What Causes Penis Pain?

penis pain - What causes it?

What Can Cause Penis Pain?

There are a huge number of things besides a bent penis or curved penis that can be causing pain in your penis.

Sometime the pain will go away by itself in a day or two.

And sometimes, the pain can be chronic (lasting a long time). If this is your situation, there are so many different things that can cause pain in the penis that you will probably need to see a doctor to figure out what it is

Pain in the penis can be on the outside skin or inside the penis.

Different conditions that cause penis pain can come from, and are not limited to, such things as:

- Prostate problems

- Candidiasis

- Penile candidiasis

- Reiter's syndrome

- Penis cancer

- Infected penile prosthesis

- Painful erection

    * Priapism

    * Peyronie's disease (bent penis)

- Urinary stones

- Kidney stones

- Insect or spider bite

- Foreskin disorder

- Balanitis

- Paraphymosis (retracted foreskin)

- Inflammatory phymosis

- Inflammation of the foreskin (balanitis)

- Thickening of the foreskin (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans)

- Torn frenulum during intercourse

- Trauma to penis

- Sexually transmitted infections (eg. herpes simplex, human papilloma virus)

- Urinary tract infection

- Penile ulcer

- Syphilitic chancre

- Penile skin conditions

- Psoriasis

- Peyronie's disorder

- Bent Penis

- Curved Penis

- "Fractured" penis (damage to erectile tissue during intercourse or accident)

- Rough oral sex

- Fournier's Gangrene

- Scrotal ulceration

- Scrotal infection spreading to penis

- Diabetes Mellitus

- Reiter's Syndrome

Penis pain can also come from some things so simple as:

- Poor hygiene

- Prolonged erection (priapism)

- Multiple sexual partners

What To Do

The first thing to do, if you are experiencing chronic pain in your penis, is go see you doctor and find out what the actual cause is. If he doesn't know, go to a specialist (Urologist) that can locate the answer.

There is no sense in treating something that isn't actually there and not treating what is actually causing your pain. That is a mistake many make.

Once you know what is actually causing your penis pain, you will be able to learn how to fix the problem.

Sometimes It Is Easy To Fix

Sometimes the solution to penis pain is simple. As in fixing a bent penis. Or, even more simple, like if you've simply had too much sex or an erection for too long, just a day or two of rest can often do the job.

And, sometimes the solution is not so easy. There are too many causes to list the remedies for here in one short article. But, most problems that cause pain in the penis have a solution.

The most important first step is to find the actual cause of your penis pain so that you treat it correctly. And for this, going to a good Urologist is usually the best place to start.

Be Well.....

~ William