What Can Your Perineum
Do For You
When You Are Fixing A Bent Penis?

First of all: What is your perineum?

It is that part of your body between your legs and between your scrotum and you anus.

perineum massage and a bent penis

What does this area have to do with a bent penis, you may be asking? Well, after spending a day with a penis traction unit in place, it is nice to gently massage your penis. Just for the sake of comfort.

And, rubbing your perineum gently for a few minutes after that can help restore a feeling of balance and calm to your entire sexual system.

What You Should Know

The nerves that go to all of your sexual organs pass through this area. If you lay on your back, spread your legs a little, and rub into this area, you will feel something that feels much like a rope. That is where all those nerves are.

perineum massage and a bent penis 2

As you learned, by gently massaging your perineum, or even just gently rubbing it, it will have a great effect on calming and soothing you sexual organs. And this includes your prostate gland.

This massage will not replace a normal prostate massage. But it is useful because besides being very soothing, it can also be sexually pleasing and healthful for your prostate.

The reason this massage is so is that: in the center of this area, you have the acupressure point for your prostate gland. Massaging this point can be effective for long term treatment of your prostate gland.

Massaging this area can also be helpful in maintaining prostate health when you have a painfully bent penis and are not able to have erections comfortably because of a severely bent penis.

Prostate milking is also important and a God send to men when getting an erection is too painful. Prostate milking will enable you to release the semen from your prostate gland without getting an erection. And this will normally curb your sexual desire until a comfortable erection is possible again.

Using The Perineum Massage

So, if you are using penis traction to fix a bent penis, try gently rubbing this area at the end of your day for a minute or two (like the gentle way you would rub a child's tummy). Do it after you have taken off your penis traction unit and have finished gently massaging your penis.

Experiment with the wonderful relaxing feelings of gently rubbing and massaging your perineum. I think you'll really enjoy it. And it can only do you good!

Be Well.....

~ William