What About Penis Surgery
Fix a Bent Penis?

penis surgery

The Worst Possible Choice

Penis surgery, in my opinion, is the worst possible choice that could be made when a men considers how to fix his bent penis. The worst!

Here is a partial list of the possible side effects that can come from surgery for a bent penis:

  • Imptoence

  • Inability to achieve an orgasm

  • A shorter penis (this is definite part of the surgical straightening operation)

  • Damage to the urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)

  • Scarring (which could bend the penis in another direction later on)

  • Lack of sensation

  • Infection

penis surgery

bent penis surgery

Penis Surgery is Unnecessary Over 99.99% Of The Time

First, I believe penis surgery, for a bent penis or a curved penis, is insane. The reason for that is that in over 99.99% of the cases, penis surgery is just not necessary to straighten a bent penis. It doesn't matter what the cause was.

Surgery, for almost everything these days, has just become so common these days that we accept it like apple pie. So why not do surgery on your penis? "It's available. Might as well use it. If it's expensive it must be good." Right?


Although the human body has great and miraculous healing properties, it was never meant to be sliced up. Surgery should only be a last resort in any physical condition or disease. The last resort. Not the first.

Every Surgery carries these consequences:

  • Blood circulation to the area is always diminished (even decades after the surgery)

  • There is always some permanent nerve damage

Now, in your penis: sensation (proper nerve function) and erection (proper blood flow) are most important. Why would you want to risk unnecessary permanent damage like that with an unnecessary surgery?

Your Miraculous Body

The body is a totally self healing device. Assist it correctly and you will eliminate any health problem you have.

When you cut a body you injure it. Severely.

Here is a common example:

When I was a young man, my breathing was sometimes a little difficult. A surgeon friend told me he could easily correct my deviated septum (breathing blockage in my nose) with a "simple" surgery. It sounded like a great idea. So I did it!

Now I breathe very freely through my nose. BUT!! my sense of smell is 75%-85% gone. He neglected to tell me about that possible side effect.

Would I have done that if I had known?

Want To Risk Your Penis?

Most men have a small degree of curvature in their penis. But when a penis bends or curves so much that it is embarrassing, or painful, or causes pain to your partner, you most certainly would like to straighten it out.

But surgery is not the best answer.

Every surgery comes with greater or lesser complications.

If you became impotent with penis surgery, would it have been a good choice? Especially if there was a better, safer, and much less expensive way to do it?

By FAR the absolute best and most effective method for straightening a bent penis is the use of a penis traction device. If you study the results, nothing else compares. Once you understand what caused your bent penis, it becomes very easy to see why penis traction has proven to be best.

Penis traction is now medically recommended in 29 countries!

Penis Traction vs Penis Surgery

Penis traction is effective in almost 100% of bent penis or curved penis conditions. The high quality penis traction devices are classified as Type 1 Medical Devices devices in Europe and they bear the "CE" seal. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

Besides not having all the disastrous possible side effects of penis surgery, penis traction is very inexpensive. You do it yourself with the proper device. The process is painless and very gradual.

Penis traction is totally non invasive! Done according to directions, you do not risk the circulation damage or any of the nerve damage found in penis surgery.

The best penis traction device available only costs about $300. Penis surgery will cost you between $6,000 - $15,000.

penis surgery

Which Traction Device Is Best?

I have found 23 penis traction devices currently available on the market. Seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon!

I have researched every one of these. There are only two that met all my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness. These two are the X4Labs devices and The Pro Extenders.

You can find a few others for $50 to $150 less. But, if an inferior unit breaks on your penis, or causes damage to your penis you will regret it forever! You can't replace your penis. So, for a few more dollars, does it make sense to do it properly and with the best device possible?

A good quality penis traction device works so effectively, that you can actually lengthen your penis by 1 to 3 inches if you want to! For this reason they became most commonly sold as penis enlargers or penis extenders.

But, don't worry. Your penis will not get any longer until you straighten it out. That is because the shorter penile tissues will be stretched before the longer ones are affected by the traction (pulling).

After that, it's up to your own desires.

Is Penis Surgery Necessary?

For a bent penis condition surgery seems like insanity to me! Only because penis traction has proven to be superior in every way.

Be Well.....