A Curved Penis
Easy To fix!

curved penis sideways
upward curved penis
curved down penis

Does your curved penis look like any of these?

It can go in any direction.

A penile curvature differs from a bent one in that there is usually no scar tissue causing the curve. And, it is much simpler to fix!

A bent erection usually has a scar responsible for the bending. This was first discovered by Francoise de la Peyronie in 1743. It thereafter was called Peyronies Disease.

The problem is: When a bent or curved penis was classified as a "disease" it put a huge stigma over the whole thing and made men feel terrible! Emasculated. Deformed. Embarrassed. Ashamed.

All wrong!!!

There Is Nothing Really Wrong
With You

A curved penis that has no scar tissue means that you are simply out of balance. That's all. Some of the tissue is longer than the rest. This causes your crooked erection.

But, don't let a curved penis worry you. The remedy is very very easy! It just takes a little time, persistence, and the correct equipment to fix a curved penis.

If you broke a bone, sprained an ankle, burned yourself, cut yourself and needed stitches, you would not think you had a "disease". You would never be ashamed. You might even feel more manly. A fighter and survivor!

But, when you have a bent or curved penis you may sometimes feel like crawling in a hole and hiding. Worse, you are now told you have Peyronies Disease. Oh no! A disease! You are no longer normal. A healthy sex life seems impossible!

That's incorrect!!! Mis-information.

Curved penis is a simple condition, not a disease, and it is very very easy to fix! And, it is mislabeled as "Disease". But, remember this: there is nothing really wrong with you.

curved penis is easy to fix

First, you must understand what is actually happening.

Curved penis actually baffles most doctors more than a bent one because there is usually no scarring or plaque to be found inside the shaft(which causes a bend). So they say it is genetic (possibly) or your "disease" has no known cause.

That's CRAP! And, it makes you worry and fret unnecessarily.

First of all: understand something basic: A simple curvature, though possibly unattractive, is not a disease! It's a condition. Like a broken leg. And, some women even like them a lot.

Secondly: Everything, yes everything, has a cause. You just have to know where to look or what to look for. (That applies to every disease known to man.)

The "Unknown" Causes

Since there is a cause, there is a remedy.

Curved penis conditions have very simple causes. We just overlook them. Or, more importantly, we don't acknowledge them. That is true with most conditions and diseases.

I was watching a magic show on TV last night where the magician showed how all the magic was done. It was fantastic! I have always been a big fan of magic. And I got to see how many great tricks were done. I loved it. Now I could do those tricks! I now know the cause of the illusion.

But before we know the "how", the cause, it's magic to us! To us, the uninitiated, or uneducated viewers.

The only reason it seems like magic is that we are not aware of the cause.

It's exactly the same with this condition! Exactly.

Why it is curving

A penile curvature can be caused a number of ways such as: Some of the tissue, either the skin, fascia just under the skin, or the Corpus Cavernosum, has been shortened or lengthened.

So, on erection not everything can expand or elongate equally. The parts that are shorter will cause the shaft to bend in their direction. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT! Nothing else. Simple!

You Have No Disease!

Get that clear in your head. If your doctor says there is nothing there, you have no disease. You have imbalanced tissues. That's all!

As soon as that is clear to you, you'll start make fantastic progress in straightening your erection out. And, you can straighten your curved penis permanently! And quickly.

Most men were are not formed truly straight here. Nothing human is actually perfectly symmetrical. For example: Take a look in the mirror at the nostrils in your nose right now. Yes, right now. Really. Get up, go to the mirror and look.

You didn't go, did you? Well if you had, you would have seen that one nostril is bigger than the other. Right? Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. But bigger.

Put your hands side by side. One is bigger. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.

Same thing with the tissues in the male organ.

That's the genetic part.

But there are other causes. It doesn't "just happen".

can Masturbation cause this?

The major curving, or bending,  comes from some kind of stretching. (A "bent" one is more severe/dramatic and is normally caused by scarring and/or plaque formation inside on the corpus cavernosum. That's the difference.)

You've stretched something out! Sometimes very much. That's how you have gotten a curved penis! Or this is just the way yours was formed genetically. No big deal! You're not alone.

Mastrubation (also spelled: masturbation) accounts for many misshaped male organs also. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mastrubation. In fact mastrubation can be very healthy.

BUT, when you constantly pull on your shaft (or your lips, or earlobes, etc...) they stretch.

And with masturbation, you usually use the same hand. That hand is often consistently pulling off to one side. Over and over again. It is slight. But, it's happening.

Gradually, over a long period of time, the tissues on one side of you shaft get longer than the other side. So, your erection starts to bend toward the shorter side.

You can either learn to alternate with both hands or get a Fleshlight device. With a Fleshlight you can masturbate safely, without damaging your organ, AND, have the most Amazing orgasms!

Other Common Causes
a curved penis

This continual stretching also happens from always tucking your rod to the same side when you get dressed. Can that be the cause of this "disease"?? YES. It actually often is.

Also, if you continually have sex with a partner in a position that forcefully bends your erection to one side, it can start to take on a permanent curvature in that direction.

Your organ is a delicate instrument (believe it or not). It is also flesh and it responds to stretching and pulling. If you continually pull or stretch it in a direction, eventually it will take on a definite shaping in that direction.

How To Fix A Curved Penis

Fixing this condition is so very easy if it is done correctly. It just takes some time, persistence, and the correct tool.

Specifically made traction devices are the best, safest, and most efficient way to straighten you curved penis permanently.

They are very easy to use. Inconspicuous. You can wear them under most clothing while at work and no one else will know it is there. And a quality traction device will do the job perfectly!

The thing is there are about 23 different kinds of these devices available right now. So which one do you choose?

I have researched all of them. Only two met all my personal requirements for safety and quality. These are the X4Labs devices and those made by Quick Extender Pro.

These two are both medically approved and classified as Type One Medical Devices. Both are fully guaranteed to work. They are also currently recommended by doctors in 29 countries.

You can save about $100 - $125 on a cheaper one. But, if you damage your precious member with an inferior unit, you will be sorry you ever read this page. So, don't try to save a buck on a cheaper device when the safety of your organ is at stake. The best ones are under $300. So anyone can afford to do it correctly and safely.

How Traction Works

Your traction device will gradually stretch out the shorter tissue(s) so that they are as long as the longer tissues. When they are all even, your erection will be straight and magnificent! It will something you will be able to be proud of! AND, it is that simple!!

straightening a curved penis
fix a curved penis

These devices work so well that, if you want to, you will actually be able to make your erection longer (after it has straightened out). In fact, these units are so effective at what they do, that they are most commonly sold as "enlargers" or "extenders".

But, for a curved penis, make no mistake: These are the best straightening devices in the world!

"Effective penis curvature treatment
usually requires nothing more than simple correct stretching."

In more advanced cases or in cases of scarring, you will need to actually increase the amount of tissue in the shorter areas.

The traction unit can easily both of these things safely and easily.

You Don't Have To Worry Any More!

fix a curved penis #2

In a matter of months your curved penis can be straightened. Permanently. And you will be able to be very proud of it!

Be Well.....


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