina or near by it.

But they can also appear on the lips, tongue, inside of the mouth, or throat.

Other HPV symptoms (that are not as common) include: include vaginal bleeding after or during sex, genital itch, increased dampness in the genital area.

People of Greater Risk

People of greater risk to get and spread this infection include:

- People with weakened immune systems due to illness, stress, or medications

- Smokers

- Alcohol drinkers

- Those with multiple sex partners

- Those who have sexual contacts at an early age

- Those who know nothing of their partner’s sexual health

- People who already have and infection such as herpes and are under extra stress

- Pregnant women

Your Bent or Curved Penis

A bent or curved penis (erection) is not an HPV symptom.

These warts, if they are on your penis, will not cause your erections to bend or curve.

Bending is caused by a scar and/or plaque formation usually on the inside of the shaft (on one or more of the chambers inside the shaft that fill with blood and cause the erection).

It is a completely different condition.

Take HPV and It’s Symptoms Seriously

The biggest problem with the Human Papilloma Virus infection is that it often has no symptoms in young women and it can in some cases lead to cervical cancer.

There is a vaccine for young women. Although I personally stay away from most every vaccine, this one can be useful for young sexually active females and help them avoid serious consequences later in life. Such as cervical cancer.

Again prevention is far better than cure. If you are not sexually active you don’t have to worry about HPV.

But, not ever young teen is going to abstain from sexual intercourse or sexual activity. These days most seem to be involved with it. And that makes this and every other STD that much more prevalent. And that much easier to get.

This virus is not limited to young adults. Sexually active people of any age can easily contract this infection and spread it.

There is no “cure”. The body fights it off in a period of years, OR it does not. The virus can also be dormant for long periods at a time and then produce the HPV symptoms.

Sex is No Longer “Good Clean Fun!”

It’s a Bitch these days! Random sex is not as safe as it was 35 or 40. We were lucky back then!

These days, you have to practice safe sex without exception.

And STILL, using condoms, you can get HPV and Herpes.

If you’re having sex with a new partner don’t be afraid to ask about STDs. In fact you’re being stupid if you don’t discuss them first.

AND, take a good look down there first. While you’re having foreplay. If you see anything doubtful DON’T CONTINUE! Don’t be foolish!

You can regret a “moment of passion” for years. Or, even the rest of your life.

It’s Never Worth the Risk

Don’t spend years or the rest of your life regretting a “moment of uncontrolled passion.”

HPV symptoms mean you have the virus. And the associated potential problems. It is especially dangerous for woman due to the heightened risk of cervical cancer.

And, even though the HPV symptoms may be treated and the warts go away, it doesn’t mean the virus and it’s problems are gone.

Is this virus something you want to live with? And possibly spread to some unsuspecting woman? Of course not!

Take HPV symptoms (in you or your partner) seriously.

Be safe, and Be Well!....

~ William

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