Kegel Exercise
Is For Women AND Men

The Kegel Exercise is very well known with women. It is most commonly used to strengthen the muscles on the walls of the vagina. Especially after childbirth.

The exercise will tone and firm the inside of the vagina and therefore create more tightness and sensation during intercourse.

As men, we love this and encourage the practice in our women. Of course we do! It gives us greater pleasure during intercourse.

More Important Benefits

But, there are a number of much more important benefits that can be obtained by practicing the kegel exercise for BOTH women and men!

These include:

  • Overcoming urinary incontinence

  • Overcoming bowel incontinence

  • Earlier return to continence after using a catheter

Special benefits of the Kegel exercise for men also include:

  • Overcoming premature ejaculation

  • Greater control over ejaculation

  • Stronger erections

Dr. Arnold Kegel

Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist, was the man whom this exercise was named after in recent times. He is said to have invented it.

Nothing is further from the truth.

This practice is ancient. It dates back over 10,000 years in Chinese medicine. The Kegel exercise is actually the ancient Chinese "Deer Exercise".

How It First Began

The ancient Chinese took all their healing methods from nature. They noticed that the deer were a very prolific animal. And could engage in sexual intercourse frequently.

So they followed and studied the daily habits of the deer to see if they could increase sexual powers in human males.

They found that the deer frequently squeezed their anal muscles throughout the day.

They applied this anal muscle squeezing to human sexual health practices.

They found it to be highly effective for strengthening the sexual powers. As well, they found it effective for all the conditions highlighted above.

So they appropriately named it: "The Deer Exercise".

The Kegel Perinometer

Dr. Kegel simply brought the ancient Chinese Deer Exercise to the attention of the Western world. And, he incorporated different size devices to insert in the vagina to aid sensation and feel during the exercise.

He also developed the Kegel Perineometer (used for measuring vaginal air pressure). The perineometer measures how hard a woman can squeeze her vaginal muscles.

kegel exercise

the Kegel perineometer

Usually after childbirth these muscles are stretched and weakened. So Kegel developed the perineometer to measure the pressure of the vaginal squeeze.

It's really overkill on technology.

Who really cares what the exact vaginal pressure is? If the squeeze feels good to her partner, the muscles are strong enough.

If it doesn't, the muscles are not strong enough and the Kegel exercise, or more correctly, the Deer Exercise will strengthen them. It's just that simple.

The Male Prostate and Kegels

This is The Bent Penis Website. So why an article about the Kegel exercise?

Well after a man fixes his bent penis, he usually becomes far more concerned with maintaining sexual health and well being.

This simple easy exercise can be a great benefit to a man's prostate gland. And later in life, his bladder and bowel control.

The exercise is performed by squeezing the anal muscles closed. When men do this, however, they also normally squeeze the bladder control muscles and the muscles of the prostate gland at the same time.

This is the same muscular contraction that happens during ejaculation. And, for prostate benefit, a man should practice this exercise as if he was trying to ejaculate.

Maintaining Good Health!

The Kegel exercise practiced this way, will give the prostate muscles a really good workout. And if performed regularly, will keep a reasonably healthy man continent even into very old age.

For this reason, the Kegel exercise is an extremely healthful and important exercise for men as well as women.

The exercise can be practiced for a few moments ANY time of the day and ANYWHERE. No one ever knows you're doing them!

One Caution: If you do enough of them in a row, it can become a highly erotic experience and you can actually cause an erection and ejaculation. So be careful how many you choose to do when out in public!

Then enjoy!

Be Well.....

~ William