The Kegel Exercises

kegel exercise for men

Using the Kegel exercises for men is not well known in the western world. Although, with western women, it is very popular.

Most people are entirely unaware that it can possibly be a very powerful health building exercise for men.

It can help a man enjoy better prostate health even into advanced age.

And, it can help both men and women avoid or reverse urinary and bowel incontinence.

Done incorrectly or too much they can cause a man a lot of prostate pain!

An Ancient Health Building Exercise

Dr. Arnold Kegel (1894–1981), a gynecologist, was the man who popularized this ancient exercise for women in modern times.

So we, in the modern western world, named it after him.

But, the Kegel exercise is ancient! The true name comes from Chinese medicine and dates back about 10,000 years. In ancient Chinese medicine, the Kegel exercises for men are called: "The Deer Exercise".

For women, the usual purpose of the Kegel exercise is to tone and tighten the vaginal muscles so that intercourse feels better and more stimulating to her partner.

For men, there are a whole different set of special benefits.

Why This Exercise Is So Important For Men!

The Kegel exercise (The Deer Exercise) is so imporant for men because it can help:

  • Keep a prostate gland healthy!

  • Overcome premature ejaculation

  • Create Stronger erections

  • Overcome urinary incontinence

  • Overcome bowel incontinence

How The Kegel Exercises For Men Are Performed

The exercises are performed by squeezing the anal muscles closed and continuing that squeeze just like you would if you were trying to ejaculate. You repeat time 3 - 10 times in a row.

This will exercise the anal muscles (for bowel control), the bladder control muscles (for urinary control), and the muscles of the prostate gland (this helps clean and nourish the prostate gland).

In fact, the best way for a man to practice this exercise is as if he was secretly trying to ejaculate.

One Caution: If you do enough of these exercises in a row, they can be a highly erotic experience. You can actually cause an erection and an ejaculation. So be careful how many you choose to do when you are in public places!

Easily Fits Into Any Daily Routine

Unlike most exercises, this exercise is so easy to do and it is so easy to fit into your life style. No matter who you are. Or where you are.

Since all the muscular motion is internal, and no one can tell you are performing the exercise, you can do the Kegel exercises for men anytime and anywhere. No one else will ever know you are doing them.

You can practice them driving, in business meetings, on the train, at dinner, in a movie theater... anywhere!

And you only need to do them for about a minute 2 or 3 times a day to get great benefit from them.

Staying Continent
Keeping Your Prostate Healthy

The Kegel exercises for men may sound just too simple and easy to really do any good. But, don't let that fool you!

Because the Kegel exercises for men exercise those internal muscles so effectively, they can help a man to maintain excellent prostate health, as well as urinary and bowel control even into advanced old age!

Just don't overdo them!

Be Well.....

~ William