Can Vaginismus Be Caused
a Bent Penis?


What Is Vaginismus?

This is a condition where the muscles at the opening of the vagina tighten involuntarily, even though a women desires sexual intercourse.

The tight muscle contraction makes sexual intercourse very uncomfortable or impossible.

Vaginismus usually begins when a woman first attempts to have sexual intercourse. However, it can develop later in life when some other factor causes intercourse to be painful.

This painful sexual intercourse can easily spiral into fear of sex.

This fear of sex makes the vaginal muscles contract even tighter when sexual intercourse, or even foreplay, is attempted.

Continuing attempts at sexual intercourse can then become even more painful or impossible.

Misunderstandings By Men

We men often don't even know such a condition can exist. Or, that it can be created by physically painful sexual intercourse.

So, if our partner develops this condition, we tend to misunderstand it and see it as personal rejection. It is not!

This condition is a genetic physical survival mechanism of the female body.

The Problem With A Bent Penis

When a man has a mildly bent or curved penis, there may be no problem with sexual intercourse for either partner. It may make no difference at all.

But with a Peyronies disease condition, an erection can become severely bent. A bend with a 45 degree angle can easily develop. A bend with even a 90 degree angle can result in extreme cases.

A severely bent penis can put great and unusual strain on the vaginal wall. Over a short period of time, this can cause the development of this vaginal pain problem.

The Big Problem With Peyronies Disease

The big problem with Peyronies disease is that once the penile shaft starts bending, it usually continues to keep bending for a matter of months.

The original curve or bend may not have been a problem during intercourse.

But, as the the bend increases it may put far too much pressure on the vaginal wall and vaginal opening. This can cause a lot of pain. Even physical damage.

vaginismus 2

This pain, if great enough, can cause an automatic fear of sex in the female partner. This fear can then trigger the vaginal muscles to contact before sexual contact or on sexual contact of any kind.

And that can easily be the cause of this problem.


When diagnosing this condition, doctors look for scars, infections, or other abnormalities to try to determine what could be causing the symptoms.

When vaginismus is the problem, no such abnormalities will be found.

The diagnosis is also based on the woman's description of the problem. It will include her sexual and medical history, her childhood and adolescence history, and a pelvic examination.

During the examination, it is very important for the woman to let her doctor know if her partner has developed a bent penis.


Vaginismus is a reflexive muscular tightening action.

Once this condition develops, any sexual contact may cause a problem. Even after the penis has been straightened.

Treatment aims to weaken the reflexive tightening of the vaginal muscles. And, to reduce the fear of pain that occurs when the vagina and surrounding areas are touched.

This is accomplished with vaginismus touching exercises that a woman performs herself. Over a period of time, these exercises will weaken the muscle contracting reflex.

Eventually the woman's body learns it is OK for her to touch her vagina and vaginal area, and finally she will learn to penetrate her vagina with her fingers and without pain.

vaginismus 3 As she gets used to this, the muscle contractions reduce and finally stop.

Then intercourse can be comfortably, and usually successfully tried again.

Taking Appropriate Action

If you find you have developed a Peyronies condition, the best thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to remedy it as soon as it starts to be even a little uncomfortable.

The sooner you remedy the condition, the less chance your partner has of experiencing pain during intercourse and the better your sex life will be.

Fortunately, with Peyronies disease, a bent penis is very easy to straighten 99.999% of the time. And the sooner it is done, the easier and quicker it is to do.

Surgery, penis injections, drugs.... are almost never necessary. Simple correct penis traction can fix almost any bent penis safely and effectively.

Correct traction is so effective that it is medically approved and physician endorsed in 29 countries world wide.

Avoiding Vaginismus

Vaginismus can destroy a couple's sex life. And there is no reason or need to risk causing vaginismus in your partner if your doctor tells you that you have Peyronies disease.

As you learned, a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease is very easy to straighten 99.999% of the time.

And, the sooner you take action to correct that problem, the less sexual difficulties you will experience.

Be Well.....

~ William