Male Enhancement Surgery

male enhancement surgery

There is probably no dumber thing you can do than get male enhancement surgery.

That’s right, really dumb!

Not because having a Bigger cock is dumb. But, because the risks can be horrible and may totally ruin your sex life. And, the results are minimal. Some width and one quarter of an inch of length is about it.

What You Can Expect
Male Enhancement Surgery

Male enhancement surgery can:

  • Leave you with weak soft erections
  • Make it impossible to orgasm
  • Make you lose most or all sensation in your penis
  • Create a lumpy irreparable erection

just to name some of the possible side effects...

The Benefits

What you can gain for your $6,000 - $15,000 male enhancement surgery?

Some thickness.

That’s about it.

And, maybe 1/4 of an inch in length. Maybe.

Still want male enhancement surgery?

Or, do you want a seriously Bigger cock?

A Longer Erection?

No. Here’s a fact:

Male enhancement surgery
will not
make your erection significantly longer.

That’s right. 1/4, yes one quarter, of an inch longer, maybe. Male enhancement surgery can make it a little thicker, but not significantly longer.

So what’s the point of it???

Worse, and possibly disastrous: with penile surgery you risk never being able to achieve an erection or orgasm ever again!

Isn’t that lovely?

A lot of good that little bit more thickness did when you can’t have intercourse any more, right?

You Can Do It Safely!

It’s normally possible to make your cock bigger.

In fact, it’s quite easy. If you do it correctly.

AND, you can do it safely without male enhancement surgery.

Where The Problem Is

Is there really a problem with your penis or is there a problem with your self esteem?

This is an important question for you. Please consider it seriously.

A man with a 4” erection can often satisfy a woman as well or better then a man with an 8” erection because:

He knows how to use it.

He is a great lover in all aspects.

But, if you think you ”need” a bigger penis and you have at least 4”, then you might be a LOT wiser to spend your money on some psychological counseling.

I’m not making fun of you!

Here’s what causes the problem:

Media make men think they have to have a huge cock that is capable of sexual intercourse at least twice a day or else you are not a real man, a failure in bed, and no woman will want you.

That’s horrible misinformation.

AND, it’s injurious to many men. Especially young men who don’t understand who they are yet, or, what is most important in having and creating a wonderful loving relationship. With GREAT Sex!

The Benefits of a Bigger Erection

However, there is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis just because you feel like you want one.

Or, different color hair. Or, a more muscular physique.

It’s your personal choice.

If it makes you feel better, if it makes you happier, and you’re not hurting anyone else in the process, Good! That is reason enough to do most anything.

And: having a bigger cock is fun!

So, if that is what you want (just because you want it) then, by all means go for it!

Just learn how to do it correctly and safely.

Having a Big Cock

A big cock is Great! I was lucky enough to be genetically gifted with one.

Women have always loved it!

But, an average cock is all you need to be a great lover and fantastic in bed.

A bigger cock can be like a bigger better car. More to show off and possibly more fun to drive.

Do you need one? No. Do you want one?

That is totally a personal decision. A lot of men do.

I have one, so, for me it is not a question.

But, many men want a bigger one and it is usually an entirely possible thing to achieve. Easily and safely.

You just want to be sure you do it safely.

I am only writing this to let you know that you can have a bigger penis (if you are like most normal men). And, you can get it without the hideous risks that come with male enhancement surgery.

In fact, I’ve never met a man who had male enhancement surgery who was happy with it or thought it was worth it after he did it.

Making The Right Choice

So how do we do it?

Once you decide male enhancement is something you want, be sure to do it correctly and (as I’ve stated a lot already) safely.

I have written an entire page on Natural Male Enhancement (that you can read just by clicking the link).

On it you’ll learn what the best and most effective methods are. You’ll also learn what method is currently medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

You’ll be happy you did.

Best of all, you can get the kind results you’re looking for without the hideous risks associated with male enhancement surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William