Can a Bruised Penis
Bent Penis?


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Not every bruised penis will become a bent penis. In fact, very few will.

But for certain men, a bruise in the penile shaft will lead to a bent penis or a curved penis almost without question. This condition is usually called Peyronies Disease.

It can ruin your sex life and make you miserable.

What Can Cause a Bruised Penis?

You've got to be careful with your equipment! Although it was probably your favorite toy as a young man, it is a sensitive and delicate organ.

There are at least ten different things that can cause a bruise in the penile shaft. These include and are not limited to:

1) Trauma (any penile impact or injury

2) Rough sexual intercourse

3) Fracture

4) Injection of drugs into the shaft

5) Penis tourniquet syndrome - (using a cockring )

6) Priapism (erection that lasts too long, usually over 4 hours, commonly caused by sexual enhancement drugs)

7) Circumcision

8) Masturbation

9) Skin getting trapped in clothing or a zipper

10) Thrombosed lymphatic vessel (a clotted lymph vessel)

Getting A Bruised Penis Diagnosis

When you bruise your shaft, it can look scary. And it can hurt like hell! Or, it may not hurt much at all.

It doesn't take a genius to diagnose that it has been bruised.

It will get a "black and blue" (usually purplish) discoloration. It's just like a bruise anywhere else on your body.

The bruise can be in a spot or in a large area. With a fractured penis the bruise can cover the whole shaft and the surrounding area as well!

fractured penis

A bruise on any other part of your body is usually no big deal.

But on your shaft, the problem is that a bruised penis may lead to Peyronies Disease: a bent penis or a curved penis.

How A Bruise Can Cause A Bent Penis

The reason a bruised penis can cause a bend in your erections is that the blood vessels are broken or torn. (It is the escaped blood that causes the "black and blue" area.)

As these broken blood vessels heal, they may scar heavily. Heavy scarring only happens in a very small percentage of men (approx 3%).

This heavy scar is what make the shaft bend or curve on erection.

For other men, the blood vessel damage would have to be very significant to create enough scarring to cause Peyronies Disease (a bent penis).

But if you are one of the unfortunate, a bruise in your shaft could leave you with erections that bend so severely (at a 90 degree angle) and so painfully that sexual intercourse, or any sexual activity, becomes impossible.

Avoid Getting A Bent Penis!

A new bend in your erection is almost always caused by scar tissue. Specifically a heavy thick often fibrous scar.

What causes heavy scarring? The reason is almost always dietary: lack of sufficient nutrients. Only very rarely is the reason genetic.

Even people who think they eat a very "healthy diet" are usually deficient in the nutrients they need to heal really well. Omega 3 fats, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E specifically.

Just getting enough of these nutrients to survive does not mean you have enough to heal properly or well.

Adding Omega 3 fats (from pure fish oil ), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to your diet at the first sign of a bruised penis will:

  • Greatly increase circulation
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Enable better smoother healing
  • Help avoid heavy thick and/or fibrous scarring

  • If you consumed adequate amounts of these nutrients on a regular basis (daily) you would probably never have to worry about a bruised penis becoming a bent penis.

    If Your Erections Start To Bend

    It may be weeks or months after the bruising has happened before you notice your erections are bending.

    If you do wind up getting bending or a curving in your erections that was caused by your bruised penis, and your doctor tells you that you now have Peyronies Disease, don't panic!

    Peyronies is not really a disease. You don't have to worry. It only means your penis is bending because of a scar or plaque formation.

    Fortunately, 99.999% of the time it is easy to fix a bent penis without surgery!

    Be Well.....

    ~ William