Using Penile Implant Surgery
Fix A Bent Penis

Penile implant surgery is undoubtedly the dumbest way to fix a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease.

It just boggles the mind why anyone would ever even consider this as a remedy for a bent penis.

When An Implant Is Appropriate

First of all, this surgery and implantation was designed for men who can not get an erection by any other method. Men who have tried everything including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. and just can not get an erection.

That is what penile implant surgery was designed for. NOTHING else.

Why? Because these implants:

  • Require surgery,

  • Are irreversible

  • Usually make it impossible for the man to EVER get an erection again normally (the natural erectile reactive mechanism is almost always destroyed)

penile implants are usually the last treatment option considered.

Most of these impotent men could completely remedy their situation by simply nourishing their bodies properly, getting some good exercise, and sleeping suficiently.

But, no one ever tells them this. Or, they just are unwilling to take these healthful actions.

And, there are certain times when a man's body becomes too compromised for nutritional rejuvenation. Times when too much internal damage has been done.

Medical Conditions

A penile implant surgery is usually used when there is clear medical irreversible cause for ED (erectile dysfunction). When a man's problem is unlikely to resolve or improve naturally or with nutritional or medical treatments.

This can happen with severe vascular disease, severe diabetes, bladder or prostate cancer surgery, neurologic disease, hypogonadism, impotence related to many medical diseases including chronic renal (kidney) disease, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, and drug therapy.


Complications associated with this procedure include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding after the procedure; this condition may require an additional operation

  • Infection

  • Scar tissue formation

  • Erosion of penile tissues

  • Mechanical failure

Peyronies Disease

In no way this is a sane remedy for Peyronies Disease.

This procedure is for men who can not get an erection no matter what.

In Peyronies Disease a man gets an erection just fine. It simply bends and possibly hurts terribly when an erection is obtained.

There is a HUGE difference in these two conditions!

This surgical procedure compromises or destroys the erectile reactive mechanism in a man. This means, once you get the implant you will probably NEVER be able to get an erection on your own again. Ever! Even if you take the gadget out later.

But getting an erection was never the problem here!

If it was, you would never even know that you had Peyronies Disease. A man with Peyronies Disease only experiences a bent penis on erection. Not with a flaccid (limp) one.

Peyronies Disease

The procedure MAY enable a man with Peyronies to get a decently straight erection. But, the erection still may cause huge pain because the scar causing the bending is still being stretched too hard.

So what is the point?

Especially when:

In other words: with correct traction, a man can usually straighten his erection and live normally again in 99.999% of all Peyronies cases.

So, why would any sane man chose penile implant surgery to straighten a bent penis?

Lack of knowledge. Lack of information. Lack of education.

You don't have to be one of these unfortunate men who will be sexually compromised for the rest of his life.

Correct Traction is Medically Approved and Physician Endorsed

Correct traction has been clinically proven to be the:

  • Safest

  • Most effective

  • Painless

medically approved and physician endorsed method for straightening a bent penis.

In the case of Peyronies Disease, penile implant surgery is a misuse of an effective treatment designed for complete impotence and complete erectile dysfunction.

A man with Peyronies Disease is NOT impotent. He gets an erection just fine. But his erection bends so much that it interferes with sexual function.

Straightening a Bent Penis is Easy!

Penile implant surgery is not the way to correct a bent or a curved penis.

In almost every case, no penis surgery of any kind is necessary.

99.999% of the time a bent penis is very easy to fix with simple correct traction.

After correct traction: you will probably forget a bending erection was ever your problem!

With penile implant surgery: you will never have a normal sex life again.

Be Well.....

~ William