The Progression of Peyronies Disease


François de la Peyronies
The man for whom this condition was named

The Bend Starts
It Gets Worse!

With Peyronies "Disease" you probably noticed a small bend at first. Then it got worse. And then maybe your erections started to become painful.

You went to see a doctor and you were told you have a "Disease". You became terribly worried! No one smiled during the conversation. It was all too serious. You go home miserable. Worried. Upset...

But you should be rejoicing! That's right. Your "disease" is only your body trying to heal itself from an injury. And as bad as it looks, it's easy to fix! So you should take a big sigh of relief!

In about 40% of all Peyronies cases, as time passes, the bend straightens (though not usually completely straight) to comfortable degree all by itself.

If the penis does not straighten out, 99.999% of the time a bent penis is very easy to fix.

The Progression
What You Can Expect

The slow ugly progress is usually what causes the most anxiety. So let's take a look at how Peyronies "Disease" (it should be called Peyronies "Healing") progresses. Once you understand it, you'll feel much better!

This is what you can expect during the first year:

1) You have a trauma to your penis (whether you noticed it or not)

2) You notice your penis is starting to bend

3) The amount of bend increases slowly or quickly over time (this happens as the scar grows harder and thickens. That is simply nature's way of protecting the area from further harm)

4) You have problems with the quality of your erection (so now you really panic! It's just the problem from the inflexible scar tissue. Relax!!)

5) As the bend gets worse you may begin to experience pain during erection (some men experience no pain). This pain makes erectile problems greater. You feel "horny" yet the associated pain trains your body to withdraw from creating erections.

6) If you have erectile pain, it grows worse. Then you really start to worry!

7) You can feel a small lump or bump where the pain is or where your penis bends. This lump also may grow bigger, or harder, or appear to shift position over time.

8) These conditions usually progress and get worse over the first 6-18 months. Life becomes miserable.

Then, after about 12-18 months:

9) The pain during erection decreases or goes away. (Unless you have really bad healing problems)

10) The bend mostly straightens out for about 40% men. (But, very few of these get completely straight again) OR

11) The bend stops getting worse, but never really gets much better (about 60% of men). So now you feel doomed. It's been over a year and your sex life is probably all but destroyed. Or you think it is.

It's not. So read on!

The 18 Month Marker

In about 40% of documented cases, Peyronies resolves itself within 18-24 months. If your Peyronies condition has not resolved itself pretty well after that time, it's probably never going to.

You're then going to have to decide if you need to take corrective action or not.

If your bent penis is not causing you or your partner any intercourse difficulties, then you really don't need to be concerned about it. And you don't really need to fix it.

But, if the bend is causing you or your partner pain, if it is adversely affecting your sex life, or if you just can't stand the bend for personal reasons, you can easily fix it.

Fixing A Bent Penis

99.999% of the time penis surgery is not necessary or even a good option. Penis surgery can cause great problems with erectile ability and possibly leave you impotent. Don't let anyone scare you into that.

A bent penis is normally very easy to fix with just some proper penis traction. How long the process will take depends upon how severe your bend is.

Just don't panic. Penis traction can be started at any time. Early in the Peyronies development or later.

Doctors generally recommend waiting a year before taking surgical action. The reason is: Penis surgery can possibly destroy your ability to have an erection!

And, about 40% of men will recover well enough on their own (without taking any action) to have satisfactory intercourse.

Penis traction, on the other hand, can be started at any time. And correct penis traction can actually prevent the Peyronies condition from fully developing and causing any real problem it is if started early enough.

Don't Panic! and Don't Worry!

You're not doomed! You've had an injury. That's all there is to it. It is simply healing in an unpleasant way.

Once you understand what Peyronies "Disease", or a Peyronies "Healing Condition" (as I prefer to call it) is, you can set your mind at rest. You can fix a Peyronies bent penis easily and safely 99.999% of the time!

Be Well.....

~ William