What Causes Peyronies Disease?

What Is Actually Happening?

Peyronies Disease is simply the progression of the body's healing process in a body that does not heal normally.

As you have learned this far, it is not a true disease. It is a condition resulting from the formation of heavy scar tissue and/or plaque on or with in your penile shaft.

The scarring limits the elasticity of the penile tissue where it is located. So, when you get an erection your cock bends in the direction of the scar.


You are not sick. You do not really have a "disease". Peyronies "Disease" is simply a condition. Like a broken leg. And it is just as easy to fix!

A Simple Comparison

To understand the progression of Peyronies "Disease", you must first have a basic understanding of how your body heals itself.

Your scarring and/or plaque formation here was caused by a trauma. Some amount of tissue in your shaft was injured. You might not have even felt the injury when it happened.

As your body repaired this injury some scar tissue was formed. Some plaque may have accumulated in the injured spot also.

Now, we can compare this to an injury you already understand. Let's say a cut on your arm.

You got cut. A scab formed. After many days, or even a few weeks, the scab fell off and there was a scar. It's that simple. You have a small scar and then you forget about it.

The Peyronies Problem

Scar tissue is usually thicker and harder than normal tissue. And it does not stretch as well.

Now, when that scar was on your arm, you probably didn't even notice it after a little time passed. Even though it was still there.

And, unknown to you, that scar continued growing stronger and thicker for a period of time. That is how nature protects you from further injury in that spot. She uses added protection!

But your arm does not get erections! It does not expand to 3 to 5 times it's usual size. So the scar is usually no problem at all.

Erections do expand your shaft 3 to 5 times it's flaccid size. But, the scar won't stretch the way normal tissue does. So your cock bends off in the direction of the scar(s) when it gets erect.

And that's all that is really happening.

Why Peyronies Develops

Here's why some man get a curvature or a bending and others don't.

Some people have weaker cellular integrity than others (the cells don't hold together as strongly as normal). Some people heal more poorly than others. And some people scar heavily and poorly.

The really great healers don't get Peyronies in the first place (unless their cock was practically cut in half! And then they still might not.).

The poor healers, who may also have weak or brittle cellular structure, may need only the slightest trauma. Even an unnoticeable one. Like slightly bending their erection during intercourse. Or pulling their stuck cock out of their pants too vigorously one day when needing to urinate.

These men may feel no immediate pain at all from their injury. But, they might have slightly broken or damaged some internal penile tissue. Then they can wind up with a radically bent penis 4 or 5 months later and never know why.

Proper Healing

Though both are involved in proper healing, healing well is more a question of long term dietary practices than of genetics.

The fact is, if you don't have the necessary and correct building blocks (nutrients) you're not going to heal well. You'll also have weak tissue integrity. And this will make you a target for Peyronies disease.

A permanent change of diet, to a natural human diet (primitive diet), can assist your healing abilities in every way.

A natural diet can also can help every function in your body work better. Including you mental abilities.

But, you can't just eat right for 1 month, or take a supplement for a week and expect all to go right with your healing processes. And changing your diet won't necessarily correct all the damage that's been done so far.

Straightening Your Erection

A bent penis is easy to fix! And 99.999% of the time, surgery is NOT necessary.

So don't despair. With a bit of time and some patients, almost any cock with a Peyronies condition can be straightened beautifully!

Be Well.....

~ William